Wednesday, November 30, 2011

We Have Her!

It was a whirlwind of a day! Meeting our friends was incredible!! I loved every minute of it and hope to come back just to see them in the future!!
The we boarded a plane to Xa'in and took an hour long shuttle ride to meet our Abby!
We got there and were waiting in the 5th floor hallway when the elevator opened and there she was!

She walked straight up to us- no hesitation!
She is as precious as can be!

She liked all of us but she definitely likes me! She want to sit next to me and have me help her! I love it!
They said she was very excited about her family!

She holds our hands, sits on our laps and she is right where she is supposed to be- thank you Jesus!!

She loved the little gifts we brought!

When we got back to the room and saw there was a crib... for her... her mood changed. Poor dear she fought back the tears but just couldn't anymore. The tears flowed- she let me comfort her.

And we got rid of the crib!

And changed rooms where we have the most ginormous bed I have ever seen!
It sleeps four across- no problem!!

When I saw Abby's picture in May- God said she needs to come home...

God was right!

more later!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

We're Here!!

The flight went great!! The best ever!! The plane was not full so we snuck a little extra room and got some shut eye on the plane!

Tomorrow morning we have BKF with friends and then we are on a plane to Xi'an to meet Abby!! I can't believe we are going to meet her tomorrow!! Yayay God!!

We will be for 5 days/4 nights so- if you have any ideas were to go or what to see please leave a comment!! Thank you Julie! We will definitely visit the Terracotta warriors  and the dumpling place!! We are also hoping to go to the orphanage!!

Thank you for your prayers for our journey!! We so appreciate them!!

Will try to post after we get Abby praying it works!!

Blessings to you!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane!

Ava lost another tooth! She was so excited- unlike the last time!
She is adorable with her missing teeth!

Shoe shopping! While we were at the children's shoe store there were many toys BUT Sarah has grown out of the children's shoes! We stopped next door for her and Ava and Anna improvised- they made toys out of what ever they could find!

The haircuts went well! Sam has a crewcut- kinda! We just love his hair short!!

Thanksgiving was ultra casual at our house. About 4:00 the older kids said... so ahhh, is anybody coming over?? Sorry guys- it's just us with a cameo appearance from Auntie Barbie!
It did feel a little empty but we had so much to do packing for China, getting paperwork ready and preparing our home for the sitter and kids.

Sammy was so so happy to have Billy, Mark and Johnny at home!! He was all about the karate chops and hanging all over them!

Billy just continued on - chatting amidst the activity!
 Johnny had a staring contest with Mr Busy Boy!

Sam is doing so great and healing beautifully from his surgery!

We had a fantastic Thanksgiving! It was 50 plus degrees- the kids spent part of the day playing outside- this weather this fall has been such a blessing!

We are really going to miss these special little treasures.
I try not to think about it and just focus on going to China and getting our babes- Abby and Luke!
I feel so blessed to have these children in our lives- thank you Jesus!

Yes Sammy! You are very very strong!!

We are packed and ready to go!
I failed at packing light- bummer!
But such is life and maybe next time- did I just say that?

No- I do not have anything up my sleeve- but I am waiting on God and praying for his direction.
Praying that both our heart will be moved in the same direction by our almighty God- whichever way that might be?

I just know that we are so happy and that serving HIM is what we both want.

So tomorrow about 10:30 am central time we head to the airport!
Lunch will be here in Mpls
Dinner will be in Detroit
Now if you have flown to China you will understand the planning of the meals-
airplane food is terrible and it takes a little time to find a place in Ch*na where the food works,
hence the meal planning!

We arrive in China late late Tuesday night China time.
We have bkf with friends and then we're off quickly to Xi'an! (I wish we could spend more time in Beijing but we do not have control of the schedule.)
We meet Abby later in the afternoon!
God is so good!! We spend 5 days with Abby before Luke joins us.
I am amazed that soon these dear children will be in our arms!

Thank you Jesus!!

I will post as soon as I can from China!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Taking a short break-

from the craziness of packing for China, to blog!

Lists are all over the place and we are constantly coming and going. Seems like I am always thinking of one more thing we need for China!

I am to the point where I am even running the unnecessary errands and getting the unnecessary things! Such as why have I decided at this moment that all the kids need new tennis shoes- I do not know! But, I did and now they have them!

