Tuesday, November 30, 2010

NOW, were having fun!

We took the girls to a movie last weekend! Even Johnny joined us! 

It was there first movie at a movie theater! We loved it, they liked it!
We saw MegaMind- it actually had some redeeming story lines in it. Ultimately good wins over evil!

Emma did a lot of repositioning in the movie. I am sure the chair in front was kicked often and the people in back of us got wapped by a jacket one or two times! Ellie may have taken a nap and Anna hid on Dad and Johnny's lap... I guess that leaves me and Sarah! 

We enjoyed the movie ;-)

Then we went home to Turkey left overs! Ellie was promised the turkey leg and Emma the wing!

They were so excited! I mean, like really excited!
Movie? What movie??

Believe me - a slice of turkey was not what they wanted! The leg! The wing!

Now, your talkin!!

We decided not to take before and after pics...

(of the leg and wing, that is...)

Monday, November 29, 2010

You can do it!!

We all have our challenges- they are different from person to person. With Anna's cleft L/P blowing out candles is a tough one for her.

She wanted so much to do it! We all cheered her on!

The air sneaks out her nose and it is hard to get enough of it going to blow out the candles. Repositioning oneself helps!

Climbing on the table helps even more!
You go girl!

One down- woohoo!!
Don't give up! You can do it!

Yippee!! Success!

(of course we all had our lips in the blowing position- that would have made for a good pick!)
She may have had a little help from sisters on the other side of the table but no one here is fessing up!!

Here is part of the cheering section!

I'm happy to have more pic space!! I love pics!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

No Space...

I'd love to post right now BUT I am all out of photo space so I can't post any pics- do you believe it!
I just purchased more so I will be back as soon as it works!

Maybe IF I was an incredible writer I wouldn't have to post so many pics BUT... I guess we all have our talents! (I'm still discovering mine!)

God Bless You!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Great Post on Older Child Adoption!

Please check out this wonderful post on older child adoption!


This family adopted a child a year ago last September and then brought home her roommate via disruption 2 months later.

They are a wonderful family and are blessed with these two daughter BUT there are many challenges- it is not easy and this by no means was not "the perfect" situation.

I have followed this family for years and hold them in the highest regard. They love our Lord Jesus!

Mom is an eloquent writer and she says it like it is!

She does not have a blog but instead writes on Journey To Me
click on adoption journals and her family is Journey to Anaia Simone. You may have to click on "next" in order to find her journal. She does not post a lot and they are listed in order of most recent post (hope that makes sense!).

I was directed to her journal when we were making the decision to adopt older for the first time (our Sarah). They had just adopted Nina. Reading her journal was very powerful and I felt the Lord's presence in her writing. It made it easy for us to say yes, yes, YES to God!

A Thankful Thanksgiving!

The girls love to help out and they do a great job!

The Turkey was a big hit! Of course there are always miscommunications about this. They thought we were going to bring an alive turkey home and kill it, prepare it and enjoy it- all right here at home. 

They said  "No Thanksgiving in China". They are liking America a lot- so far Halloween and Thanksgiving have been a success! I don't think they celebrated many of the Chinese holidays. We read lots of Thanksgiving books and talked about what we were thankful for to prepare them. They were very excited for the feast and the beast!

It has been a long time since Hubby and I had Thanksgiving at home. In the morning we almost forgot to put the turkey in! We had to call my SIL for directions on what to do and google turkey! Despite the cooks- everything turned out great!! I should have gotten a pic at the dinner table- oh well, next year!

Katie and Devan brought the corn bread and made honey butter. Sarah and Jason (their friends) brought the sweet potatoes with marshmellows! They were both delicious!

There was a lot of football watching going on! That made the guys very happy!

Every holiday is a new adventure for us, because each year we have someone new home! The girls played upstairs at first and then ventured down to socialize. I think they really enjoyed having people over and seeing all the cooking going on. It was very festive!

We missed having Matt, Caitlin and Mark home but Devan and Jason did a good job filling in!

The girls (okay, and Johnny too) had kitty cocktails for a special treat- no milk this evening!

I tried to upload more pics but blogspot would not let me?? Not sure why?? I have never had them limit my pics before? Hmmm? Is this something new?

I think this may be a New Tradition! Thanksgiving at our home!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thought ahead, Bought ahead!

I thought ahead! Oh yes!

This last minute stuff just doesn't work out.

I can never find what I want when I wait until the last minute.

The cute stuff is gone, so this time I thought ahead and I bought ahead!!

You know, those cute turkey napkins that you can put with the big white ones for the Thanksgiving Feast! I got them!! So if your looking now and don't see them in the stores it's cuz they are at my house along with matching turkey paper plates for the pies!!

Uh huh!!

Just one problem...

I got them good and early this year...

and now...

I can't find them...

I've looked everywhere. No clue where I put them?

I know they entered the house but not sure what I did after that...

Have you ever done this??


Gotta go, the search goes on!

7:30pm - found it! In a ridiculously obvious place! Kind of embarrassing! 

It was in the pantry BUT the nebulizer equipment was on top of it. Soooo, I couldn't see what it was...

