Monday, December 26, 2011

A Miracle on Ferndale Road!

I thought it would be impossible!
It was more than my brain could take in and to overwhelming to figure out!
So I left it to God and I warned all the  children at home.

Christmas just wasn't going to be the same this year.
We were just coming home with two needy children. Both have serious health and dental needs.
Jet lag tends to do me in and I only run at half strength for awhile until we readjust to the time change.

We had no gifts, no groceries and I knew on top of jet lag we would be at Dr Appts- some of them lasting half a day.

He knew how we were going to do it!
He knew the plan way before I did!
And FYI- it was a great plan!

(In another post, I will fill you in about Luke's Dr appt.)

It was Thursday and Luke and I had his appt. in the morning.
God somehow gave me a little extra energy and once we were home a big brother offered to babysit this large crew!

I woke up in the middle of the night (the night before) and devised a plan. I was so certain about it that I am figuring God placed it in my heart! In fact after coming up with it I peacefully fell back asleep!

So with Mark watching the kids, I ran to the store! In just two separate stores I was able to get all the gifts for our family. Not too much but just enough to make it fun!

Friday I wrapped everything and tried to pic up the house in the midst of large family chaos.
(I was also starting to feel sick- the usual upper respiratory crud that I get with jet lag)

The next morning- Saturday, Christmas Eve we woke up to Luke having a fever of 101 degrees. He previously had a cough but I was thinking it was getting better. I was wrong. So I took Him to the Dr! Yes, our pediatrician had Saturday hours! I grabbed Emma, too. We had to do something about the itching and scabs all over the trunk of her body.

I wasn't sure what was going to become of this visit? Maybe no answers, maybe Luke was in distress- I didn't know BUT it just so happened one of our favorite Pediatricians were there- from when our big kids were little. He put Luke on Amoxicillin and Pulmacort nebs - a nice hefty dose and I'll jump ahead and say, we haven't seen any symptoms of anything other than a lively happy healthy little boy since we started the meds and nebs- Yay God!! And thank you Dr K!!

He also took Emma's situation seriously and put her on antihistamines at night and creams during the day and night! He does not think it is scabies but more of a nervous nighttime ritual for her, along with the fact she may have a minor infection in her body and her bodies response is to give an allergic reaction- such as itchy skin.

Hubby and I are a tag team so once I got home with the two kids and with the new meds, Hubby went to the grocery store for the holiday food!
At that point I excused myself from church- there was just too much happening and after all we had no idea how Luke would feel in the afternoon.
We intended to send just the big kids but 3:00 rolled around and God gave us a burst of energy- we got all the little kids ready, Luke was doing great and we ALL made it to 4:00 church- 
I was truly shocked we were all there!!

Although things are going very well I want to put it in to perspective.
During the service I ask Hubby if I could quickly go to the restroom to blow my nose...
His answer "NO"!
You can't leave me!
We had five special little children that wanted so much to crawl on our laps and fall asleep!
Somehow they managed to all stay awake!

The rest of the evening was wonderful! It was just our crew here at our house!
There was a lot of joy and everyone chatted away!

Luke and Abby are fitting in so nicely!
Sometime Abby whines BUT she responds to a reminder to stop whining.
Luke can be stubborn but he is learning what life in a big family is like!
No means no and we do not pick favorites! 
(and even if you cry, you do not get your own way)

Honestly, I did not think this was possible! I did not think we would have a joyous holiday. I did not think it was possible for everything to fall into place. In fact I made a point of NOT thinking about it- it was too much for me.
But thank you God!
I should have known that you could do this!
And thank you to all the people praying for us!!

Last Wednesday Sam came up to me with watery eyes and asked... "Next year can we please have presents?"
It broke my heart to think that for 4 children (Ava, Abby, Sam and Luke) this was their first Christmas home and they would not have any gifts.

I think pic of Emma and Ellie! They were so thrilled with their Holiday dresses! We got them before we left for China!

I feel that God is so evident in our lives! He takes what we cannot do ourselves and gives us strength. He guides us thru the potholes in life (that's a Minnesota thing- we have so many potholes in the spring)!

Anything is possible with HIM!!