Emma and Ellie desperately wanted light up shoes- they are something to be sout (is that a word?) after in China. It must be only the coolest of cool that get them because all of our children have drooled over them! So- I gave in and bought them a pair- in my opinion they are too old for light up velcro shoes BUT since I have purchased them I have become the BEST MOM in the world! I can do it for that title!! And the look in their eyes as they admire their new shoes!!

Ava, Anna, Sam Abby and Luke all have them too- wow maybe now I'm the BESTEST MOM in the world! Cool! That works for me!!

Sarah had then when she was 9 and 10 and has since moved on to grown up tennis shoes!

I have also come to the conclusion that I will no longer be the appt maker for some family members!

WHY? because every time I make them, they cancel and reschedule! I'm trying not to take it personally- but instead in the future I will tell them to g**gle the number and call as soon as possible!
I made an appt for Johnny yesterday at 3:00 to go to the ortho and get his bottom retainer re put on! He said to me- MOM, that's a Friday- I don't do appts on Fridays after school.
I said- Nooooo, it's a Tuesday not a Friday.
He said- No, it's a Friday because we don't have school the next day.
I said- I know you don't but it's a Tuesday...
and so on!
You get the point!

Right now I have 3 boys at the barbers! (I was supposed to have four- see previous paragraph!)
Sammy went with his big brothers- Mark and JOhnny to get haircuts. He was so cute with his big bros!! Oh man, imagine Luke in the mix- I'm melting!!
I have no idea what my boys will look like most likely I will think they should have cut it shorter but whatever!

A little adoption update- we leave on the 28th and will have Abby in our arms on the 30th!! It was originally scheduled for the 1st but the orphanage changed it. Can't wait!!

It snowed last weekend- the kids were thrilled!! Ava and Sam had not experienced snow? That surprised me since they are from Henan?

I was not so thrilled at the thought of bundling up 6 kiddos for an outside playtime but it ended up worth it! They had a blast and we ended up getting the mudroom closet cleaned!

Oh, and the Hubby's b-day went great! (Whew)
Thank you for the wonderful wishes!! He loved them!!

God Bless Your Thanksgiving!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Could Ya Help Me Out Here!?! EDITED!

We have been married for almost 30 year and I have never done this before...

I have never does this with any family member...

I can't believe I did it TODAY!

Yes, there are many things going on right now. 
I have many thoughts in my head- Sam's surgery and recovery, traveling back and forth to Cincy. Thanksgiving- which I can't believe is already here. 
Packing and preparing to go to China in less than a week.
AND, thoughts of Christmas do enter my mind- can't prepare now but praying it will go well.

Excuses, yes, they are all excuses!

Usually men do this... not the ladies, we would never do this!

BUT, today I just did...


Ahhhhhhhh, I can't believe I did that!

Luckily, he has a great sense of humor and quickly covered for me! 
He lead the children in a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ME song!
(as I sunk in my seat)

So could you please help me out here!
Would you wish my dear hubby, Jim, a Happy Birthday!

It's also our oldest son's birthday! MAtt!
I technically didn't forget his big day because he lives in another state and I have time to call him later and wish him a Happy B -Day!
Yep- first born child and hubby share a birthday! I think maybe I'll remind him of the gift that I gave him 28 years ago!
I have recovered well- hubby has a cake, we'll have a family dinner and I have a few gifts for him- whew!

He/they will love your messages!
Thank you!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Wow! What a Day!!

We are back in Cincy and up at 5:00 am MN time but 6:00 am Cincy time!
Pretty much felt like I didn't wake up until the afternoon!
Went to 4 Doctor appts- they all went very well!!

In the afternoon we were blessed by a bloggy friend!
Faye picked up Sam and I and took us to an adorable shopping area and coffee shop!

Sam said to me "Mom, I really like your friend!" he quickly followed up with "I like you, too"
Thanks honey!!

Sam was our photographer! 
So to eliminate the upward, uncomplimentary view we got down on our knees for the pic!

The afternoon was delightful! I loved meeting her and she loved Sam! It was so nice to talk to a friend!

She didn't even comment on the small pimple on the end of my nose!
I told Hubby- I can't believe I'm going to meet a bloggy friend when I have a pimple on the end of my nose! He said give it a week and it'll be gone... excuse me, we are meeting tomorrow! 
He quickly came back with "pimples are youthful"!
What a guy!!
 I believed it!

Now for some incredibly wonderful news!! Two more kids ARE coming home!
We got our TA today!!

We leave in 11 days!


Yes, you read that right!

Holy Cow, I got a lot to do!!

Tomorrow we go home and then it is pack, pack, pack!

