Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sammy's Surgery!

We have heard from Cincy and Sam has his surgery dates! 

I have been praying about this and putting it in God's hands. With so much going on, I knew I could never plan it all out! His timing is perfect timing!

I want so much to leave now and get Luke and Mia but we are still waiting on our LOA... we are on day 33 right now, which is already longer than our wait with Sam and Ava.

Waiting is so hard...

But, since we have to wait we might as well get a few things done before this crew of 6 littles becomes 8!

The Colorectal Center in Cincinnati is number one in the country for pediatric gastrointestinal repairs!

Sam's fist surgery is scheduled for November 2nd! We will be gone for 5-6 days and will return again 2 weeks later for a recheck. We head back to Cincy for his last surgery on January 26th. They will take down his colostomy and Sammy will "go" just like the other kids! Of course we have to be careful with what he eats and it will take time for everything to work correctly!

We are hoping/planning that we will go to China in December between the surgeries.

Anna will also have a surgery coming up but we are unsure of the timing right now. It will be a lip and nose repair along with necessary dental work (meaning taking care of 7 cavities-yikes).

The following pics are for your viewing pleasure! 

These two are absolutely crazy about each other!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday Sam!

This is Sammy's first birthday at home and probably his first celebrated birthday EVER!

We spent the day at the zoo!!

The two new sites were the Penguins and the Amur Leopard!

The leopard was incredible and came so close to us!

He looked at the children as if to say LUNCH!

After the zoo we went home for our family party!
Sammy's balloon were waiting for him!

Along with his birthday cake!

This was such an exciting day for him!

Presents, presents, presents!

Here is a pic of the children that were invited to the party! 

Sam asked for boy toys!
He didn't really know what that was but that's what he asked for!
(I think his older bros may have influenced him!)

So he got jerseys!
Pretty cool!

Legos and duplos! 

And a scooter!

Katie cleaned her closet and gave the girls her dresses for "dress up"!

Singing "Happy Birthday" and blowing out candles were a huge hit!

So was eating the chocolate off the real cars on the cake!!

Our little boy had a GREAT day!!

He is such a blessing to us!

Oh my, we love him so much!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Adopting 2 From Different Provinces?

I thought this may be the case BUT was hoping it wasn't going to be. We heard from our agency that because our children are in two different provinces we will have to be in China for 3 weeks or splitt up for the first week.


I don't want to miss out on the gotcha moment with either of the children and I don't want to split from hubby. I am also sure that hubby cannot leave work for 3 weeks.

Of course, I do know that we don't always get what we want... I am guessing this is going to be one of those times...
Oh my- I am so weak in China and will so need God every moment of the day!

Luke is looking at his family photo album!
He should be getting another one soon! Can't wait for that package to get in the mail!!

She should have her gift by now! Hoping they send me a pic or five or ten!

I feel like somewhere I have read about other families adopting from 2 different provinces and it seems to me that didn't have to stay for 3 week? But I may be wrong?

Does anyone know of others that adopted 2 from different provinces? How did the handle their China time? Is there any way to cut it back a little?? Is there anyway to be at both Gotcha Days?

I would love to hear some ideas or others experiences!

Thank you

Thank you for all your input on my last post! I could feel your prayers and woke up the next morning knowing God is in control and this IS a spiritual battle. I am praying for our neighbors! And waiting for God's perfect timing to someday talk again with them or her.
The dog/safety issue has been resolved. He is no longer running the neighborhood and the owners have been reminded of the local pet laws.
Thank you Jesus!
Praying that the Lord will put HIS words in my mouth and that everyone in their home is safe right now! Praying that the Lord touches his heart with tenderness and a desire to change the direction he is going in.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Abuse... comes in many forms...

I am contemplating posting this...

I have mention before that our little neighborhood has had challenges but for the most part I have not shared the details with you. I don't share them with you because I felt like it was tacky. God places these challenges before us and I knew that with His help HE would win over evil.

But once again evil has reared it's ugly head and once again I bring my offerings to the Lord and pray for this person for his family. Especially his family... I am concerned for his wife and children.

When I pulled up into our driveway our 6 treasures got out of the van and joyfully ran over to their little friend! She is 3 yrs old and was delighted to see the children.

Childrens' heart are so pure, so beautiful. I think that is why I love them so much. The radiate an innocence that is like no other.

They are so different from adults...

Our neighbors have a doberman puppy- about 9 months old. Sam and Ava do not always no how to behave around dogs and ran from the him. He chased them and leapt and nipped at their faces. I quickly went over to tell them not to run from the dog and to let our neighbors know that we all need to be careful. I had no anger, no attitude, no other agenda.

The wife was fine with everything but the husband was not. I did not even open my mouth and was immediately verbally attacked. I was completely shocked and dismayed-I had no idea he harbored so much anger. Jim and I make it a point to be nice to everyone.

In all the years we have been married never have I been talked to this way. It was very sad... I said his name a few times and told him to stop. The children were standing there listening to him and their jaws were dropped. His own child loves our children and yet right in front of them... he went on and on.

