Monday, June 4, 2012

Lost and then...

In the spring the children found a little painted turtle!
They were so excited!
He was so cute!

And then I went to an appt and Hubby watched the children.
They ended up at a pet store and bought a "new home" for the turtle.

so we have had a pet turtle for the last 2 months!
ya know they kinda smell...

Tuck, the turtle has been doing well. The children love watching him!

Little Miss Ava loves animals... all animals... even turtles!
She thought that tuck needed some exercise and play time!
So she took him out to "play"!

24 hours later...
Ava went to check on Tuck...
He was GONE!
He was NOT in his little turtle home!
Imagine that!

So... we searched and searched...
As more and more of the littles joined the search...
I envisioned Tuck being...
stepped on
tears flowing

at one point I called out
"No one move"

In hopes to save him.
Hubby was not home that night...
FYI- 2 of tucks siblings succumbed to cars.
Yep, they were squished... by cars.
How do we know?
We don't.
we found two squished turtles around Tucks size on our little driveway.

So... on to the search...

Who took Tuck out of his little home?

That would be Ava!

Who felt Tuck needed some exercise and a little fun?

That would be Ava!

Who was certain she put Tuck back in his "home"?

Yep, Ava!

Sooooooo Ava, where did you play with Tuck when you took him out of his home?

And that is right where we found him!
On the window sill in the playroom...

hanging out for over 24 hours...

He was thirsty and hungry!

Everyone was happy to have found Tuck the turtle!
He was happy to have food and water!

All is well at our home!

No one got squished!

And then later that evening I found a toad in the garage!

I love toads and thought he was so cute but apparently the children are not toad lovers!

The children released the toad to the pond!

Now we need a snake!?!



Sue said...

Monika would fit in just perfect. My niece when she was 10 got a pet turtle. They were told turtles live about 5 years or so. For the last 8 years the turtle roams around the house, it doesn't live in a cage at all and they have a lab/retriever mix that roams the house too and leaves the turtle alone. When we are there, we always have to make sure we know where the turtle is.

Sarah said...

Such fun adventures!!!

jahkamakura said...

What a fun story! I love the fact they didn't like the toad. We just lost our turtle for 3 days...after dad thought he needed to be in the sun for a while on the second floor veranda. The turtle managed to get back into the house and downstairs to the other side of the house! They sure can travel. Tuck must have been scared not to have moved.

Lori at JOY Unspeakable said...

What a lovely reptile story with a happy ending!



Janet said...

Your a good mama--we have a NO pets rule. We do have tons of those frogs in our yard, and lots of little gren lizards too....and about a million chipmunks.

Hanna said...

So happy that Tuck was found and well and your children must be relieved! I like frogs but I don't know about the toads because I haven't seen them in real life or touch them as there are no toads in south of Australia where I live.g

Jo's Corner said...

Hi Jean ~ I wanted to ask if you know Susan Thompson? She lives in Virginia, but is currently in Minneapolis with her son, Jacob. Jacob is 7 or 8 years old and was adopted from China in 2010. He is here and will be having a Bone Marrow Transplant in a couple of weeks. The 2 of them are staying at the Gift of Life House near the U of M. (Or maybe it's the Ronald McDonald House!) I think she and Jacob would love a phone call or visit or maybe a play date and a home cooked meal. The only information I have to connect with them is Jacob's Caringbridge site. You might be able to connect with Susan through there. Here is the link:

The Thompson family is so much like your family! They also have many adopted children. I am hoping that you might already know them! You know how the blog world is when it comes to adoption! Full of love!

Have a great day! ~ Jo