Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Update on Mia!

BUT, not really...

 because her measurements show she has shrunk 6cm...

and the pictures are from 2010.

To be honest we are thrilled to have these pictures of her from a couple years ago.
All of our children treasure pictures of themselves when they were younger.

She was 8-9 yrs old in these pics.

I hope we are able to get even younger ones than this... 
and recent ones!

I guess while in the adoption process you don't get to pick and choose- you just take what you get!

Once she's home we will be taking plenty of pictures!

We also sent some question!

Mia is smaller than most of the children her age. She is under the 3% in height and weight. We think she is maybe a little bigger than Ava... Ava is 6 yr old, she will be 7 in June. Mia is 10.5... 11 in mid October.
We will be scheduling a visit to the endocrinologist once we are home! It is probably too late to be able to do much for her now but we will give it a try!

She speaks clearly (yay, no speech for this one, hopefully!)
Her Chinese is very good and she knows a few English words!

She is an average student but she learns very fast.
She likes to study Chinese and her favorite activity is dance.
She loves to play with other children. 
That is a good thing, considering the family she is coming home to!

In the pictures it looks like she is sporting some new front teeth!
They said she still had 13 baby teeth-
Hello, unreliable and forgetful tooth fairy!
(that would be me!)

They gave us the name of her best friend!

We look forward to learning more about our new daughter!


Ann said...

Jean, you probably already know this, but her small size might also be because her age is incorrect. There are many reasons this can happen. Our daughter was supposedly almost 12 when she was adopted, but both the doctor and dentist put her about 3 years younger than her given age--an age very appropriate in all regards. We have aged her down 2 years. I would love to have more pictures of her younger years--it is a great sadness for her.

Susie said...

Our oldest is small for her age, too. We had her hand xrayed and she is over two years behind in growth but we know her age is correct to within days since she was only months old when we got her! Since she has no endocrine issues, the doctor told us she will just grow longer than her friends since the bone age is young! Maybe that will be the case for Mia, too!

The Byrd's Nest said...

She is oh so precious and will love her new family:)

Sarah said...

Hi Jean,
So good to get to know more about your daughter.
You are certainly a young 50:)
Did you request an update via CCAI or was that at their instigation.
Your earlier post encouraged me to do battle with my laundry room. I actually got down to the wood of the folding table (teehee)
Sarah Risley (friend of Cathy Heald)

Liz said...

so MY question....now that you know her best friend...could that best friend become her sister?!?!!? You do like to adopt in 2's so....

just wondering!! so happy for another child to get a family. Love when this happens and your family is so wonderful she'll be happy.

Miss you!

Jo's Corner said...

I thought the same thing about her "best friend"! You know, Jean, it wouldn't be fair for her not to have a "coming home together" sibling! : )
I also want to say "Happy Birthday" (belated)! I was in the hospital on your Special Day, but know that the Birthday love is the same!
I can't wait to hear more about sweet Mia! She is just precious!! ~ Jo

Chris said...

I too would like to know how you went about getting an update
BLAS or one of the other services?

Rebecca said...

She is adorable! She looks just like a Mulvahill already:)