He complained about the children, he said things that were so untrue, he attacked us personally and he wasn't correct with anything he said. He went on and on and then when I said stop he mocked me saying stop.

Friends there were so many things I could have said but held my tongue. I knew anything I would have said would have fallen on deaf ears and this was not just my personal battle but much more- this was a spiritual battle.

His wife was teary eyed. I was in shock and finally told him that he was being verbally abusive and he needed to stop right away. I immediately sent the children inside.

And then he verbally attacked our children. He said they were not normal, they were weird. Of course that wasn't all he said but does it even matter.

How can any adult say anything like that about a child? Any Child? It makes me sick...

Evil rears itself in many ways and many forms and today I came face to face with it...

Please say prayers!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

He's Back!

So, so thankful our Mark is home from Fiji! It went well and it was very interesting... in many ways!
Not quite what he thought it would be science wise BUT he had a great experience!!

He wore a sulu while he was there- basically a clothe wrapped around like a skirt, when he was in the villages. He did not stay at the vacation spots but instead lived on the islands like the Fijian's!

He learned a few common words and snorkeled amongst the MOST beautiful coral reefs you can imagine!

He shaved his head before leaving and didn't bother with his hair the rest of the time hence the beard!
Everyone was surprised!
I think he looks like honest Abe!

Mark was our "manny" for 2 summers! Therefore he is very popular with the younger children!
I love how much the younger children love the older children!
It was definitely a highlight to have him come home!

We are so thankful he is here! Safe and sound!
 He will only be home for 2 weeks and then he goes back to college...

Saturday, August 20, 2011

It's Decided!

Mia Elizabeth is her name!

Thank you so much for your comments! 

It's was good to know others have had similar circumstances!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I Have A Friend...

I am feeling very blessed!
I have a friend that is truly a treasure!
We met about 2 years ago at our children's swimming lessons and a friendship formed instantly!
We were bonded by our deep faith and by adoption.

My dear friend had 2 sons from Guatemala. One of her precious treasures passed away on August 5th... Our hearts are still heavy BUT we both know he is with Jesus- and, as happy and free as can be.

My friend is an incredible cook! In fact sometimes she talks about cooking/ baking and I look at her as if she is speaking a different language because as you all know... I do not cook!

Before Michael passed she baked 2 loaves of bread and froze them.

Well friends, we were one of the recipients of one of those loaves!

Please check out the pics so you can all see what we thought of this kind gift!

We put butter and strawberry jam on it and thoroughly enjoyed every morsel!
Sam is lovin it!

Oh yea! Anna is extremely happy!

Sarah and her toothy grin asked for more!

Emma giggled while enjoying her slice!

Artistic Ava added an angle to her pic!

Ellie couldn't wait to smile- she dug right in!

And of course Anna had to lick off some of the jam!

Aha! This is why I have so much trouble combing out her hair!

When we are together we talk and talk. It is a highlight of my week! Our discussion are aways regarding faith and family.

Now we find ourselves with tears in our eyes 
but still seeing the joy and still laughing.

My friends are trying to get back into a routine... a new routine, a new normal...

I admire them so much.
We are blessed to have them as friends.

They are completely trusting the Father.
They are giving their heart to HIM... to heal.

It's hard... for everyone,
but especially for the son that is without his big brother.

Please continue to pray for them.
"Michaels Family"

My hope for you, 
is that you also, have a friend as dear as my friend.

They are such a treasure!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Are ya singing the tune? cause I am!
Well, at least for the end of summer that is! I can do it, no longer! 
We have had school for 4 mornings almost every week and now it's time to take a break!
I know, we are a little off the normal school schedule!
I have always gone to the beat of a different drummer and always will!

We'll start back up on September 6th!
For now we are just going to enjoy ourselves, get somethings done and prepare for the new school year!

We will need to do a new room arrangement (which effects the school room) with two more kiddos coming home! 
That will be another post!!

I love these two boys and I love how God moves hearts and creates miracles within a family!

Cheese sticks are the latest and greatest snack around here!

Here's Johnny wowwing the littles!

Billy was next!

This is Anna's first time swimming in the middle of the lake! 
She loved it!

And Ava's first time, too!
It was a loud event, as they squealed with glee!
Could anything be more fun-
I ask you?

According to our treasures, the answer would be NO!
This is awesome!!

There's a party in the lake!

Sammy is waiting until next year - he got to push Johnny and Billy in and loved it!
Next summer his colostomy will be fixed and we won't have to pay attention to swim time vs changing his bag. I think he can swim in a lake but I do worry about the different bacteria in a lake and his open ostomy (if it should come undone) and want to be cautious. 
This little guy is all muscle and not an ounce of fat- therefor he does NOT float. Next year will work out much better after he has had MORE swim lessons!!

For now we are studying FUN! And plan to enjoy our last days of SUMMER!!

Thank you for all the comments regarding Mia/Mary's name! 
They are so appreciated!
Hubby and I will talk and I'll let you know!
It's either Mia Elizabeth or Mary Elizabeth!