Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Fun Birthday Afternoon!

I just want to warn you- this will be a very pink post!
On Em and El's B-day we went to the Am. Girl store to celebrate their big days!

We had never done this before so I was looking forward to it as much as they were!

It was a bit of a sensory overload for all of us!

While we were in the store we saw Blue and had to run over and say hello!

Matt and Caitlin joined us! Sam was happy to see another BOY!! 
Auntie Barbie and Big Sis Kate came too!

All the kids brought someone special! Either their doll or an stuffed animal!

Here's the birthday crew!

And the Birthday girls!

Everyone sang Happy Birthday to them!
And enjoyed cake and ice cream!

We were so glad everyone could join us to celebrate such special birthdays!

Katie was going to bring her dolls BUT she forgot them ;-(
They have sat in a storage box for many years. She has not been good at sharing them with her younger sibs! However if you could see the hair on their dolls you'd probably recommend she NOT share them!

It was an wonderful afternoon!

So tell me... is there enough pink in this post?
Poor Sam... We need to get Luke home quickly!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Deep Conversations at Our House!

Anna- Yes
Sam- No 
Anna- Yes
Sam - No
Anna- Yes Yes Yes
Sam- No No No
Continues on...


Sam- Yes
Anna- No
Sam- Yes
Anna- No
Sam- Yes Yes Yes
Anna- No No No
They are like an old married couple...

Another one of my favorites is-

Anna- Mom, Ava is such a tattletale.
Mom- Really? Why?
Anna- Because she is going to tell on Ellie for cutting her dolls hair.
Mom- Really?
Anna- Ya, she is such a tattletale.
Mom- But she didn't tell? You did?
Anna- Ya but she was going to...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Locks of Love!

We heard about it from friends, 
we saw other bloggy friends do it and 
then Johnny's best buddy got cancer.
Once Sarah understood what it was, she wanted to do it!

She has been after me to make the appointment. 
I stalled- I'm a long hair person. 
Hubby questioned if we should do it- he's a long hair person, too.
But Sarah insisted!
Big Sis Kate encouraged!

Hair grows and my attachment to it was silly.

 They would never let her have long hair in the orphanage. 
They hacked it off frequently. Sarah's dream was to be free to have long hair- hair the way she wanted it! 
She did it and then gave it away to a wonderful charity!

I am so proud of her!!

It was an event for all of us! 
Now the other girls are thinking about it when their hair grows longer!

They cut 3 12" braids!

Ava has awhile!

Now the best part!! The shampoo!!

The cut and style!
(she loves the pampering)

She was very happy with the results!

And now... we'll grow it out again!

Monday, July 25, 2011


WooooHoooooo! I'm shouting from the mountain tops! 
We are DTC'd as of Friday July 22nd!! 
That means our Dossier/ all of our official paperwork is on it's way to China!

Yay yay yay God! Thank You Jesus!!

I cannot wait to get our LID!!

It's time to get their timeline up on the sidebar! It's time to send them a package and get them pictures of their forever family!!

I'm doing cartwheels inside!! AND praising God!!

Let me know if your timing is near us! We would love to see you in China!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mr. Luke!

We got an update on our little guy! 
I cannot wait to get him home! He is just the cutest darn thing I have ever seen!
Luke is now-
28 lbs
and 3 ft tall!
Our precious boy is growing so big! 

Here he is- doing his morning exercises!
Oh, be still my heart!

He has already won the family flexibility contest!! None of our big boys can come close to reaching their toes!

I seriously cannot get enough of this kiddo!

The update said so many nice things about him-
He is in preschool and doing very well!
He is an obedient child and listens well!
He likes to play games with other children!
He knows some simple english words!
He is modest, gentle and independent!
He likes to go outside!
He likes to imitate other children and learns easily!
He likes food and will try new things!
He is prepared to be adopted!
He will give the new family limitless joy!
He will give everyone that loves him so many blessings!

He is already giving us joy and blessings and we cannot wait to get him home! Praying to be DTC'd very soon! Praying that Ch*na will expedite our process for Luke and Mia based on Mia's health status.

Wish we would get an update on Mia but her orphanage is known for NOT giving updates! Thank goodness Luke's orphanage/ foster home is great with the updates and pictures! It keeps me going!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Emma and Ellie!!

