Thursday, February 2, 2012

A post without a title...

I'm not quite sure how to title this post!

I could focus on yesterday.
It started as Anna and I were heading to her cleft appointment and as I backed out and I hit our sweet babysitters car...
I did...

Or I could tell you about the med students/ residents that were trying to fit a mirror in our little Anna's mouth to take a picture of her teeth. She did not like that one bit and all I could think about was, "really??? are you really trying to do that? I just about scooped her up and walked out! 
But thank goodness I didn't because some good did come out of it!

AND it was enjoyable spending some time with just her!
It's been awhile since just the two of us had lunch together and spent time together.

Then when we got home and the sitter left, one by one someone needed to have a good cry (and it wasn't me this time)!

Or I could focus on Monday coming home from the hospital with Sam- it was so good to get HOME!
I love HOME!
It was so great to see all the kids!
I love all the kids!

Our I could focus on Tuesday, when we finally got to do school together!
I love doing school with the children! 
They are learning so much!

But then by early afternoon I needed to leave again and go with Abby for a transfusion.
This time through charades I told Abby not to cry but to be a big girl. I also asked the Dr. office if we could be more efficient with the process. Lets get the transfusion going asap and get us home asap.
It turned out GREAT!
Not a tear was shed and we actually had some fun!! Played a game, read lots of stories, colored, practiced words in English, a little TV and some snacks!
We arrived back 5 hours later instead of 8 and we even beat Daddy getting home!

Or I could focus on today!
It was glorious!
We did school and it went very well!,
SAM POOPED IN THE TOILET and we celebrated with a happy dance and high fives for everyone!
(we are still in diapers and will be for a long time but it is a step in the right direction)
He played in the tub for the first time EVER!
NO leaky colostomy! YAY!
after a while we did have a leaky bottom but we aren't going to focus on that!
Bath time was still glorious and there will be more to come!

Sam is moving around much easier now! His incision site is fabulous and his other procedure site is great! His only problem is his baby soft bottom is not used to poop and even with all the stuff protecting it- it's sore.

So I think I will focus on all the good stuff and say this is a THANKFUL THURSDAY post!!

Tomorrow is Abby's dental work and her bone marrow biopsy.
Glad to get it done BUT will miss not being home... again...

I look forward to an accurate diagnosis and a PLAN!

They are already talking to us about a plan for her and as they know more info we will start implementing it!

God is so good and we are so grateful to HIM!
 Our blessings are bountiful and adorable at the same time!


Sally-Girl! said...

I will just focus that your kids are adorable!!

I will just focus on how thankful I am that you are my friend!!

Sarah said...

Oh my! It makes my week (which I thought was busy!) sound very tame. But, I'm so very grateful that your precious kiddos are getting the care that they need. Keep up the good work, Jean! And keep enjoying your beautiful children.

Vicky said...

I love your positive focus! I loved reading that Sam had his first poop in the potty and his first real bath where he could play and have fun! Blessings.
Praying that today goes well with the bone marrow bx and dental work for sweet Abby!

Difference2This1 said...

Prayers a day comes soon when you can stay home in your jammies all day!! :) Multiple medical appts wear me out!!!

Lori at JOY Unspeakable said...

Is it a sign of being a really strong mom that I just kept eating my toast and drinking me tea without flinching as I read about Sam's pooping situation?

Iron clad, I tell ya!

Jennifer P said...

Wow. What a week you are having. You are definitely a cup half full kind of gal! Praise God. It sounds like you are making progress which is Very good.Having a plan is such a relief, isn't it?

Karin said...

Oh my goodness...I am catching up on your blog and I got tired reading all that you have had going on lately!! Girl--God is doing amazing things through you! Your kids are so stinkin' adorable. :) Sam...swoon...the kid is a heartbreaker for sure. :)

mary said...

All the kids are so adorable and it is great to hear about all the progress that is being made medically. They are so blessed to finally be home where they belong. You are doing great, positive.
I agree, that Sam is a heart breaker!!

Jo's Corner said...

I had to giggle when I saw that the kids were wearing earphones in every picture! SO Cute! Okay, you need to get some "Monkey Butt" (NO!, I'm not joking!) for Sam's bottom. Seriously the BEST cream around for sensitive bottoms. Goog*e it! Oh, I am praying for Abby today! Were they doing her dental work and BMB under sedation? I hope so. Praying that you will get better news than expected! Love to all the M's! ~ Jo

Angie said...

It's great to hear all the updates, and a blessing to your readers to "hear" your blessings midst some challenges. Never a boring day, huh? :)

Wendy said...

Your little darlings are so lucky to have you as their mommy!!! How precious they are!!! Hoping that next week is a little calmer!!!

Chris said...

Good positive focus...yaay for poop in the potty!
And praying for an accurate diagnosis

Annie said...

Jean, you are amazing! What a wonderful, thankful attitude you have!! We are truly blessed dear friend:)