Saturday, December 29, 2012

Last Updates on Our Daughters! UPDATED!

We are waiting for our TA!
BUT, because we need TA for three treasures it is taking longer than usual.

At first we thought that would be okay... but as we look at the calendar we realize how dangerously close to Chinese New Year we are getting.

We are PRAYING to leave on the 11th! Please pray with us!
If not the 11th then the 18th. We need to spend 3 weeks in China to get all 3 girls. Those dates are the only way we can get to China and back before CNY. Even the 18th would have us flying home as the holiday begins.

Praying we do not have to wait until after CNY to get our daughters.

This weekend we will get the bags backed and prepare all that we can for our China trip.

God is so GREAT we knowHe has a plan- we are putting our trust in HIM! 

For  Mia's update we got three new pics BUT we did not get measurement.
We have partial old ones from September and we know of 2 girls about her size that have come home in September and December- so are bringing sizes similar to what those families brought.

From what we found out previously Mia at 11 yrs old is 2 inches taller than Ava (who is 7) and a couple pounds heavier.

Honestly... let's just GET TO CHINA!
Measurements or NOT!

She is small. I have been recommended to bring a size 7 for her.
I have packed size 8's...
then I put in a couple of 7's...!

She is supposedly 11 yrs old???
To us right now she is 10...
and to us,
 once we are home she may be 9!
We will see?

Melissa's update include some measurements and a pics we already had.
Not complaining AT ALL!
Just so thankful she is our daughter!

120cm 20kg waist 45 pant length 65cm shoes  32


Which translates to 47 inches - taller than we thought! 
She's one inch shorter than Ava.
44 lbs - about what we thought.
Abby's weight.
waist 17.5 - skinnier than we thought 
 Anna size waist.

The shoe size threw us? This would mean she has a size 1 foot but that seems kinda big for her? 
So we are bringing size 13. 
Yes, we may be shoe shopping in China??

Melissa is 7 yrs old! (above)

Madeline is 6yrs old (below)

It was quite exciting to get new pics of her!!

She is 109cm, 51cm head, 51.5cm chest, 16.5cm foot.
No weight?

This translates to  almost 43 inches tall- a little over an inch shorter than Anna and Abby.
Chest- smaller than Anna.
Shoe size almost 10.5- we are bringing 11's.

I cannot wait to get these sweet girls in my arms! 
OR just even be in the same room as them! 

Oh my, May God Bless them and protect them!

You probably think I am a little odd as I analyze the measurements ;-)
It's part of the bonding for me- I like to gather all the info I can and just have an idea on what to expect.

it's packing and prep time!

Praying the TA comes next week. It's a goofy week in China. Our agency is closed in the 31st and 1st and CCCWA is closed on the 1st-3rd.

Whenever it happens we will be ready!

I thought I would answer this question from the comments-
Why do we bring clothes for our child and not just buy them there?

We always bring clothes and only buy a few toys, snacks, traditional Chinese outfits and small items while in China. We like the clothing from the USA much better! The quality is better. Then when they come home they have clothes like there siblings. Plus we are bringing some gently used clothes for the kids, too- it's not all new. They love to go through their suitcase and see what we have brought for them. It would be hard to take 3 new children in China shopping for clothes, sizing them and saying yes and no in regards to style and what we feel is appropriate. The walmart type stores have very few clothes- depending on the city. We could go to a higher end store but every time we have been in China we don't seem to be near stores like that. 
We will shop if we are completely off on sizes but from what we are bringing (leggings and dresses and jeans with adjustable waists)- the clothes are forgiving and should work out okay.
One time we forgot underwear and bought it in Hong Kong- it was outrageously priced.
Getting clothes and planning outfits is bonding and FUN. I can picture the children in the outfits as I place it in their suitcase! Plus we are dressing Melissa and Madeline alike some of the time- that is bonding for them! Mia will have outfits not matching Sarah but more like Sarah, as they are the older two girls that will be with us. 

After traveling to China as much as we have we are pretty happy doing it this way! It has worked well for us!

How about you? Do you like to shop for your child's clothes in China or bring them with you? I'd love to hear others thoughts!


Jennifer P said...

Oh Jean! So close. I realized I was holding my breath as I scrolled down the pictures of your beautiful girls. How about a post talking about how everyone else is feeling about the next adoptions? I see that you are preparing beautifully (physically and mentally) by setting up the rooms, etc. What other ways are you preparing the kids?

Shauna said...

Getting so close! Our Abby came home at age 10 wearing size 6 and 7's. She is now 11 wearing size 7-8. She was smaller than I anticipated even though I had analyzed all the measurements like you are. So glad I brought an assortment of sizes to China!

Juli said...


Serious question - why do you pack clothes to bring to China? I always tell families to buy clothes there because 1) it's MUCH cheaper; 2) you have the child there to get the size right; and 3) the clothes are made with Chinese proportions in mind. (Delete long rant about hip size v. clothing size.)

You have done this, you know this, and you are taking clothes with you. What am I missing? Is there some other information I should be giving our families?


Katie rayn said...

I love that you are getting updates on your girls. Do you go through your agency and just ask or do they automatically send them to you? Hoping you get the dates you want! I know you can hardly wait to get your girls home!

Alison @ said...

