Monday, December 6, 2010

Hot Dawg!

I just want everyone to know that we are doing our best to heat the upper midwest!

Our kids are giving it their all!! They are continuously leaving the garage door open so the we can have a warmer climate here in the North. 

I have tried to tell them that the garage door needs to be closed in order for us to have a warm garage and a comfortable atmosphere when we enter our car. 

Despite my many pleas to keep the garage door shut- it is open... often, a lot, too much... Drives a Momma crazy!

This fall we got a nice little reminder from the local energy company. They wanted to show us how much energy we use compared to our neighbors. Hmmm- lets just say we use more than they do and there is a little (okay a lot of) room for improvement.

Hubby then has to add in, BUT if you do it by how many people in our home verses home many people in their home, we use less!

Gotta love that guy! He is such a glass full kinda guy, even when it's just about empty!


Angie said...

Keep that door open, girls! We could use some heat over here! We started charging our son a quarter every time he left our door open. I almost have enough for a fru-fru coffee!

Lori at JOY Unspeakable said...

Hahaha, I love it!

Sophie said...

Gosh my kids seem to be compassionate about keeping the midwest warm as well.

Wright Family said...

a reminder from the local energy company ? did you tell them that you were actually living in your house all day while all those other folks turn off their heat and go to work !

TanyaLea said...

...oh my goodness, you sound like me!! I am always telling the kids to keep that garage door shut. And to turn off lights in rooms when they are not in them. We also got one of "those letters" from the energy company, comparing us to our neighbors.

But I'm with your hubby... how many people ARE in their households... and how many of them are home ALL DAY? I know most of my neighbors work out of the home, so I don't really count that as a fair comparison. Just say'in!! ;)

"Hot Dawg!!" ...that cracks me up!