Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Venturing Out!

Today we all ventured out and ran errands!
It was my first time out alone with 8 children!
I always give them the same shpeal- Stay with mom all the time, you can look but don't touch,be super good so we can do this again!
They did pretty good,
Yes, they did touch BUT the put back!

If we wanted to we could have wreaked havoc on walgr**ns but they all behaved!
The clerk said to me "let me just help these people and I will be right back to you."
I looked at her and said "you really want us in and out of here as fast as possible."
She got it!

Emma is like velcro to me!
She would love to spend the whole day following me around, helping me and doing whatever I do!
Both Emma and Ellie have not needed an adjustment period with this last adoption. They are doing great and haven't missed a beat! They are enjoying their new siblings and not feeling threatened! That is so good!

EXCEPT- for one thing Emma tends to scratch and scratch her back at night. Her back is filled with scabs.
And it is only at night that she does it. I NEVER see her scratching.
We are not sure why this happens?
Could it be stress?
Could it be a little OCD?
Could she have scabies? I don't think so?

The new children are being added to our insurance and it is not on the records yet so Luke's pulmacort was not covered and it was $409! excuse me? We took a fraction of the prescription and will fill the rest once it's covered!

Next stop! A delicious lunch from McD's!

We now need two 20 piece nuggets meals!
Best part- kitchen stayed clean!

Once home I found Mark on the stairs...
I asked him "What are you doing? Hiding?"
Ha, he was!
How do I know that?
Wellllll, I may have done it now and then!
Like when I am sneaking chocolate!

The freezer is repaired!! Praise God! Mark got a lesson on how to clean it!

Luke has a love/fear relationship with the dogs!
He always wants us to go with him and "look" at them !
It's pretty cute!

I thought I did a fine job parking until I came out! This woman needs to stay HOME!

Holy buckets did I do a bad job parking!

Male bonding!
We doubt Luke will be able to be a soccer player BUT it's not stopping him from being a GREAT FAN!

Too, too cute!


Jen said...

So funny about the van parking!! That's going to be me whenever we get our big 12 passenger!

Jodi said...

Too cute! My baby Jorja scratches (especially her back) when she is nervous or feeling insecure.

MommaT said...

I would consider scabies anyway...better safe than sorry. I was unfortunate to pick it up when we were in Africa a couple years ago, scratched like mad only at night until I finally went in...cream is amazing:)

Angie said...

OK. I'm so not going to fret about last minute shopping today with 5 kids. I may have to pull out the McDs treat, though. How's Abby now? And Luke is cracking me up with all these peace signs!

kimjax said...

Everyone looks like they're doing so well, Jean! Love seeing all the smiles. :)

Jennifer P said...

Resign yourself to outer rim parking. It's good exercise anyway....Good job, mama on the day out!!!

Cari said...

you're brave, Jean! But I understand the need to just get out even if its with all the kids...just so you can run quickly back to the comfort/safety of! :)

Hezra said...

I am so far behind because we are caught up in our own adoption drama. I too will soon have to be out and about with 8 kids! lol and may I say I am glad to see you park like I do? Our van is affectionately called Big Red. lol It is a 12 passenger. We need to upgrade ASAP because we bought a used ex church van as a temp with cash. It has gotten us where we all need to go, but it may be needing a retirement soon. We wanted to wait and be sure of what we need before we bought a newer one. and btw, I always park with what I tease the kids is a "cushion of protection" Meaning no one can park near me. lollol

The Byrd's Nest said...

I don't know about your Emma but my Emma does it when she needs to self soothe. Our OT says it is a sensory need that she is feeling that deep pressure from her finger nails:( So even though my Emma doesn't "voice" her feelings she does that to make herself feel better. I will be hoping your Emma just needs lotion:)

Everyone looks like they are doing great!!!!!! Hugs!

Difference2This1 said...

Brave woman to head out all alone!! :) Way to go making it back home all in one piece!!

My van looks like that in the parking spots also. I don't know why I always find the spots with the crooked lines as they look perfectly straight when I'm going in...

Blessings, Jennifer

Janet and Kevin said...

Merry Christmas Jean to you and your family. I know you will enjoy this wonderful day with your little ones home!

janet and gang

Nicole A. said...

You should earn a medal for venturing out alone with 8 little kids, in the middle of the Christmas shopping rush!!

Everyone looks great!

You'll need to get a new, updated family picture over the holidays! Pretty soon you'll need a panoramic camera to fit everyone in. :)

Have a truly blessed, merry Christmas!

All the best,
Nicole A., now in LA

Hunan Mommy said...

So sweet to see the new faces in your family. As always, I so enjoy your blog! My little one is also a scratcher. She does it to self sooth, and sometimes it's in her sleep. Sometimes in stressful situations. She has the same, a scratched up back. Thanks for your awesome posts!

Janet said...

Love the parking. My motto is "i'm bigger than you--get out of my way=)"

Anonymous said...

Jean, I am catching up on blog reading and loving all of your updates. You have a beautiful family! I know you know that but truly--beautiful! I just love these pics of Luke watching TV with his older bros. That is PRECIOUS!!!

Our littles won't play soccer either but they take ballet (DD), taekwondo (DS) and both are wonderful swimmers. Lots to do even if your heart is unique! Glad to read the updates on Luke's heart. PRAISE GOD!