Friday, December 3, 2010

Our Advent Tin!

Our good friend Sally at My Life My Desire had a give away about 2 weeks ago! I won!!

Okay, okay, everyone won!

Sally sent everyone that commented an Advent tin. (Thank you Sally!) Each day we light a candle and pray together. We pick one of the stick for a verse to read from our Bible and an activity to do. We have modified some of the activities to fit our family.

The girls have loved it and we have had some good conversations about Jesus.

Here is a quote from Ellie- "Ellie loba Jesus"

Sarah was wondering if I was around when Jesus was put on the cross. Uhmmm, No, that was a little before me!

So as you can see I have a lot of work ahead of me!

But it is a pleasure and joyful! The girls are eager to learn.

I have to be honest. Our Christmases in the past did not focus on the Advent season and the biblical story of Christ's birth.
I am sad to say that we were entrenched in the commercialism and lack of spirituality that the season can bring.

I am thankful for the changes that are being made and the changes to come in the future.

I have spent too many years with my heart not being in the right place (as a child and as an adult) during this season.

I am thankful for the Christian influences on all of your blogs. It gives me the courage to break out of the old mold and start new traditions.

I don't think I could have done it with our older kids back in the 1990's, what a shame. The good news is they are also eager to cut out on the craziness and the commercialism of the season. 

There is so much truth in the saying - "surround yourself with like minded people". You encourage our journey to Christ, our journey to know him personally and our journey to serve him.


Chad and Kristy said...

Have you seen this: It is all about starting a new Christmas tradition... focused less on spending on more on serving...

I put one of their videos on my blog as well:

Pam said...

We have made big changes "this time around" too. And I am loving it. We ALL are loving it.

Holly said...

What a beautiful post. I am thankful for such wonderful blogs on here too that are so encouraging! Many blessings to you and your family this advent season, Jean! : )

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Love this idea. We have our advent wreath...and a paper chain that I found on the internet with scriptures. Also love What Jesus Really Wants for Christmas kit- you can get at a Bible Book Store :)

Sue said...

This year is the first time in a very long time that I think I have shopped so much more then years past. I have developed a closer relationship with Jesus the past 18 months and have you to thank for helping me.

Sally-Girl! said...

I love you friend and I love that you love your Advent Tin! I prayed specifically for your family as I crafted it!!!

We encourage each other in our walks with Christ! You are a treasure in my life!!!

Mummy said...

How cool, Jean. I love the tin idea. We're enjoying our "Journey to the Nativity" again this December. Maybe for next year I'll keep everything for the journey in an Advent tin. :-) Love it. Thanks ... and thanks Sally. :-)

Angie said...

We are all "a work in progress." We've changed our traditions and really tried to ignore so much of the commercialism. Thankful for God's grace and continued work in our hearts.

Sarah said...

How wonderful, Jean! Your children are so blessed by your desire to love God more and more.

Anita said...

I love the other comment "we are all a work in progress". That truly sums it up as the Lord continues to mold us and grow us up each. My hardest thing has been to keep focus on my family and teaching them as a pastor's family. We sometimes are so focused on all the "event" happenings at church that our own family misses out on the traditions....not the message...but the fun of traditions. I have to work at it harder this time around with Kaylin and when Kaleb comes home, too. :)

Serving the King said...

You go girl! That is awesome and I am so glad you cleared that up about you not being there when Christ was crucified. Whew. :)

Jo's Corner said...

Another great activity to make the meaning of CHRIST-mas real for children (and, adults, too), is to bake a Birthday cake for Jesus. I did it with my nieces and nephews every Christmas Eve. We decorated it and sang "Happy Birthday, Dear Jesus"...and it made it Real for them. Now they are adults, who have carried on the tradition with their children!
I so happy that He put it on your heart to celebrate Advent! Hugs to ALL the girlies!

TanyaLea said...

I love this Jean. So many of us are guilty from falling away from the true meaning of what Christmas is really about, and get so much more wrapped up in the commercialization aspect of it. Sure we may read the 'story' of Jesus' birth, but I love the Advent box and how you are teaching your girls to draw nearer to God through this experience. What a great way to grow together as a family. Thank you for setting such a great example of NEW family traditions!! :) God has a great way of using Bloggyville to help us draw nearer to Him, doesn't He!?! <><

Blessings and Hugs,
~ Tanya