Luke and Anna waiting patiently on the stairs for the big kids to get up, so we can open presents!

Merry Christmas sweet girl!
Praying you feel the joy of Jesus in your life!

While in China we got animal backpacks at the safari zoo!
They all loved them!

I had planned on taking the kids to Build * Bear Workshop for Abby's B-day in January but we purchased things for Christmas instead and will go to the children's museum for her big day!

We also brought home umbrella's from China for all the girls and cars that make noise for the boys!
Jordan- a christian shop owner on Shaiman island in GZ wrote the girls names in English and Chinese on their umbrellas!

Each child got one big bag with 4 gifts wrapped inside! They loved it!

There is your name Ava!

Bless you dear sweet girl!
Merry Christmas!

They are such blessings!

We are so so THANKFUL that they are HOME!

The rest of the day went great!
(Of course our standards are a bit low right now!)

All of the kids are getting along very well!
There are not any particular struggles between any of the kids.

I think Sam thought he would have a partner in crime with a little brother and that is not what is happening.
Sam and Luke are very different boys. Luke is mild and Sam has lots of energy.
Sam is more physical and Luke is more expressive with his words and facial movements.
But they are still doing great together- they are not particularly close at this point.
Everyone just hangs out with everyone!

It has been a little chaotic but that is to be expected the first week home and with Christmas!

We will get them all settled down in time!

Sleep is going very well! Luke even stayed in his own bed last night!

Thank you God for your son our Savior, Jesus Christ!


Jodi said...

Looks like a beautiful Christmas! And, hmmm - I like the one big bag each and gifts inside idea! I may need to use that next year! :)

Jennifer P said...

Jean, this is when you KNOW it is meant to be! Glad you kept your expectations low and had a wonderful day. Love the pictures.

Our family: said...

Your photos are just darling. It's so wonderful to see how God really did a miracle in helping you pull everything together last minute for Christmas among sickness, jet lag and just getting home! I am encouraged as we will, Lord willing, be travel in a month or two.(or three?) You have such beautiful family!

Nancy said...

Been thinking about you a lot lately. I was having a mini Christmas crisis, and I remembered you posting (last year?) something about it's just going to be the way it's going to be, and I'll have to be ok with that.

And it settled me, just accepting it as good enough and letting it go. Thanks for the lesson!

Love the photos, and you did awesome with making it a great Christmas for the kids. Looking forward to meeting Luke and Abby!

Angie said...

Oh, my goodness, you made it through Christmas and everyone is smiling!! Have a very happy New Year, too!

Lori at JOY Unspeakable said...

Oh, Jean...that is SO GREAT! How wonderful that you were able to pull everything together at the last minute!

LOVE all the pics!!

Sally-Girl! said...

Love all the photos even if they make everything look perfect!!! :-)

I especially loved the photo of Emma and Ellie. It is quite sweet!

Let's talk soon when we have our 13 combined kiddos at home in bed!!

Sarah said...

Oh, I'm so glad that you had such a great day! You all are doing amazingly well! Thank you, Jesus!

Anonymous said...

thank you jean.
love this post and love your praise-perspective
it is so encouraging for me to think of you living the life you are living!
i'm thankful for you, Jean.
I pray for you so often.
God bless you all

Connie J said...

Jean, God is so very good! I'm so thankful He worked out the details and gave you the stamina you needed to bring smiles to your Treasures' faces! Girl, I wondered how you were gonna pull this off...but you did it!!!! Merry Merry Christmas!!!!

Sammy said...

Do you think Emma could have Pityriasis rosea (pit-uh-rahy-uh-sis row-zee-ah) because it is just on the truck of the body. I had it once.

Good job getting through CHRISTmas day!

Difference2This1 said...

With so many sweet smiles captured in these photos, it's clear the most important thing IS happening there...they all feel loved :) Merry Christmas prayers for many blesings in the upcoming year for you and your family.

Annie said...

Wonderful Jean!!!!

Terry said...

You are amazing Jean! Your brood is amazing too! God is good :) Happy New Year to you all, Terry

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

PRAISE GOD! How AMAZING are HIS plans? LOVE THIS!!!! Praying as you recover and find your new normal :)