Thursday, August 19, 2010

When an "A" becomes a "B"!

The pics are from last weekend. We took the girls out on their first boat ride! No one wore swim suits- we did not what them to think they should jump in the lake!

It was a beautiful morning and we all enjoyed our time on the water! Oh my, Anna drove the boat! Thank goodness the co-captain was close by!!

The girls were amazed with everything- well, most of them were! Our other sweet girl is just happy to be home!!

Yep- here are the nappers! I think they are so cute together! Ellie loves to nap and Anna needs to nap! They are a great team!!

Hubby and I were talking tonight. We decided it takes an A type personality to hop into the adoption ring and get all the paperwork done BUT it takes a B type personality to deal with it all once they are home.

So, I have now decided to become a B type personality (smile- not so sure you can just do that) to deal with the array of challenges as they come up!

Yep- that's me- easy going, calm at all times and not in a rush!

Hubby said to me- "You are so "A" , I have no doubt you will "will" yourself to become a "B"!

Awe, honey, that is so sweet!

Really, have you ever heard such a nice compliment!

He coulda said I was pretty but no he said just what I wanted to hear!

So as of today I am a "B"!!


Sarah said...

hehehe...I love it!

Mandi said...

Love the boating pictures. We are headed to the lake this weekend as well. Jaxon and Drew love it! I love experiencing everything new through their eyes.

As for the A/B personalities in regards to adoption. I TOTALLY agree. I am SO an Type A, so let me know how the whole converting is workin out for ya.juitona

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Yep, praying for that type b to start coming out in me....hasn't worked yet. Love those pics though and catching up on your girls :)

Mama Fish said...

Oh my goodness i had to laugh at your husband's comment. How sweet! I'm type A as well... not sure I can change to a type B though... :)

Sue said...

good comment....I will have to think what I am truly...I think I am both one time or the other

Susan A said...

Yes it is a very nice compliment! Your hubby knows that you can do it! :)

Lovely pics by the way, thank you so much for sharing them, I enjoyed having a glimpse into your family life together :)

Lori at JOY Unspeakable said...

So funny!

I think I'm becoming a type C...for CRAZY. A little of that helps too. :)

Love the pics!

Shonni said...

LOL!!! I see that we have something else in common:)

Janet and Kevin said...

Jean - love the insight! I am definitely a type AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I wonder how you become a type B? Let me know! :)


Sally-Girl! said...

I want to be a B, but I am most definitely an A just ask my hubby who puts up with my A.

I could maybe be more of a B if everyone just did it my way!!! :-)