Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Emma after the MRI. She was sedated during it, so in the pic she is a little groggy.

She loves the "care" she is getting- the appts, the TLC, the stickers!! Here is her nurse and the translator. I encouraged them not to have one. We are getting along fine without one but she was very nice and Emma did answer a few questions for her.

Now that is one seriously big and natural smile!! I love it!!

Once again I say- thank you Jesus!

This was a big week for our Emma Joy! She had an MRI and we got the results back in 24 hours! Everything is fine- alleluia!! We are thrilled and can check that concern off the list!

She also had an OT eval and she does qualify for the services! In some areas she did a good job and then other areas, not so much. The therapist thinks that many of Emma's movements and reactions are very primitive (exactly the word I was thinking of) and feels with PT and OT she will be able to move her through some of the stages that she did not get to experience probably due to neglect. By saying this, I do not feel that it was something her birth parents did deliberately. It was probably due to their situation and then the situation in the orphanage. On top of that she was labeled the bad child in her foster home so along the way Emma just didn't get the nurturing she needed. Many of her mannerisms and movements are very infantile and toddlerish.

It was reassuring to me to know that the therapist was thinking and seeing the same things. She just seemed to understand everything I was saying!! It was a relief to know someone else "got it"! I felt completely "lead" to her and to this situation! Afterwards, I was filed with complete gratitude. There is so much hope for our darling daughter!

We also finish this month of swimming lessons. When we started I wondered if the teacher would have enough patients for Emma. Again her movements and responses are so primitive and toddlerish. We will be moving to another time and teacher for September. I thanked him for the good job he did- and he said it was challenging but he also looked quite happy with himself for the job that he did and the progress that Emma made!

At the end of the day I was so grateful to God! For the answers we have, for the hopeful future and for the help that we have along the way! It was such a good feeling to know God is with us, there is hope for our daughter and that with everyday she makes progress- little by little! Thank You Jesus!!

If you are thinking about plunging into older child adoption- I have to tell you it is the MOST rewarding thing I have ever done in my life! AND I wouldn't even consider doing it without walking every step of the way with our Saviour, Jesus!!

These kids are awesome... although that is not evident right away- they blossom like a flower! Be patient and enjoy the moments, it is so worth it!! I feel like I am seeing God at work, right in front of my very eyes! Nothing short of amazing!


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

So glad she is ok, praying for wisdom as you help your precious ones to blossom. Love that analogy!!

Mandi said...

thanks for the update. So glad to hear she is "ok." God is SO good.

I love her smile, she looks SOOOOO happy.

Sally-Girl! said...

Happy for the results! The smile in that one photo is priceless. You couldn't ask for a better one than that. So glad she has you for her mama! I love how God perfectly creates our families through adoption.

Susan A said...

smiling here, good to hear that everything's going well with Emma, and I love her beautiful smile!!! :) What a beautiful thing to see!!

Thank you for sharing :)

LedaP said...

Wow, you can really see the difference and presence in those smiles. So happy for you and these girls to be getting everything they need.

Jill said...

Incredible! Glad for the good news! Go Emmma! :)

Lisa said...

What gorgeous pictures! Emma's progress has been just amazing. So happy for your family!


Lori at JOY Unspeakable said...

Oh I'm so happy the MRI results were good! Wonderful news! And what precious pictures! Darling, darling girls, Jean!

Mary Kate said...

Such great news, Jean!!! You are a true advocate for these kids and I am so grateful for your insight and posts....!!!

Difference2This1 said...

Saying a prayer of thanks that the MRI looked good and Emma had such wonderful care that she enjoyed, rather then was scared, of all the attention. It is such a relief to walk away from a "procedure" and see some smiles, isn't it! :) God bless, Jennifer

Laura L. said...

Hi Jean,
That is such wonderfully awesome news about Emma. I am so glad her MRI was perfectly normal and that you've found a good therapist. Truly, it's all God's hand at work.
Thank you for your always exciting posts.
You're a blessing to those who know you. ;) Hugs.

Kathy said...

So happy the results of the MRI
were perfectly normal.
The girls are all so beautiful!!
I just love Emma's real smile!
God is SO good!!!

Dinn Family said...

So glad for your answers to prayer. They look like different girls than when you got home! It is sweet to see the transformation!

Jboo said...

So glad to hear that the MRI went so well and that she will receive some OT and PT! She sure has a big beautiful smile!


Cari said...

What a happy post to read! Glad everything is going well with the medical and therapy side, and that everyone seems so happy in the cute!

Janet and Kevin said...

Wonderful news about your Emma! :)

Completely know what you mean about her not being her chronological age. Our Elijah was 2 1/2 when we brought him home but acted and looked like a one-year-old, even his walking and how he moved his hands.

But look at him now! Wow!! The progress he has made is also nothing short of amazing - only God!

So happy for your darling daughters that they have you all to think they are wonderful and love them the rest of your lives!! So happy for you too!

Janet and gang

Wright Family said...

thanks for the words of encouragement...just home, the days seem very long...catherine