Friday, February 10, 2012


It wasn't my idea BUT I liked the idea a lot!

It was Johnny's idea! 

Not mine!

Now that I have established that I can tell you what we did!

We had a back rub contest!

Johnny and I were the judges!

They went in groups of two!

First Sarah and Ava- they both were great! They tied!

Then it was Sam and Anna- they were pretty great too!

Sam let Anna know that "Me is gooder than you!"

Anna disagreed! And they battled back and forth like an old married couple!

They tied, too!

Then it was Emma and Ellie. They also did a great job!

Once again it was unanimous- a tie!

I think next we will have to have a foot rub or a shoulder rub contest next!

It's hard work being a judge!


These two have a future in the back rub business!

Sorry I didn't get more pics during the process but I was really enjoying my back rub, so I couldn't take pics!

I strongly encourage you to have a back rub contest at you house!!

It's good for the children! It's good fine motor exercise! It's good healthy competition! Just all around good good good!!
And it feels oh so good to have those cute little hands trying so hard to win!

Shameless... I know!

May I remind you... it was Johnny's idea!


kristin said...

I love it!

I've been meaning to ask you something. I will be traveling soon for my little boy who is 3 today. What was your experience with your Luke with potty training? Would you recommend that I bring diapers or pullups or underwear? Hope you don't mind my asking.

Angie said...

I don't care whose idea it was...I'm trying this one for sure!! Don't ya love how naive kids can be sometimes?? :)

Sarah said...

Grace does an incredible foot rub. I praise her like crazy and she is so proud of herself!!

Janet said...

We're way ahead of you on this one;)
One boy loves to play with my hair, he stands behind me in the recliner, and plays---sooo relaxing.

Sally-Girl! said...

We do foot massages at our house! It is wonderful and they fight for who gets mama's feet over papas!

And I will own up to is my idea!

Lori at JOY Unspeakable said...

Oh my gracious, that is so darn funny!

I love it!

Sue said...

That is awesome....I agree, foot rub and you should add in the hand rub....You were just teaching the kids how to use more fine motor it was educational.....part of home school. They were learning how to be good competitive players.

Difference2This1 said...

That's too cute :) No wonder you didn't get photos!

I encourage the little girls whenever they want to play "spa" :) They make a "waiting" list on a clipboard (educational, right?) and use whatever lotions they find (reading skills)- so I plant the ones I like! Robyn still has very weak hands (OT) and massage is good for her. So, now that I think about it, we could probably justify doing this during the homeschool day!! I think you could too!! :)

Blessings, Jennifer

Diane said...

How fun!