Tuesday, February 28, 2012

On the lighter side of "Life"!

We had a little mishap in our house!
Somehow someones knee found someones nose!

They both were injured and needed ice packs!

It happened while they were outside playing in the snow. 

Thank goodness they both recovered quickly!

Every time Katie's puppy Penny is at our house she is the center of attention!

We have been very busy wedding planning!
It will happen this summer and then they are off to Germany and stationed in Stuttgart.
Oh my, will we miss the three of them ;-(
(I included Penny, of course!)

FYI- I am already planning a week in Stuttgart!

Maybe Penny will be safer in Stuttgart?

When Penny stays at our house she sleeps with Sarah!
One time she slept with me, one time... it didn't go well...
One of us did not sleep well...
Guess which one!
Sarah can have her!

Luke is such a great eater! He likes anything!
(He's like Mikey on the old "life" cereal commercials and I am really dating myself by saying that!))

One hour later...

Except he can be a bit slow... especially if we have the TV on (it's educational TV, of course)!

Someone is having fun researching-
 wedding dresses,
bridesmaid dresses,
reception venues,
reception decor,
the list goes on!!


Jennifer P said...

I loved "Mikey"!!! Oh dear, I'm officially dated. Great to see you more upbeat. Glad the Savior has you in the palm of his hand.

Sarah said...

Hey! I remember Mikey, as well! I'm glad that there are many "lighter" things to enjoy!

Lori at JOY Unspeakable said...

Awww! The wedding planning sounds like so much FUN!

Cute, cute pics!!

Sharon said...

Praying for many light moments in your home and for Miss Abigail. You have many in the body of Christ lifting her and all of you up!!! Enjoy all the wedding plans!

Angie said...

Katie looks like a dreamy eyed bride-to-be! We lived in Stuttgart for almost 3 years. Great location for traveling! Katie might want to look into teaching at one of the American schools or the International School of Stuttgart...I taught grade 2 there. So exciting to hear about their plans!

Holly said...

Oh, Jean....I wasn't able to get onto your blog for a few days, so I just now read the news about Abby's diagnosis.

My heart aches for you as I know somewhat how you are feeling. And our Sarah was given the same prognosis--that 60% number. And GOD showed up and did His thing!

We will be praying with you through this! I know God had a plan in bringing Abby into your family, just like He had a plan in bringing Sarah into ours. I can not wait to hear what He is going to do in her life, and in yours through this. It's a crazy time, but I never grew so much in my life as I did when we were going through the cancer journey. If you ever want to talk, let me know. I can email you my number. Praying for that perfect bone marrow match!!

joeks said...

Right there with you remembering Mikey!
Also right there with you and Katie knee deep in wedding plans, as our son is getting married early May, and our youngest daughter the end of June!

Pam said...

I am so excited for Katie! My SIL married a West Point man, and they spent their early years of married life in Stugartt! Their first babies (twin boys) were born there, too! Such fond memories. They traveled back to Germany as a family over Christmas this year to show the boys where they had been born! It will be a great place for you to visit!

quilt'n-mama said...

What fun to see all the smiles.
Praying for your family during these times of great joy and excitement and as you trust the Lord with the difficult challenges that are ahead for your family. Knowing that God is holding you tightly in His grip!