; - )

HaPpY tHaNkSgIvInG tO yOu!!

( if anyone out there wants to bump me up to 170 please feel free too!! I'm having issues with being at 169- Ima even kinda person! )

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Look On Her Face...

The girls love looking at pictures of themselves from China. They each have their own photo book. They are randomly placed in their, out of any order (I'm a bit orderly- I would have insisted in chronological order).  They were so excited- it was their book, their pictures, their memories and their project- I stepped aside and just let them go for it.

I found this picture in the yahoo group from their orphanage, along with many others of "them". I was so surprised to see them, I felt like I hit the jackpot.

In so many of the pics they are with random people. None of these ladies were their foster mom. You can see the top of a little boys head- he was just being adopted and the families were saying goodbye to him and meeting his new parents.

I started to realize how our two girls roamed around and popped up in places, no adult watching them, no one that cared.

Ellie had told us stories about people treating Emma badly. She was victimized a lot. As her Mom that makes me physically sick. I wish she had been home with us earlier. Anything to save her from that...

When Emma saw this picture she was not happy in the least. She just stared at it and made no comment at all. She had a look of concern on her face. Even Ellie was not happy.

I was thinking they would be thrilled to see themselves- they usually are but not this time.

I asked Emma if they were nice to her. She hung her head and shook it as if to say no. I went through every person in the picture and only once did she say yes.

It broke my heart...

She was abandoned at an age where she new what was going on and then not accepted by her new community. It makes me so sad.
Emma goes to the beat of a different drummer.
She was extremely challenging in China.
She tested us and tested us.
She was out of control and unable to process what was happening to her.

Emma new that she needed to behave if she was going to have a family. We had every one of our guides tell her... we had too, we were scared.

It did enter our mind that maybe we wouldn't be able to proceed.

I had an extensive conversation with another bloggy Mom that was there. The whole time leaning towards disruption. When we were done and we walked away I knew we were not going to do it. 
We trusted that God would not give us more than we could handle when we left for China. I knew we needed to keep trusting him and give all of this a chance.

Once we walked in the door of our home... we had a different child.
A veil of peace came over her.

Emma still goes to the beat of a different drummer BUT Emma is delightful.
I am so thankful we did not give up then and there but instead clung to his promises and found comfort through HIM.

This is a little girl that loves to be loved! 

She is incredible and I love her dearly. We love everything about her! She is making wonderful progress in everything!

Did I tell you she can pedal! Skip! Hug us! She is learning the alphabet and her numbers! She is amazing! She is such a precious gift from God!

I think she loves her life!

That makes my everyday!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Feeling Peace!

Do you remember that feeling- the feeling where everything just feels right in your little world. 

The feeling where you are overcome by extreme peace and contentment.

It may happen when you hold your new child in your arms or when you rock them.

It is an unforgettable feeling- one that I want to hold on too.

Today is the kind of day- that brings it on. We are huddled inside, a few snow flakes are falling, it is cold and dreary out. Our schedule is light- no running around today. 

We have been able to joyously do school and watch some of the movie- Babies.

We will do a little more school and read Thanksgiving books this afternoon.

It just feels so good, so peaceful, so meant to be!

And just as they were telling about it, Jesus himself was suddenly standing there among them. Peace be with you," He said.
Luke 24:36

Praying for peace for you today!

(Truth be told I just want to enjoy this for now because soon I will be posting on how depressing this weather is!)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

27 yrs ago

We had our first little baby! We were thrilled to meet our little Matthew James at 7:29 pm! We already had 3 nieces so a little boy was quite the novelty! He was as adorable as can be with 2 huge dimples! I have a thing for dimples! 

Our little guy stole our hearts right away! Having him was a dream come true for us. For as long as I can remember I wanted to be a Mom- and on this very special day God gave us a gift beyond belief!

It was so wonderful seeing him and Caitlin last weekend! We loved spending time with them!

The day our first child was born was hubby's 27th birthday, too!

I new right then and there I'd never have to worry about his birthday again because he just got the best present he could ever get- a baby boy!

Happy Birthday Jim and Matt!! I love you guys!!

Friday, November 19, 2010


Wooo Hooo!! Can't believe it!! We have LID!! 11/19/2010
I didn't think we'd get it this quick!! 
Can't believe it!! So Happy!!

Yes, I need more pics of this little girl! 

Anyone else have LID around this time? Anyone in NOVEMBER or anyone thinking they will be early December??

Thursday, November 18, 2010

In The News!

On Monday morning we were having our Christmas lights put up. The poor guys had to do it in the new fallen snow from the weekend!

While homeschooling that morning the doorbell rang. We all ran to answer it and were so surprised to see a local TV crew at our door! Of course my first thought was "Oh no, who did what?"

It turns out they were doing a little spot on small businesses and today's feature was on the lighting crew at our house!

They clean windows in the Spring/ Summer/ Fall and do Christmas lighting in the winter!

About an hour later the doorbell rang again. They wanted to interview me. I was nervous- I am not witty,  I am not profound, I'm not wise, I'm not quick and the list goes on!

