Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Good News Regarding a Donor!

Anna went with us to Abby's transfusion appt today.
(She had a speech appt right before it because we are trying to figure out which surgery she needs to improve her speech.)
The girls were excited about going together.
It actually made a fun situation out of a not so fun situation.

Abby has really been looking worn out since last Thursday- at least from a Momma's point of view.
Her skin was yellowed and her lips had lost their pink tone.
We found out her HGB was... gulp 5.2
Oh my dear child that is so low...
Normal is 11-15.
We are trying to go as long as possible between transfusions so we can get as much iron as possible out of her body and help her prepare for her bone marrow transplant.

Abby is so used to running on empty she doesn't even know it when she is feeling ... well, rotten.
God Bless this sweet little girl!

They played the ipad, playdoh, watched TV, had snacks then dinner and colored together!

We were very happy to hear that they have found a 5 of 6 point cord blood match for Abby!
I wanted to have a little celebration right then and there for our girl!
They will continue to search for a 6 of 6 point match for her but if they don't find one they feel good about this match.

Cord blood cells are so young they are often able to adapt to the bone marrow and end up being s great fit/ match.

The problem is... Abby's liver is so unhealthy that IF they begin the transplant too soon her liver may not be able to handle the heavy duty chemo drugs.

So the timing of her bone marrow transplant is very much up in the air.
The oncologist would like to do it asap.
The hematologist would like to wait for more/much of the iron to be out of her body.
Abby has struggled with memory as far as learning her colors and recognizing her numbers- this could very well be due to the iron overload in her body.
The iron could be also stored in her brain as well as her liver.

They both got a token for a little present when Abby was done with the transfusion and hooked up to the Chelation.
 Anna said to Abby- "This was the best day!"
Abby agreed!


They are amazing!

YEP, honeys it was an awesome day!

Once her transfusion was done- her lips were pink again!

(I promise to spill soon!)

Please pray for Abby!
Pray that they find just the match that God has planned for her!
That the iron miraculously leaves her body and that her body is ready for the bone marrow transplant...

You see there is a problem...

We LOVE her!


Susan A said...

yes will pray for her... I love how you love her so.

The Byrd's Nest said...

Ohhh God bless little Abby. Praying for all of you!

Hanna said...


Sarah said...

They are such sweet girls!!!! I will be praying.

Angie said...

Praise God! That's wonderful news about a donor!!

Shonni said...

We are praying for ya'll!!!!

Tesseraemum said...

Praise God they have found a match so quickly!
Praying her liver perks up and she can go quickly for the transplant!!

The Heald Family said...

So glad you have a match:)))
They are precious together!
What a sweet time for the two to go together.

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

PRAYING for ABBY!!! The miracle girl!!! Praise God for her awesome outlook on her situation! What a blessing. WE ARE PRAYING!!!


Sharon said...

So praying for Abby! That the Lord will help her get over these obstacles because He's much bigger than they are. Praying she will find health in His wings and have an amazing life! What a neat idea to bring her sister along to play and make it a "fun" day!

Difference2This1 said...

Prayers that He makes the right timing clear to everyone involved!! So thankful that He has brought her into to a family so committed to fighting the tough battle to bring her little body to health!!

Holly said...

That is amazing news! You know what we all think right? I just have ONE question? HOW DO you do it all my friend? HOW??? Wait. I already know the answer. With God all things are possible. Am I right?
Praying that iron right out!! Blessings, Holly

Holly said...

That is awesome news!!! Praying for you all!!

Janet said...

Amazing news, and we will pray for an even closer match. Let me get this strait---that was not the big secret? Then I think we should start guessing--My guess is another engagement in the family!!

Karin said...

Bless Abby's little heart. What a sweetie. I will be praying that the iron leaves her body so that she can have her transplant. So thrilled that they found a 5 point match!
I think my girls would get along great with yours. They think going to Children's hospital is 'the best day ever' too! So funny. :)