Not odd at all to be analyzing measurements! We haven't had any updates since August (agency has requested but no info yet), and we are thinking we will travel just after Chinese New Year, so the other night I looked up growth charts and compared her numbers to growth curves to try to forecast how big she is now!

Laurel said...

Getting the kids' measurements was very important for me, as well.

When we got the girls' measurements, I then measured my 2 youngest bio. boys. While the girls were each a couple of years older than the boys, every. single. measurement was within 1/2" and their weights were within 4 pounds.

So . . . we tried every piece of little girls' clothing on the boys (then ages 6 and 7). They thought it was hilarious to try on the little skirts, and such; but we really wanted to know that the clothes would fit. WE ended up with the children in Ghana for 6 weeks before we were able to come home . . . so we were very thankful to have a suitcase full of clothes that fit each of them.

Praying for you as you prepare to travel.


likeschocolate said...

Not that I have done this before, but shopping in the states with children is no fun, I can't see why anyone would want to do it with one or three. Praying for you!

csmith said...

I just began following so you may have already answered my questions, but, do the girls get a chance to see pictures from their future home? Photos of their room and beds to help them prepare mentally for the transition. Also, they seem to be posing in new clothes in their photos(I love that second one, what personality!), are those things that you sent them or perhaps that were bought just for these pictures?

Angie said...

I'm with you, Jean, in terms of bringing clothes. With all the appointments and things that need to be done in country, not to mention the potential behavior/bonding issues, I can't imagine the stress of having to shop for clothing. We did have to buy Jenna some shoes, but that was because of medical issues. I can't believe you're getting ready to travel! Praying you're in and out of there before CNY!

Janet said...

They are beautiful. The shoe size does seem odd to me too. Even my China boy who seems "all feet" only wears a 2 at age 10 (supposidly 10).
We always took clothes for the 6 China kids. You never know what they will come with--ours only the clothes on their backs, if it's yucky rainy weather, or you have a stomach bug....not a good time to shop. With one of ours we were only in province about 40 time to shop.
We do have our favorite stores in GZ where I always shop, but it is usually whatever I find that is cute, in a bigger size...not to wear in China. There are some cute things, but they put writing on everything; in English, that doesn't make sense; cracks me up.
Like a girls shirt might say "love happy flowers".
I actually saw a shirt that said "one, two, shree!!"
I am very picky about what I put on my kids too, good point about eliminating the battle over they style.

kippi said...

We took clothes with us and I was so thankful that I didn't have to spend time trying to find things. Like you said, poorer quality or super expensive. We were never in a great area to do that kind of shopping either. We did buy tennis shoes one time and I paid what I would at home. But, you are never sure what you will find and when. And you have no idea how the kids will act out in the stores and getting new stuff. Much better in the privacy of your hotel room. And like you I found it bonding for me to do that sort of preparing.

Anonymous said...

Just hoppin' on here to say...(singing...)


It is so elegant! Oooh and aah!!! Can't wait to see what Matt and Caitlyn are going to do!!!

Between your upcoming adoption and and a wedding, 2013 is already promising to be another exciting year. It's one of the reasons I love your blog so much...there's always a ton going on.

Also, great pics update. I'm getting excited for your trip.


Juli said...

Thanks for the answer, Jean. Our families are pretty much all traveling to get one child, and they stay in province for a whole week, so the situation is slightly different. I can see how it would be easier in your situation to take it with you.

Sally-Girl! said...

I too would not want to be shopping for clothes in China on an adoption trip....too many unknown variables! Besides the few times we have needed to buy clothing or shoes we paid top dollar for poor quality.

I love the header but then again I LOVED my Christmas card form you!!

I love the new photos of girls. They are so darn cute and PERFECT for your family!!!

Can't wait for you to go get them!!

Jodi said...

praying for your TA!!! We are praying to travel prior to CNY too! Maybe we'll meet you in GZ! We're with Lifeline too! :)
Praying for y'all!

Vicky said...

Praying for your TA for all three! I took clothes for my two girls. It worked well for us. I can't wait to follow your journey to China for these three beautiful girls!

Emily said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new header photo!

We've always purchased our children's clothes at home. That's part of the fun in preparing for them. I agree about the quality and pricing in China. I'd MUCH rather purchase things here that I love, than buying clothing in China that I would only consider "making do." When we brought Grace (at age 10 1/2)home, we traveled in June/July. She was always cold in the air conditioned buildings. I had not thought to bring her a sweater or lightweight jacket, so we had to purchase one in China. We paid WAY too much for something I did not even care for. Yep, I say bring their clothes from home!


grtlyblesd said...

Lovely new header! Your big girls are growing up.

I find that buying an outfit here and there and sewing for them during the wait gives me something tangible I can do to pass the time. Of course I can't wait to see my child wear something I've made for her! Plus, with little ones, there's the chance they won't be up for shopping, whether too sick to too traumatized, so it's good to be prepared and have everything they need.

Sara said...

We brought clothes too. Our son came with only the clothes he was wearing. We gave the clothes and jacket back to the orphanage. We did buy him shoes at Walmart in China. Plus, the clothes we brought were cute and comfy, and good quality. We went this time of year also and people in China would ask us to bundle him up when we were out and about. Ha!! I just nodded and kept walking.

Vicky said...

Loved this update! I'm so excited for you and the girls! What a sweet blessing to have dates! You are so close!

BTW, I love the family photo!