Thursday, June 7, 2012

Taking eight children swimming...

When the pool opened on Memorial Day we took the children swimming!
They were all soooo excited!
Especially these two who had never been swimming in a big pool before!

They both loved the water

Luke went walking into the water and fell. He was face down and had no idea how to get up. Hubby grabbed him right away. Luke was a bit surprised and we thought that would help him be more cautious BUT then he saw a toy that he wanted and he walked off the side of the pool into 4' of water.

This time the hubster jumped in to get his little boy!
The life guard actually apologized to hubby for not jumping in and saving him.
But it was okay cuz we were watching him closely and were wondering as it was happening- 
is he really going to jump in?
Yep... I guess he wanted that toy that bad!

Abby played in the kiddie end the whole time- she LOVED it!

I had planned to wait and start these two in swimming lessons after the wedding...
But after seeing them in the water decided waiting would not be a good idea!

I immediately got on my phone and enrolled them into swimming lesson!

Often when we are at the pool we have it to ourselves but not today.
It was crowded but still so fun!

We brought a bunch of toys of our own but our kiddos have no problem taking someone elses toys.

They are used to community things from the orphanage 
and probably from our house too since we pretty much share everything!

The other kids at the pool were not amused by this- we said a lot of opps, here's your toy back and we're sorry!

Sarah and  Ellie are pretty good swimmers and can go all over the pool!
Ava and Anna will soon be able to do so, too- except that are still kind of little (or should I say vertically challenged...).

He looks like he likes the monkey, right?
But he did not!
The idea of hanging on to a stupid blow up monkey and paddling around was not his idea of fun.
Pouring, filling and splashing are way more fun!

Sam was dangerous with the water gun!
He found targets everywhere!

It feels so nice to have summer finally here!

The hubby and I were quite busy watching the children.
I'm not so sure I will be taking all 8 of them to the pool alone, any time soon!

Maybe later in the summer after we all get used to the routine!

Three glorious hours of summer fun and lunch at the pool!
Works for me and everyone else in this family!

And here he is just days later at his first swim lesson!
He loves the water but is not much for practicing a skill over and over.
Each time they had him do something he said...
"okay, all done, no more"!
We just follow up with a "yes more, not all done"!

Then he says a cheery "okay" (kinda like he was just kidding in the first place)!

 Because of two open heart surgeries and having to self moderate his activity level due to his heart condition Luke has some catching up to do regarding muscle strength and coordination.

We have already seen amazing progress since his end of March surgery!
Absolutely amazing progress!
He's running, jumping and loving it!

This little girl loved the lessons, too!
In this pick her hgb was 6.3 and she still had the energy to swim and be happy!
Wow! I'd be in bed!

5 days later her Hgb had dropped to 4.9...

She still played and rode the scooter, bike, etc!
We would have never guessed it would have dropped so much so quickly.
We are changing her transfusion schedule to 3.5 weeks, then 4 weeks , the 4 weeks, then 3.5 weeks and so on.

We just need to get the iron out as fast as possible without putting more than we need to back in her.

So swimming is a definite favorite with this family!

As for me?

I love WATCHING them swim!

Okay, okay, I do get into he water sometimes to prove myself to the family... but not that much!


Rebecca said...

Looks like so much fun!

Angie said...

I'm with you...I'll watch from my chair, or I might just dangle my feet while they enjoy the water. We had so much swim time in FL and they all love to swim...but I still keep two in water wings for my own sanity!

Hanna said...

I agree that you have to keep watching your 8 children in the big swimming pool if there are so many other children there. So fun in the pool! :)

Sarah said...

I love reading about all of your adventures. There is always something exciting that happens (e.g. jumping into the pool). Your kiddos are sooooo cute!

Anonymous said...

Wow, great pics, great fun! I especially love the one of Abby with the water cascading down on top of her. You might consider entering that one in Stephanie's photo contest over at Ni Hao Y'all.

Thanks for sharing your life with us.


Wendy said...

Wonderful days of summer!!! My favorite times are taking the kids swimming. The warm sun, the beautiful water, and splashing could not be better.

Laurel said...

Looks like a lot of fun.

I used to take all of my kids to the pool by myself (we had the first 6 in 6 years). But ... we invested in Life Jackets for all of them. Yes. We. Did.

Our kids LOVE the water, and Life Jackets didn't slow them down at all. But, they did let Mommy relax and enjoy the sunshine (without jumping into the pool every few minutes).

With Life Jackets on all of the kids that aren't strong swimmers, then you can take one off at a time and work on the swimming skills with that one.

I would definitely suggest it.

:) :) :)

Lori at JOY Unspeakable said...

I am impressed with your stamina! I would have lasted about 11 minutes with all those kids before announcing it was time to go!

Adorable pics!

Maybe one of these days you and I can sit pool-side together while the kids swim. And hopefully the lifeguards will be on full alert!

Kath said...

Hi Jean,
Love reading your adventures but oh my, how do you do it???? Just wanted to send along my email so you can connect me off line. We live in Heidelberg, Germany and would love to help the soon to be newlyweds with any or all questions?
My husband works in Stuttgart, so we know about about the transition. I'll fill you in after you email me offline at We have two older bio kids and two daughters adopted from China in 2004 & 2006.

Holly said...

Wow. You amaze me seriously! ALL the pools we go to locally (and all military pools that we've come into contact with) have a rule that children who cannot swim alone and who need Coast Guard approved live vests MUST be within arms' reach of the parent AT ALL TIMES. No arm floaties even allowed. Coast Guard approved life vests or puddle jumpers ONLY. As you can imagine, even having 2 children who cannot swim unassisted, this makes for a very UNfun trip the pool. My older kiddos are not allowed to be the ones in the pool with them either, must be an adult over the age of 18. yes I am serious! So we went ONE time last year and haven't got AT ALL this year. It's just too hard and they don't have much fun b/c I only have two arms and they can't get farther than my arms reach or the lifeguards blow the whistles on us and if it happens more than once we have to sit out. very strict. Soo....glad you can get out with 8!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Sammy said...

I wish we had your rain. It is so dry here. Ava is such a pretty birthday girl!