Wednesday, December 21, 2011


We brought Abby into the Hematologist today. She was pale and not talking very much BUT she was doing okay.

Once we were escorted into a room she became a little fearful.
She was wondering what was going on?
And then they looked at the veins in her inner arm and the tears began to flow and flow and flow.

Abby did so well with the blood draw the day before and she has been given blood many many times, so I declined a interpreter...
my mistake...
I felt really bad for her...
we tried a interpreter over the speaker phone but she wanted nothing to do with it.
Her sadness was to loud to even hear what he was trying to say to her.

So, your wondering WHY did we decline the interpreter.
because we have had mixed experiences with them.
All of them are nice people BUT they kind of get in the way of bonding.
I want and need Abby to depend on me and to learn to trust me.

Sometimes they get too playful and mothery over the children.
Sometimes they ask our child a question, our child doesn't answer BUT the translator answers for them.
Sometimes they hang with us all the time and I feel obligated to visit and not have my time with our child.
So it usually is my preference not to have one-
this time I was wrong

Abby cried and cried in my arms. I tried to comfort her but she continued to cry. We were in the bed together- cuddling.
 I wondered what she was thinking?
Am I here for a whole week?
Is my new Momma going to leave me here?
Will she come back?
Will it hurt?
I want to be back at my new home with all my brothers and sisters!
I don't want to be here.
Why do I have to have this done so much?

Her lunch try came- I tried to order as many recognizable food as possible.
She enjoyed her lunch and promptly fell asleep!

I knew once it was over with and she would see that all would be fine! Our sweet girl got presents, good food, the procedure was painless, she watched TV and Momma never left her side- it turned out to be a pretty good experience- if you have to get blood that is!

It was actually nice for me to have that time with her.
We had Karen's daughter Katie babysit the children at home.
She is 21, college student and an awesome capable sitter- they really should clone her, too!
(Along with Karen)
Big brother Mark took over the last half of the shift until Babba came home.

What it is not- is thalassemia.
I was a little bummed. It would have been nice to have an answer and then figured out a plan from there.
Her body is not even trying to make up for the red blood cells that are bad.

It's going to be about 3 months before we find out. It will be a process of many tests and waiting for results.

Inside, I am thinking China was right. They usually are...
I was hoping since they did not give us anything to substantiate the diagnosis maybe it was just a shot in the dark for them.
I am guessing not, it probably is MDS-RAS. I don't know...
We have a bone marrow biopsy scheduled for January 19th.
Then more genetic testing and whatever after that...

Whatever the road will be, we are doing it.
She is just too precious!
A beautiful child, a gift from GOD!
We are so thankful she is HOME!

Abby got a blanket- the one on her bed and a present that was all wrapped up- littlest pet shop kitchen- every girl needs one of those!
She left a happy camper!
Singing songs and repeating 3 word sentences in english!
She was thrilled to come home to chinese dinner waiting for her and all the children and Babba so excited to see her!

Luke's appt is tomorrow.
Last night after a long day with Abby I looked at Luke and did a double take- 
Where his lips more blue? Or was I seeing things?
Jet lag can do that to a person!
Then hubby reminded me-
he had just finished the blue part of his popsicle!


Today the freezer gets fixed- YAY!!


HOPEdriven said...

Poor baby!! I do have to say, the before and after pictures of sweet Abby are remarkable. She was smiling in that last picture with color in her cheeks!! Praying for all of you!!

Jennifer said...

Poor baby girl. Praying for answers for little miss and a great appointment for Mr. Luke tomorrow! :)

Angie said...

It's hard when you can't explain things, but look at the opportunity to bond with her. She knows now that next time, you won't leave, and she'll be showered with love!

Cari said...

I agree with Angie. You had a great opportunity for alone time & bonding time with Abby even though you couldn't verbally explain it to her.

Too funny about the blue lips! :)

Nicole A. said...

God bless her, sweet girl! It is so amazing how brave and resilient kids can be. I am so happy she is feeling better and hope she continues to be well through the Christmas holiday!

All the best,
Nicole A., now in LA

The Byrd's Nest said...

Poor little thing:( Big hugs to all of you!

Shonni said...

I will be thinking of you and your family over the holiday and will be praying for ya’ll.
loves to you sweet friend!

Hanna said...

So happy Abby is at home now! Praying for little Luke!

Sammie said...

I want to thank you for being such a commited blogger. I always learn so much from your posts. How you have time to blog at all is beyond me, but I'm so glad that you do : ) Wish I lived closer so I could offer to help out. You have an amazing family both the big ones and the little ones. I hope you can get through the holidays and then maybe have some down time for just you.
Love to you and your family,

Jen said...

Such a precious girl to go through so much! Hope the answers come soon regarding her condition.
And the comment about Luke's lips was so funny!!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Praying for your kiddos!!! God has them in the palm of HIS HANDS!!! And you are loving them- that is their NEED!!!

The Heald Family said...

Sweet little girl!
Those blue popsicles:)
Praying your family has an awesome Christmas together.

Lori at JOY Unspeakable said...

I can't get over the fact that you have the time/energy to blog. You really ARE Super Woman!

So glad that Abby got the transfusion she needed. Bless her heart!!! And honestly, it sounds like the lack of a translator may have been a GREAT attachment-builder for the two of you. God is at work!!

Annie said...

Praying Jean!!!!