Sunday, August 8, 2010

Making the Most of our Summer Days!

We have had a fun weekend - went swimming twice! All the girls love to swim- the water is fun, relaxing and comforting! Summer is so short we want to make the most of it!

We have had a few faces like this one this weekend. I think Ellie is used to getting what she wants, when she wants- whether it is a toy (that someone else has) or attention (that someone else is getting).

Thank goodness we got a lot of this face this weekend, too! We intended to spend an hour at the pool and it turned into 3.5 hours.

Dad hops in and everyone migrates to him! He's a pool magnet!!

Ellie can be pretty sneaky when we aren't looking but Anna and Sarah are quick to tell on her. She threw her shoes at Emma today, got mad because she wanted a toy that Anna had, refused to wear her bike helmet. She got a big no and had a time out. I think her thoughts then drifted to China and she turned into a very sad girl. The tears continued even after she said sorry.

One look at her sister crying and Emma started to cry. I think it was an accumulation of missing their past and all that was familiar. Some times ya just gotta let it out. We had a hug-a -thon and after everyone was calmed down we turned on a mei mei movie!

If you don't have Mei Mei movies - you need to get them! All of our girls have loved them!!

We see improvements in Emma's physical capabilities everyday. We will still get everything tested but we are hopeful that she may be fine and just never had any experiences. She will be doing PT every week and she will be getting an MRI to make sure her spine is okay and their is not a tethered cord. We will also have her checked for mild CP. None of this was on the referral- all it said was that she was uncoordinated. While in China I noticed that the base of her spine was different- kind of a folding of skin and a sharpness to the bone. We will see what the tests and the Dr.'s say.

Anna will also be tested at the end of the month for growth hormone. While we were in China another family started talking to us about it. They felt Anna size was just like their daughter- who is now on growth hormones. She has only grown an inch and has not gained any weight over the last year. Of course we all love her itty bittyness but we need to have it checked.

The Bedheads!
It's a new rock group!!
Every Saturday the girls go and get donuts and coffee with Dad! They love going in their jammies! I love the moment I have to get ready!

We have been so busy with Dr and Dentist appt.- We still have many scheduled out in the near future but it is feeling like it is time to settle down and have a little modified home schooling. Sarah needs her schedule back and the other girls need to learn... well... a lot! I am really going to take it slow with them. I have never home schooled more than 2 so this is a first for me. I am a little nervous- in fact I'm blogging right now instead of preparing- oops! There may be a little avoidance going on right now- by me! Please say a little prayer for me, for us- our little homeschool sure could use it!!


Lori at JOY Unspeakable said...

Wow, you guys have a ton of fun-filled busyness going on there! No dull moments around your house, no doubt.

Love the pics!

Angie said...

Praying for all us homeschool moms. We're all getting ready to start, and no matter how long any of us have done looks different every year and we're all a bit nervous!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Angie... we all need prayers for the new school year!

Updated by Lila Huggins (grandmother) said...

Hi Jean,
I so enjoy your posts! Please don't ever stop!
I'm sure home schooling can get a liitle nerve racking at times! Our daughter Carrie just had her 5th child on July 4th. She home schools all 4 of the others! She loves it! She says it's 10 times easier than sending them all off to school everyday, plus they read and study the bible, which they would never get at school.
So hang in there my blog friend!!
I'll be praying for you, your family, and for home schooling!!!

God Bless You All,
Miss Lila in Atlanta

Adeye said...

What a wonderful weekend. Aaahh, don't worry about the hs'ing thing, friend. If I can do it, andyone can :) You'll do GREAT!

Sarah said...

You sure have a crew of adorable girls there!

Praying for your homeschooling prep.


Janet and Kevin said...

So fun to see your girls blossoming! How wonderful!

I am getting ready to begin homeschooling Philip and am very excited!!

Also, I have one class to take and then I can renew my teaching license - then it is on to another adoption!! :)

Janet and gang

Sally-Girl! said...

So great to see the photos of the girls all at home. Doesn't it seem like you have been home a lot longer than you have been? China seems so long ago! I am so ready to go back!!!

Gio starts school tomorrow. I hope to blog about it!

LedaP said...

Our son is very tiny, is 12 looks like 8 or 9. He works with an endocrinologist as well and we are waiting to start growth hormone when he hits puberty. We do A LOT of supplementing. We saw a jump in growth just in diet change after starting to supplement so keep that in mind as well. It's a personal choice, but growth hormone can be uncomfortable as well so talk about all your options for sure. Good luck!

Sue said...

It is amazing how dad's are always the magnets in the pool. I think it has to do with their strentghs. I have a good close and local friend that had to put their daughter on growth hormones I think a year or two after they came home with her, that was back in the early 2000's. Let me know if you want me to contact her. Good luck with starting homeschooling.

joeks said...

FYI-just said a little prayer for all of you. More to follow! : )

Serving the King said...

Do you sleep?! Ever?! :) You go girl! You are rockin it! Tell me more about these videos!! Do they have a boy version?!

klm said...

haha i love the pictures of the girls just out of bed!!

Angie said...

So, which Mei Mei movies do you like best? There seem to be a lot of them!