I stayed focused on the  small business that was putting up the lights BUT they did ask about the girls.

They were all so nice! They loved the girls and were thrilled to see them playing in the snow for the first time!

And... if your wondering where we are in this little TV time? Well, ahh, we got cut! Nixed, history, so long, farewell!

Oh well, so we decided hot cocoa was necessary! Kind of a band aid, ya know what I mean!

So I guess the title of the post should be- In The News... Or Not!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Last Sunday!

When we were in Denver we visited friends of ours. We met them in China in July of 2007. There were three families and we had a blast together!! Our three new daughters were all within 4 months of each other. (The other family was unable to make it- they had a family wedding) We missed you Cathy, Lee-Lee and family.

They live in the foothills of Boulder. Seeing deer and bears are regular occurrences for them! We were amazed!! The doggy and the deer play often- they are friends!

It's like a game of hide and seek!
The deer saw me taking pics!

Anna and Kaya are enjoying a brownie together!

Nikki and Sarah are the same age! The other family also has a 10 yr old big sister!
After being home with Kaya they had another little surprise blessing- Francesca, better known as Frankie!

Our girls (Emma and Ellie) did a good job of playing with their new friends! Anna and Sarah have played before with Kaya and her siblings! They just have the best time together! Our kids don't want to leave!

I keep thinking Anna is so small but she is the same size as every other little girl her age from China!

Thank you Laura and Robert for having us over!

Monday, November 15, 2010


When Ellie talks English we all have to stop... and think... what on earth did she say? It is adorable but it often is not a language I recognize!

At shower time tonight she was saying something... again, I stopped and thought about it... and then recognized it! She said "For God so loved the world..."

The girls are in Awana now and they are just beginning. This is the first part of the lesson, we will add to it each week! It is hard to go out in the cold and dark at night but when the rewards are this huge- we will make it work out!

This is a little girl that struggles with English and at the same time will rattle away a string of words- word that I cannot decipher. I immediately turn to big sister Sarah for the interpretation...

"What did she say?"

Tonight I did not need my interpreter but instead jumped for joy with what I heard!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Great Weekend!!

This was our first trip since Emma and Ellie have been home! The girls were very nervous to fly on a plane again. Emma had a very serious and confused look on her face. We had explained what we were doing many times but I think they just couldn't understand it until they experienced it.

We had great seats all right next to each other - which was a miracle because we were originally scattered throughout the plane.

Our first stop was our adoption agency. We wanted to put faces with all the names of the people that have been helping us with our journey to Samuel and Ava! 

 We loved meeting everybody! They gave us a tour of the facility! 
It just so happens they were putting the finishing touches on our dossier as we arrived!

Their it is! WooHoo!! It was sent to China later that afternoon 11/12/2010! Such great news! We are so thankful!!

Here is our luggage, I mean children!
A couple hours after arriving Emma started to relax and enjoy herself!

In the evening guess what we got to do?
Yep! We got to see this wonderful friend of ours again and hear her speak!

Many of her kiddos were there but I did not get a pic of them- so sorry...
She did a wonderful job speaking! She talked about her story, her journey of faith and service to our Lord, her challenges and our Lords victories in her life!  She spoke about priorities, simplifying ones life to make room to serve HIM and getting rid of the clutter within us and around us to make OUR journey of service more attainable and our path clear! The verses she referred to was Mark 1:16-20. 

We were able to visit with Linny and Dw before and after the program- they are the nicest people and it was such a blessing to see them! There were 2 other bloggy friends there- Beccy and Serena. It was a joy to meet them, too!

We spent the next day with Matt and Caitlin! Oh my this Momma loved seeing her biggest boy and his girlfriend! I am so thankful to have had this time with them. We all miss them so much.

They are loving Colorado! Both have jobs and things seem to be falling into place with them! Hoping someday we can make a little announcement!

After coffee and cocoa at Stella's we drove up to Evergreen. What a cute little town! The girls were  amazed with the mountains- we kept hearing them say bue- ful bue-ful! Look maw-ans! Translated that means beautiful, beautiful, look at the mountains!

We had lunch and went for a walk in Evergreen.

This was the first time Emma and Ellie had ever seen snow- they were thrilled! It was just a little bit but they loved it! 

It was so beautiful! The air was crisp and cool! I am so thankful to have been able to be with my big boy and hopefully my future daughter in law!

Meanwhile back at home this was happening!! The girls don't know what they have missed! Snow, snow and more snow!

Auntie Kathy is holding down the fort at home and she sent us this pic!

Tomorrow is another fun day for us! We will be getting together with another adoptive family! Anna and their daughter Kaya came home at the same time- we all met in China and have stayed in touch! Our girls are excited to visit them and play with their children!! Thank you Laura and Robert!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


WOOOHOOOO!! Can Ya Hear Me! We are celebrating big time!! The Dossier is leaving for China Tomorrow!! I had to post the good news today because we have some special plans tomorrow and I won't be available to post until later in the evening or maybe Saturday.

So excited- the paperwork is done and now we wait for the LOA -come on baby! Let's get these two darlings HOME!!

We are so falling in LOVE with these two little tidbits!