This is there first celebrated Birthday at home! Ellie's is today and Emma's is tomorrow BUT we got started a day early since big bro Matt and Caitlin were in town!
The kid have seen everyone else have their birthday and now they FINALLY go their chance!

They are such precious treasures and we are so thankful to have them in our family! Ellie and Sarah have lots of fun together! The both love to laugh!

They have waited and waited for this day! I have actually been a little nervous- I just wanted it to go well! I want them to "for once" have good memories!
We love them so much! They have helped us to grow in so many ways! They have made our hearts grow bigger and given us more patience!

I have realized how much others need me and depend upon me to be my best each day. It has made me completely lean on God. Only He can help me with that! This morning I felt an ounce crabby but knew that I would set the tone for the day. I went straight into prayer and gave the day to Him. In hopes that our day and behavior would glorify HIM!

These two are adorable together and this big bro thinks his little bro is pretty cool! Johnny has done so well adjusting to all the sibs and his semi crazy parents! That actually should be a post because we had a time where this was NOT what he wanted!

Katie was making movies of the kids hula dancing(she just got back from Hawaii- gee, isn't life tough, Kate)! Hopefully I can get my hands on it and post it- I think its pretty funny!!

Johnny with the birthday girls!! He has definitely grown through the adoptions- it has been very positive for him!

Yesterday was Caitlin birthday! 
Happy Birthday Caitlin!

And she had many helpers with the gift opening!

And now for the big event!! Their very first time opening birthday presents! They were so so so over the moon excited!

They did not need any helpers but loved having the audience!!

Each of them got their very own birthday cake! 
Please please, come on over for a slice! We have plenty to go around!

My heart is so thankful for these blessings!!

Katie is sleeping on the couch- jet lag finally hit her!!
Mark is in Fiji studying coral and getting stung my starfish. Billy was at work- it's busy season for him so he couldn't join us.

Honestly even lighting the candles was exciting!

And then we sang "Happy Birthday". That was almost too much for them! Emma couldn't even bring herself to look at the camera!

Thank you God for a wonderful evening!

We are all so grateful to YOU!

(Sammy's birthday is next - in August!)

Monday, July 18, 2011

There's No Place Like Home! part of a series

The flight home was grueling as usual but we positioned ourselves for success! Emma was near the window, then hubby and then Anna next to him! Yes- he had the harder job! I sat in the aisle seat in front of Anna, with Sarah next to the window and Ellie between us! Katie had clocked out, 21 days with us was more than she could handle! She sat across the aisle from me and was perfectly happy to sleep, listen to music and watch movies!

Emma wanted to get out of her seat and take off but hubby kept one hand on her at all times. She only got to leave her seat to go to the bathroom and one of us always went with her.
She stuck with us in the airports and obeyed us.

When we landed on US soil I wanted to kiss the ground! Praise God- we were home at last!! Both of us commented how the flights went better than we had expected!

We asked that no one meet us at the airport, we wanted to get home asap. Big brother Johnny met us at home! He was excited to meet his new sisters and show them their new home!

Do you see it? It's there! It's in her eyes!
Click on the pics and see it close up!

Once she stepped into her new home a veil of PEACE came over her! It was like she was a different person. God's Peace filled our little girl and she could finally exhale. She was finally safe-  from the abuse, from the hurt, from the hunger, from everything that was in her past.

Both Hubby and I noticed it and commented on it! 
It was so obvious that something BIG had happened, something beyond our control. Both of us were filled with gratefulness! Both of us knew this had nothing to do with us... it was all God... and it was a miracle!

It was a thank you Jesus, down on our knees miracle!

And let the peace that comes from Christ rule in your hearts. For as member of one body you are called to live in peace. And always be thankful.
Colossians 3:15

Don't be afraid, my people. Be glad now and rejoice, for the Lord has done great things.
Joel 2:21

May God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ give you grace and peace.
2 Thessalonians 1:2

( I plan to write more on this 
- the road to further understanding Emma
 - how our adoption of Ava and Sam affected Emma and Ellie and Me
- the "irritants" that can go along with older child adoption)

If you have questions that you want to ask please do so in the comment section- I will answer them in another post!