Thursday, December 1, 2011

24 Hours Later!

We have only been in Xi'an for 24 hours and we have already received our daughter and have all the paperwork done! Our guide is great and he is ultra efficient!
The people here, are wonderful and everyone is going out of their way to help us! They know we have a shortened time in the province and they are working hard to get it all done!

All of Abby's close friends have left the orphanage to be with their forever families. They were concerned that she would never get a family because of her diagnosis. They were so kind to us and happy for our little girl! We are the ones that are blessed!
They said she was very ready to be with us! Seeing her friends leave made her want a family even more. It helped prepare her for her forever family!
She did not shed a tear or even bother saying goodbye but she does watch where we are at all times!

It has only been 24 hours but so far she is a delight! She is sweet, gentle, mild mannered and obedient. She loves her new clothes, her light up shoes and her new toy!
We will see how I describe her as the days go by and she becomes more comfortable with us!

She can do many things independently but seems to enjoy getting help and allows me to mother her.
I'm thinking she has never brushed her teeth- really has no clue how to do it but is catching on fast!

She is 5.5 yrs old, has never colored before, she does not know her colors in Chinese and cannot count very well. They said she was in little sisters half the sky preschool - this is the first I have ever heard that she was in it. I am excited to get her home and introduce her to the world of learning and new experiences!
We also told her her English name- Abby!
She was not impressed...
We told her it is a very beautiful name in America!
Still not impressed...
Oh well! It'll grow on her... in time!!
I think Abby fits her perfectly!

After we did all our official work we went to an authentic chinese restaurant- a tiny little place with our guide and enjoyed delicious food! Then we walked to a nearby shopping mall and bought a few snacks for the kids and a toy.

Our internet arrangement is working GREAT! Just need to make sure I download only one pic at a time!
So thankful to be able to post and share our journey!

Tomorrow is another big day!!
We visit the orphanage Xi'an orphange! They said I could take pictures so if you have a child there please leave a comment- their chinese name and birthday or email me at I will ask if I can take a picture of your child.
We will only be there for 45 minutes and will be spending most of our time looking at were Abby slept, went to school, etc.
I am sorry I am posting this so late- I will need to hear from you by 8 am which is only 16 hours from now!

After that we will go to the Terracotta Warriors!

Everyone knows how I feel about adoption. I don't want to preach but I really am so thankful to God for guiding us in this direction!
Last night in our hotel they were doing a tree lighting ceremony and a choir was singing Christmas songs.
We pretty much crashed the party, we were underdressed and uninvited. They did not offer the champagne to us!
BUT, a photographer took many pics of Abby as she watched in wonder at the beautiful site.
I just had to thank Jesus - Abby is now free! 
She will be forever loved by a family.
She will get the medical care she needs and we will pray that she will be cured.
She will now have the opportunity to learn and she can dream about her future!

And even more importantly she can be free to openly learn about and love our Lord!
I find adoption to be a miracle- a God miracle!


Janet and Kevin said...

Jean - my heart is overflowing with joy that you now have Abby, and she can begin her new life filled with love in your family.

I will e-mail you, but could you send me pictures of the inside of the orphanage upon your return home? They would not let us go into the orphanage, and we were so sad about that. It didn't give our Sophia proper time to say "good-bye."

janet and gang

Angie said...

Beautiful, Jean! I had to chuckle at how you described Abby, and how you mentioned that you would see how you describe her as she gets comfy with you all. Kind of reminds me of our "mild-mannered" Jenna in China. Ahem. She got comfy, let's say. :) And I love Abby's cupcake outfit. She is indeed a sweet, little cupcake herself!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

aw, thrilled for you! Congratulations!


Jboo said...

So happy for you and your family! Congrats!


amy said...

Please take a picture Qin Xiao-liang his birthday is Feb 16. We will be bringing him home 2012! The Parker family

kippi said...

Praying for you!

Lori at JOY Unspeakable said...

Abby has THE sweetest little angel face!

I'm so glad things are going so well, what a blessing!

Can't wait to hear about your visit at the orphanage.

Keep all the great posts & pics coming!

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful! What a wonderful blessing! And I agree; adoption is a miracle and in so many ways. Even beyond how the Lord picks and places children for their forever families! To see the children change and blossom and then to see how God changes the parents and families, conforming us to His image! God is so faithful!!!


Jennifer P said...

Abby is a perfect name for your precious angel. Adoption is a miracle for sure. You don't need to preach, you are living it. Everyday I wake up with our precious son, I thank God that his picture was on the side of your blog!!!

Tina said...

She is so beautiful. Congratulations!

Sarah said...

Oh yes! It absolutely is a miracle! Your little girl is just beautiful.

Sally-Girl! said...

Loving everything about your new girl!!! What a treasure you have found!!

Hey Gracie needs that cupcake dress!! Please tell me where you found it!!!

Chris said...

I'm sorry if I'm being nosey...what is her SN...if you are not sharing that is fine. She looks like she is doing wonderful.
Love her outfit too...

Pam said...

What a precious and beautiful little girl. I am so happy to see her IN YOUR ARMS. Literally. God is good!

TanyaLea said...

Don't worry, the name will grow on her!! ;) She is so pretty and Abby suits her well! I am just so overjoyed for your family and for Abby ~ she is a gift and I can't wait to meet her! God is GOOD!!

I giggled that you 'crashed' the party, but cringed that they failed to offer you some champagne. oh well! ;) So glad Abby was able to marvel at the sight ~ what SIGHTS she has in store for her future. You'll have to bring her to Holidazzle when you're home!

God bless you on this journey and know you are daily in my thoughts and will remain in my prayers. Praying for Luke's heart to be prepared for his new family, too ...and for the transition to go well as you get to know your precious new children.

Love and Hugs to all of you!


Wright Family said...

Zhang Zhi'en 6/12/00 may be in school when you visit the orphanage...hopefully we will se him in just a few weeks....Catherine

McNew Family said...

I think that Abby is a perfect name for your sweetie! She is adorably yours! Congratulations! Looks like we will be in GZ on the 11th - just over a week from now!


Our family: said...

Abby is precious!!! Congratulations!! It's so sweet to see your older daughter there with you and helping with Abby. We travel in a few months, Lord willing, to get our second daughter from China. So blessed to follow along with you!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh my heavens....she is too precious:) How amazing that God has prepared her little heart and she is ready for her family. She must think it is almost too good to be true:) Praying for all of you!!!

Jennifer said...

I had goosebumps reading your post. Adoption is a miracle on so many levels and it affects so many people. Thanks be to God for starting it. :) Your Abby is precious and her name fits her very well. :)

Laura L. said...

Congratulations! She looks just beautiful. So glad she's safe and now part of her wonderful forever family. A blessing for a lifetime.

Sophie said...

she's a beauty, you are an amazing family.
it's a blessing following your journey.