Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Walk In The Park!

Isn't this the cutest little puppy you've ever seen!

We took a walk around a local city lake yesterday!

It turned out to be such a pretty day! We love the long walks!! The girls are getting used to it too! Although I think they are wearing down their crocs. If there is a warranty on those things- I'm sure it doesn't apply to us- there is a lot of scuffing going on in our world!

They are noticing so many more things now that they have been home for a month. Emma had to stop and check out almost every flower along the way! They pointed out ducks, boats, trees, roller bladers, everything! I love an inquisical mind! It shows a desire to learn!

Their language is coming along slowly but we are making progress. They are now repeating simple phrases- it is adorable when they do and of course Sarah wants to laugh. We told her 18 months ago she was doing the same thing- so no laughing!

Sarah and Emma spent a lot of their time running! Running ahead and then running back to us! Many of the concerns I have had for Emma are subsiding- she is doing so well!

She has an MRI appt this week, so we will be getting more answers. Along with an OT eval. I think learning will come at a slower pace for her BUT we are so encouraged with how well she is doing!

Both of these girls are so amazing! We are so grateful to God for them and for their progress!!

Having a little treat along the way is a highlight of the outing!!

Yes, they are very silly!

I said look at Momma about 5 times, hmmmm!

In every way their adjust is moving in a positive direction. They are getting very used to our home and our routine. The seems to love their new home and family! They just seem happy! All the girls spent a fair amount of time giggling! They scream a lot, too- when they're excited, happy, scared, laughing, hurt, surprised- I think that pretty much includes all the time.

They are adjusting to the food. It was never a problem with Emma but Ellie is liking it now too. She is no longer asking for chicken feet! We are finding that she is not a breakfast person but otherwise enjoys all the foods we eat.

Ellie is catching onto the numbers and colors. She does not whine or pout anymore except if she feels left out. Now we understand and can be sure to get everyone included.
Emma is taking her time with the colors but she can count. She seems to get thing a little bit after Ellie- but she is getting them!!

We are communicating now with simple sentences - they are understanding us! We still do some charades and hand gestures but they are getting it!!

We are so encouraged with their progress!! We honestly think they are a miracle and we are so thankful for our new additions!!


Chad and Kristy said...

Golly, it is so beautiful where you live! Got any English teaching jobs up that way for Chad:) We are melting in the August sun down here in the south! Jean you are such an inspiration. I just love your family. I think you are such an awesome mom:)

From the Erben Gang..... said...

Thanks for all of your updates! I just love your girls and following along at their progress, They Look HAPPY!.
Took Kaja to a Chinese school today. She is too little (has to be 5) but boy did she love to see all of the little girls and boys that look just like her! (although she did mention earlier today that there are only chinese girls....) She would she love all the big girls at your house! Hope to see you in our neck of the woods this fall! xo

Pam said...

Beatiful! I do believe we've strolled around that very same lake. Ooooh, how I miss it there.....

Sarah said...

They absolutely are little miracles!!


Laura L. said...

It's always fun to read your updates and hear more about how the girls are doing.
It's a joy to see their progress and transformation.
Just a blessing to watch it all. :)

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

YEAH GOD!!! So excited to see all the new pics and hear of the great progress. I KNOW there are times that it is not progressive at all, but it just makes the miracle even bigger when you see it. Those faces- so beautiful!!!!

Faye Verquer said...

I love to see all the girls happy faces with HUGE smiles!! WOW they have come a long way and all because of 2 very great parents!! Can't wait to hear of your future plans!!!

Cari said...

awe...I just love the pictures! your girls are beautiful, and I love the sentence where you say they are happy. we are getting some of those moments with our newest addition, but it's still rough right now, but with God's help we will get there.

Holly said...

Such great pictures...such great news!!

Janet and Kevin said...

Emma and Ellie are certainly miracles and so is their progress! Wow! They have come a long way! So happy for you all.

Janet and gang

Shonni said...

I love watching them, like flowers opening up to the warmth of the sunshine....Your family is so beautiful!!!

Karin said...

Shonni said it so well...they ARE like flowers opening up. I have gotten behind reading blogs and haven't read yours in about a week. I can see a big difference in the girls in just that short time. They look so happy!! So much happier than at first. I'm thrilled for all of you that it is happening so quickly (although it might not always feel all that quickly for you all). :))

TanyaLea said...

Oh I hope this goes through...
Every time I've tried to leave a comment on your blog lately, it has locked up and I have to reboot. Hope it was just a passing fluke!!


It's wonderful to see these photos of your 'happy' and beautiful girls together! I love all those smiles and can almost hear the giggles myself!! So glad that things are looking up with Emma. Praying for her MRI apptmt this week. Khloe has an apptmt with a specialist from the U of M tomorrow (Wed) and an ultrasound. They don't want to do an MRI on her unless there is reason to be alarmed, as she would have to be sedated at her young age. Please pray that all goes well for Khloe, too.

I know, I know... I really need to get to the play groups ... I can't believe I haven't made it to one yet... but Fridays are simply a bad day for me, especially in the summer months. Hopefully we'll be able to make one soon! Hope you ladies all had fun on the Mom's night out at Don Pablos...sounds like a great time.

Take care and I hope to see you soon!


P.S.>> I think your girls are miracles, too... they all are! Precious gifts from the Father above!!!