Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thankful Thursday on a Wednesday Night!

It feels wonderful to... feel wonderful, again!! We (hubby and I) are not good at being sick- yuck!

To be honest I think hearing Abby's diagnosis took a lot out of me. There was so much hope that it was the wrong one- none of the Dr's believed it until the result all pointed in that direction. We are starting the chelation process(getting the iron out of her blood) on the 23rd-25th of February- we were going to start it in June but time it of the essence and everything is moved up now. She is such a sweet little girl and she seems so happy. She copies Anna a lot and well... Anna is not always the best behaved but she has adorable cornered so its all good! Abby is attempting to speak more English and trying harder to enunciate- it's good!

The Dr's have called and wanted to change some of Luke's procedure and surgery days. I was bummed BUT figured "Lord- it is in your hands, we will do as you say". Then they called back and wanted to leave it as is- thank you, Jesus!

Sam is healing wonderfully and doing well with poopy training- he still gets surprised now and then but it's not much and we are surprised with how well he is doing so early on!! Another huge- Thank You Jesus!!

The wedding plans are falling into place- WOW! I can't believe it! There are signs all over the place of God's grace! People, places, etc that were not available became available- truly amazing! Only God! We are so grateful to HIM!! I felt from the beginning of their engagement that God was saying "put your trust in me, things will happen as I have planned"! And they are! We are so thankful!

There are others in our family that extremely thankful!

The puppy dogs have never gotten so much attention!

Ahh, Ahhh, Ahhhh Choo!
I am allergic to them BUT I can't imagine not having dogs in the family!
So every time I pet them I have to wash my hands. 
They live in the mudroom and our yard (invisible fence).

Now that we have brought home some true doggy lovers they are so much happier!

They are getting tons of love and

hair combing!

I opened the door for them to go outside and they wouldn't budge!
They were much too happy getting so much attention!

The clean freak in me wants to say- out of the mudroom children but I am holding myself back and just letting everyone enjoy their time together!

Of course we do "roll brush" after the love session!

I guess I still have a few issues I need to work through ;-)


Shonni said...

I think your amazing because you have TWO large dogs! LOL That’s 8 little feet that get dirty.
But they are ADORABLE...and I was crazy enough to say yes to 2 more dogs. We are just hopeless, you and I...and it’s a good place to be, huh? Loves to you!!!

Lori at JOY Unspeakable said...

Oh, I love your doggies!

So glad that everything is going along smoothly at your house, even if it's not ideal.

I'm not sure how you take care of so many details. You must be an amazing multi-tasker!

Chad and Kristy said...

Jean, I know I have probably told you a hundred times but you are such an inspiration and blessing. I so love seeing the Lord work in your life! Such a precious family you have:) Hugs!

Janet and Kevin said...

Your children and dogs are simply adorable! We love our doggies, but oh my how they make our home "dirty"

janet and gang

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Ummm...I have been a bit behind. Just catching up on all your recent news. PRAYING for your family, for your babes, and happy that God is in it all!!!!!!! Who needs therapy when you have dogs :)

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Just tagged you in my post :)