China, here we come!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

HaPpY bIrThDaY LuKe!

Today you are 3 years old (November 18th)! It was my hope that we would be holding you on your third birthday. It didn't quite happen BUT we will be holding you when you turn 3 yrs and 3 weeks!
Thank you Jesus!!

Two years ago you stole our hearts! For two years we have watched from afar the miracles that God has performed in your life. I have been in awe of our MAKER through you! 
For two years I have dreamed about you!
You are a precious gift from God! 

You have grown so much over these last 2 years! This is the picture I saw when I heard God speak "he is you son"!
You look as surprised as I was!

You are walking and talking now!

You go to preschool and your as smart as can me!

You also have great lookin' legs! 
You have a tender heart AND a great sense of humor!
You speak Mandarin and you know some English!

We are so blessed to have so many pictures of you!!

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Trusting Him

Hubby and I sat down as we began this adoption and plotted out our target dates. It's fun to try to make some sense of a process that doesn't always make sense! We were amazed at how close our targeted dates were. Each time we where within 3 days of what we had hoped.

But our TA(Travel Approval to Ch*na) doesn't seem to want to cooperate! 

Leaving on the 28th was what we were hoping but that probably isn't going to happen. If our TA comes tomorrow there still may be titch of hope BUT after that our travel date will most likely move to the following week.

It's not wrong for us to hope and pray for a certain date BUT the best part of this whole process is that we are NOT in charge AND that we have prayed often and given it to our GOD! This whole process is in his very capable hands AND at this point only HE knows our travel plans!

We are looking forward to when he will be sharing them with us!

Dear sweet Luke has seen so many of his little friends leave his foster home. It breaks my heart that he has had to wait. 

I am sure Abby has seen many of the children at her CWI leave for their forever families, too.

Soon, dear children, soon it will be your time!
I cannot wait to wrap my arms around these precious treasures!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

China Travel, Sam Update and A Walk in the Woods!

God is so good!! We received Johnny's fingerprint date in the mail on Saturday!! Hubby will be taking him in tomorrow! YAY GOD!!

We are hoping to get our TA this week! It's not guaranteed but likely! We need to go to 2 Provinces and will be gone for 19 days. We could have made it 18 days but we have "business " in Beijing! We will leave on November 28th or December 5th. We are hoping for the earlier days but God is in control and we will go with whatever we get! (Gotcha days would be Abby 12/1 and Luke 12/5  OR  Abby 12/8 and Luke 12/12). IF there is a major problem then we would have to leave after Christmas on 12/26. We can't ask our sitter to have our crew over the holidays and we wouldn't want to be away from them. PRAYIN!!

Sam is doing very well. He is healing nicely and moving around just fine. Poor dear had his whole bottom cut from top to bottom if ya know what I mean. Sitting is still a challenge and he can not part his little legs, in other words no splits! We are returning to Cincy on Thursday, Nov 17-19th. Then we have a break until the end of January when we return to get his colostomy taken down (that's how they say it in the medical world)! I have plans to see a friend during this trip and am thinking that next time would be wonderful if anyone who wants to could come to the hospital! We could say hello to Sammy and then visit in the cafeteria! I would love to meet some Jesus loving, adoption loving, blog loving friends!
With our first trip I felt like I needed to figure things out in Cincy- I had no idea what I was doing. BUT now, it's like a second home and I would love to see people in January!

What did we do this weekend?

First I realized that I needed to have a masters degree in carseats!
Whodda thunk it!
They have made them oh so challenging but once ya figure it out they are easy!
It's just take this old dog a little more time to learn the new tricks!
More on this later!

Then we went for an awesome walk!  We stopped at our friends house who have a new puppy! She was just to cute! Only 9 weeks old and look at how big she is!!
She is just like a teddy bear!!

We have a state forest right by our house and we all loved walking through it!

The trail is hard to see with all the leaves but we managed!

I prefer leaves in the trees BUT this is a different kind of pretty!
Honestly, I don't know how God came up with all this!
It's awesome!!

We used the stroller until we got to the forest and then had Sam walk!
It was so good to get outside and get some exercise! It was 58 degrees- fabulous! The weather is about to change in these parts of the woods (pun- kind of)!

There was even a cute little bridge for us to go over!!

The puppy dogs loved the outing, too!

And now we are frantically trying to get ready for China!!
There are so many wonderful people that we could meet in China- GZ! I am excited to see what God has planned!!

And for the grand finale!
Sarah dragged the little kids through out the house!
They had fun!