Monday, December 5, 2011

Be Still My Heart!

The day that we have waited for for 2 years has finally arrived!

When we arrived at the office many of the children were already there.
Luke was standing in a corner looking out of the window.
He saw us walk in and immediately gave us a look like he recognized us. 
He started walking towards us.

And then he stopped...

The person with him told him I was his Momma and he shook his head no.
I think it was just too much for him.
So much happening and not completely understanding all of this?

We gave him a little space and time and began showing him the things in his backpack.

Then he pointed to his light up shoes and then to me and he said
Be still me heart!

He thought the things in his backpack were okay but just okay...

So we brought out our super duper weapon!


They're guaranteed to put a smile on anyones face!

They worked! He began to relax and interact!

Abby and Luke had to check each other !

He is such a precious child! We are beyond thankful!

9 other families were getting their children! It was a bit loud in the room but he did well despite all the noise and activity.

Abby stayed close to us and handled the situation well... for the most part!

Three of our eight treasures from China!
Thank you Jesus!

Had to post this pic because it is just so sweet!

Once the bubble became a little old we brought out the cars!
He loved them!

Then a book!!

And Momma finally got to hold her little treasure!

He has an adorable personality we look forward to knowing him better and discovering more about this special little boy!

My new roommates!

I can see it know! We will be having a house full of large trucks!
That works for me!

He likes it up there!

Then we went on to the magnadoodle!

At which point... Abby felt we were taking too many pics of Luke!
Hence the magnadoodle in front of the camera!
Abby did feel a little slighted for a moment but with hugs and holding she got over it!

Our official picture!

There is more to say and many more pics.
Luke is seems a little sad now but is doing okay.
He is very tired and unable to take a nap in this new environment.

Will post again as soon as I can!
Maybe after he falls asleep tonight, if I'm not asleep too!


Angie said...

Sigh...they are both in your arms now. The sadness will fade, I'm sure, quickly. I always like to think it's because they were so loved by their caretakers. Congratulations!

Jennifer said...

Yippee!!! He is such a cutie! Soooo glad you are all together now!!! :) Congrats!!!

Lori at JOY Unspeakable said...

Oh my heart. We prayed for that little guy so many times and for so he is finally in his forever family.

It's so wonderful! But I'm so sad for Lynsay... I know this is difficult for her since she has been through so much with him. It's so bitter/sweet!

But mostly, it's just so good to see him with you guys!

Janet and Kevin said...

Love, love, love the new pictures. Recognize the hand chair, but they have definitely put you in a bigger room than we were in. Praying for Luke's sadness to turn to joy, his former home to heal from parting with him, and for you all to have a smooth transtion and great rest of your trip in Ch*na.

janet and gang

Faye Verquer said...

OH my! I have tears flowing! He looks so great! You all look so very very happy! He will warm up to all of you in no time! I've been praying for strength for Lynsay and his Nanny. Of course once you are home and Sam and Luke get together we are all going to have to pray for strength for you!!! ENJOY your time together and snuggle that little man for all the Verquer family. Lots of prayers have been said for this little man and my sons both got to see you have him before they left for school and will go to school with a smile!!

You are so blessed!


Jennifer P said...

Can you say beautiful? He is gorgeous and precious and....what a gift. Congratulations1!!!

Mary Kate said...

Your family is so precious and your latest additions are no exception! Love and safe journeys!

Mary Kate

The Byrd's Nest said...

He is adorable and I'm so thankful he has a family of his own. Praying for all of you:)

Matilda Joyce said...


Sarah said...

Oh, he is just so precious! Thank you God, for this beautiful boy and his new family!!!

HOPEdriven said...

What a beautiful family...Luke and Abby are just precious!! Welcome to the newest additions!

Anonymous said...

love this jean.
god bless you all,
praying and praising God
another little bird free!

living4him5 said...

Praise the LORD!!!! He is so precious!!! (they're all so sweet)

God bless!!

Amy <><

Tina said...

Abosolutey precious!

Melissa said...

Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!!
God is so very good!

Connie J said...

oh, gracious, you are blessed, mama! both of your newest Treasures are so precious!

Anonymous said...

Crying tears of joy and praise for our Awesome God and His precious Miracles! You and your family are such a blessing to all the whole family of God. Thanks for sharing...

In OR.

Sally-Girl! said...

Be still my own heart!!! I have waited for this treasure to be with you for two years now!!!! OH my heart is so happy!!!!! What a love!!!

Brings me back to getting Gracie in January when I saw the civil affairs office!!!

Oh you are pulling me aren't you!!!

Susan A said...

Loved the photos of both Luke and Abby, been smiling and giggling a little reading through your post, lovely!!! :)

TanyaLea said...

OH Jean! ~ I'm not sure why, but this one has me in tears! I think it is just how long you have waited for him. I remember an email I got from you before we even traveled to Khloe telling me about 'your' Luke. And then the many prayers we prayed over your sweet boy. Oh what a JOY to see him in your arms. He is SO VERY, VERY CUTE!!! It's just wonderful to see you with BOTH of your beautiful treasures finally in your arms... I love the photo of them with Sarah ~ I bet she is loving this time with you! Can't wait to meet your newest treasures. We are praying for you and praying for Luke's tender heart as he transitions into his new family. Little does he know just how much LOVE he has waiting for him back home!!

Blessings & Hugs,

Holly said...

PRAISE THE LORD!!!!! What a blessing to actually SEE him get his family!!!!!

Chris said...

My, he is just the sweetest little guy!
Love the heavy artillery-bubbles,magna doodle, trucks, it doesn't get any better than that!!
Sarah is doing a great job being big sis:)
Enjoy the rest of your stay in China.

Sue said...

Luke looks to big in the pictures, I am so glad you finally have him in your arms. He will learn very fast how wonderful his new family is. Congrats.

Unknown said...

Absolutely precious! He is too sweet!!! So happy for your family!