Friday, August 13, 2010

An Underwater Adventure!

Mark interns at MOA Und*rwater Adventures. We all went to visit him!

Big sis Kate and Auntie Barbie joined us!

The girls had a great time!

This summer Mark has been working in getting certified for scuba!
Today the intern got to scuba dive in the tanks!

That's Mark swimming above us!!

This is the fresh water tank! None of the fish have teeth. The divers could get up close and personal with the fish!

It was really fun to see him in the tank!

It's a tunnel with the water all around!

He has really enjoyed his summer interning there!

Mark is feeding the fish. They put it right in their mouths!

The girls adore their brothers! It was a memorable experience for them to see Mark scuba diving in the tanks!

Anna had a great view!

Now the music should change to the Jaws theme song! After the fresh water tank they dove in the salt water tank... with the SHARKS!

They did not feed anything in this tank- whew!
Yes, I was a little nervous...

Four of the experienced divers had these stick to ward off the sharks. Sharks can only see in black and white. If they come near the wave the stick in front of them. The four divers surrounded the new divers the whole time.

The girls were in awe! The loved seeing Mark!

There was lots of excitement in the tunnel!

Peace! Yes, he did ham it up! He even did somersaults for us!

Along with a big smile!

He had a captive audience! The girls never stopped looking at him (and neither did his Momma)!

Turtles are curious! This one came to check out all the excitement!

Everyone got out safe and sound! No one has ever been injured, PTL!


From the Erben Gang..... said...

so neat!!

Holly said...

wow! Exciting but to much for this Mama. I will stay on land thankyouvermuch :)

Shonni said...

What fun!!!!!

Angie said...

Cool! Is this his career path?

Janet and Kevin said...

Looks so fun! I loved seeing the girls watch their big brother in the tank - too precious!!

Janet and gang

Holly said...

That is awesome!

Sally-Girl! said...

How much fun for you and the girls to be there with Mark. I know cause I just got back from dinner with Joe and the littles fought over who got to sit by him! Made this mama's heart smile!!!

Karin said...

Wow...that is amazing! Your girls will never forget that! (And I doubt I will, either. LOL) Very cool pics.

Sarah said...

So fun!

Jo's Corner said...

It doesn't matter how old they are...a Mama is always so proud of her children! That is such a fun place to take kids, but I always start thinking about the glass breaking!! ; ) Oh, and the moving floor always made me feel it was wonderful to have the kids to "focus" on!
The girls are all so lovely! Hugs from Albert Lea!