Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Without a Dishwasher...

After being used 2 times every day for only 6 years, she broke...
Of course she had a 5 year warranty!
 Of course!

So we are washing the dishes the old fashion way!
Believe it or not we have never done this but we are actually enjoying it!

(We're the kinda family that puts everything in the dishwasher!)

Turns out, her control panel is shot and she won't get fixed for awhile...
we need to order the parts
receive the parts
have a Merry Christmas and then schedule an appointment ;-)
I am stayin positive, oh yes I am!
It'll be
maybe 1-2 weeks...

We have the dishwashing crew in place and many others that are more than eager to help!

Uh, yes, we have found out once again that "glass breaks"!

The kids love Little House on the Prairie so I'm using that as my analogy!
You agree, right?

We are roughin it!
Really roughin it!


Anonymous said...

I love the Little House analogy. And in that pic, you have your very own Mary, Laura, and Carrie.

You could always switch to disposable for awhile if life gets too crazy. ;)


Lori at JOY Unspeakable said...

First of all, the Little House analogy is PERFECT.

Second, the fabulous windows around your sink totally make up for a broken dishwasher. TOTALLY.

Thirdly, I have nothing else. That's all.

*Oh, I only wash about half of our stuff in the dishwasher...can't stand to wait for things I might need...or to waste water on big items. But I probably waste way more water washing it by hand.

That's all.

Chris said...

We purosely gave the dishwasher a break over the summer and washed breakfast and lunch dishes by hand. THEY did, not me. When the 'sloppy' kids washed dishes, we got an added bonus- the floor got washed! I like your kitchen too!

Emily said...

I feel for you! Although we are not as big a crew as your family, a few years ago, our dishwasher was broken over Thanksgiving. UGH. Like you it was a control panel. And ours went out right after the 5 year warranty expired. :( And yes, it was an order and a wait as well. THREE control panels later, our dishwasher went out AGAIN this fall, and we bought a new one. By the time we had paid for all the service calls and control panels (which are not cheap as you know) we should have just bought a new dishwasher when we first began having problems. BTW, ours was a Kitchen Aid. And our new one....Kitchen Aid again. Hoping that this one is less maintenance.


Jolene said...

Ours caught on fire many years ago but to get it out and replace it (we HAD the replacement HERE even!) we'd have to rip the countertop off! Its not in the budget to replace so we're waiting and washing dishes like 3 times a day! (We only have 7 children but its a lot of dishes!)

Vicky said...

I love the photo of your sweet helpers!

Laurel said...

We've had several extended periods (months on end) of time, with a house FULL of young ones, where we didn't have a dishwasher. And, our kids got REALLY good at it. With all of your helpers, Mama won't be getting dishpan hands.

:) :) :)