Thursday, May 3, 2012

Absolutely Adorable!

Anna and Ava had their recital the other night.
It was so so cute!

They have missed a few... or more practices because of our medical schedule with Abby and Luke.
I was a little concerned for them, wondering if they really knew the dance ;-)

And we were shocked that these two were front and center on the stage!

We were all so excited to go to the recital!
Anna and Ava were all set and with the group!
One problem...
 we forgot to by our tickets for our seats!
Thank goodness they still have a few left to sell!

We were way way way way in the back-
PERECT for our family!

We could see our dancers and no one in front of us!

BUT then Luke pooped and we didn't have a diaper!
It was unexpected... not his usual timing!
But we were able to borrow one!

we for got to get the girls flowers!
Once again we problem solved-
 Hubby ran to the nearest grocery store and bought flowers for the girls!
Their dance wasn't until half way through!

It worked out perfectly!
Yes, we prayed our way through the whole thing
it worked out perfectly!

Whew, thank you Jesus!


Rebecca said...

Wow! You handled that like a bunch of professionals!;)
They look adorable!

Lori at JOY Unspeakable said...

Oh my word, SO ADORABLE!!

Sarah said...

They are precious! Our girls have a recital tomorrow night.

Sue said...

beautiful dancers. It is amazing how God has everything in place in case you forget something.

Tesseraemum said...

They are SUPER CUTE!
They both look like they are about to burst with pride!!

Sammy said...

They looked so pretty!