Monday, August 2, 2010

Love is in the Air!

Everyone is so excited when Dad comes home from work!! Emma is especially close to him- she adores him! Actually she adores both if us! She has come so far in such a short time. Sometimes we see the wildness return but it is only in new situations- where she doesn't know how to act- she then acts, out of control. Our sweet girls are home now and will be safe with their forever family. We will teach her/them how to handle new situations.

We look at these girls and we know they are ours- it feels so good! They warm our hearts in every way! We are so thankful to be there parents! Our hearts are bursting with love for our daughters!!

We took them on a 2 mile walk Sunday. I don't think they got a lot of exercise in China- they were dragging! It was either push the stroller or pull Emma and Ellie! ;-)

We had play group on Friday, Emma and Ellie did GREAT! It made my heart so happy to see them play comfortably with children at a park (in America), even if they are Chinese children in America! It is wonderful for them to see that many other families are like ours!

Emma got right in there and played with everyone!!

All of the Mom's enjoy chatting away around the picnic table! Now that many kids are in school we are going to try to still get together one Saturday a month!

I haven't been feeling a 100% since China (actually since Hong Kong) so I went to the Dr and got all the necessary meds! Inhalers, cough suppressants, prednisone, and an antibiotic- definitely on the mend now!!

Many of the children go to Chinese Immersion schools. Now that they have been with our girls 2-3 times they are beginning to get comfortable and try out their Chinese! This actually was a summer requirement for them! Check that off the list!!

With 4 little girls we have lots of giggles at our house!! I love laughing children!
I think we need another wagon full for Mom to pull!!

Sarah is a silly sister- always lots of fun!! We feel like we are doing Chinese Immersion instead of English Immersion in our house. Sarah is jabbering away with her sisters! Then they all laugh! The English is coming along slower than slow.

Emma helping out her Daddy!

To get a peaceful moment we put on a Mei Mei video!! It was so cute to see them all dancing to it!

Emma looks up to her big sis Sarah! We wondered how it would go for her because once she came to our family she would not be the biggest sister any more. We were concerned she would feel displaced- but just the opposite happened. She fit in perfectly and loves have Sarah as the big sis. Ellie had already kind of displaced her- Ellie is more coordinated and personable. Often times between the two of them Ellie seems older.

Emma loves helping out! That is a quality hubby and I want to nurture, and not squelch like we may have with our older bio kids (the lazy good for nothins- JK). She did all the dishes while kept the water running the whole time (probably emptied a few local lakes). Then she piled them into the dishwasher and shut the door- ya, she forgot to roll in the bottom drawer- there was a very loud crash but no casualties!

Johnny came home from a friends house with this hat on- I love it! I was hoping it was for me but it belongs to his buddy. I want to steal it, I mean borrow! Every time I would put it on I'd have to confess my sin and pray for forgiveness!

Anna is informing me "We need more soap Mom!" I don't think so honey- it looks like we have enough soap. We have to many bosses around here!

The girls love their big brother Johnny! He met us at church and the girls were all over him- just what he wanted... NOT! They love his hair and can't stop touching it!! Thank goodness he has the basement as his boy (man) cave!

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ourchinagirls said...

Hi Jean,

My do you make the bunkbeds in your girls' room? We have a set of bunkbeds and they are the hardest beds to make!


Sarah said...

It sounds like everyone is doing so well! The pics are so cute.


Nancy said...

So glad to see your girls smiling. Awesome job, Jean.

Serving the King said...

Oh Jean they look GREAT!! They look like they are fitting right in!! And so, so happy! That is interesting that the language is coming along slower this time. Do you think it is because they can talk to each other thus not necessitating so urgently the need for English only? I have wondered the same thing with our boys, if their English will come slowly b/c they have each other. Things that make you go hmmmmm in adoption.(Sounds like a rap song we should all get together and write.)

Karin said...

It's SOOO awesome to hear that the girls are doing so well! I love it!! So happy for all of you. :)

PS: Notice you have the same dishes as mom brought me some from England. :)

Mary Kate said...

How wonderful that Emma is coming along...How wonderful for her to feel the security of your family!!!! What great pictures...I love that they wear matching/coordinating outfits!!!! Great pictures, keep these great posts coming!!!!!

Pam said...

It is so wonderful to see Emma and Ellie doing so well! We are with you on the English. It is slower than slow with Grace, too. Sigh...

Susan A said...

loved the pictures of your beautiful children, so happy and thankful that the girls are fitting right in with your family!! :) :)

Shonni said...

What I love to see in the pictures are how Emma is emerging into this happy, more relaxed, beautiful little girl! I know she will have a ways to go, but to finally be home where she can become the beautiful daughter that the LORD created her to’s such a gorgeous picture of the Ultimate Love Story, and now she is walking in hers!!!
Sorry, I got all “poetic” ... LOL

Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

Love all the updates and I looked forward to reading your blog a few times a week!!! All these questions have been such a huge help as we prepared to get our 9 1/2 year old daughter this fall. We are waiting for i800 and NVC letter, then TA!!


Holly said...

Love the updates and the pictures!!

Sammy said...

Hi Jean,

Hope you're all rested up by now. It has been a slow process for me. We had to jump right into doctor app. etc...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful, beautiful family you have!