Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Girls Bedrooms! (Updated)

Mia will room with Sarah, Emma and Ellie!
Her dresser is in the middle.
Emma is on the left and Ellie is on the right.
Sarah's dresser is in the closet.
We got these from Hayne*dle on line!

Mia will sleep on the top bunk above Sarah. 
Ellie is across from her and Emma is in the pink on the bottom bunk.

We were very thankful that the room easily fit all 4 beds!

*disclaimer- we just had cleaning ladies at our house before taking the photos! NO, their rooms do NOT always look like this! In fact I took the pic before even letting one child walk into the room!

I think this should work out well for Mia and our other big girls.
Some of the children from her orphanage have been afraid of the dark but since she is with the other girls and we have a night light on throughout the night, we are hoping she will be okay with this arrangement!

We are beginning to pack her suitcase!
I have felt so peaceful about this adoption and have not been in a rush BUT now that Christmas is over we just want to get her (them) HOME!

Melissa and Madeline will room with Ava, Anna and Abby.
Because the girls are so close in age and size we have decided to just label the drawers regarding the sizes and not specific children's names.
They also have a dresser in the closet.

I do have pink masking tape and will relabel them when  have time (hahahaha).
Okay, I really do have pink masking tape but the joke was "when I have time ;-)"!

Abby is in the single bed, Ava is on top in the green and Anna is on top in the pink!

 Melissa will be on the bottom(middle) in the green.  

 Madeline will be on the bottom (right) in the pink.

I'd like to say we are ready BUT is one ever ready to have three daughters join their family!
So instead I will say we are as ready as we will ever be!

Soooo, bring 'em on!

China, here we come!

The boys are doing great in their room!
Sleeping well and bonding!

They love their space! And more boy toys have been added into the room since Christmas!
(not pictured)

There is just one thing missing...

Another boy...
That's another post...


Laurel said...

LOVE the bedrooms. So cute. We have had 4 kids share a room multiple times over the years . . . though our rooms weren't nearly as big. Looks like you've got a lot of space for them, which is wonderful. And the boys' room definitely has room for more boys. :)

Love the idea of letting all of the younger girls share their clothes. Sharing was actually a hard thing for our kids when we brought them home from the orphanage. They wanted anything and everything to be "their own" . . . and coming into a family that already had 10 kids, our bio. kids were all used to sharing everything.

How many Big Kids do you still have at home? How many bedrooms in your house? Just curious . . .

Look forward to hearing all about your upcoming travels.

mama of 12

Julie said...

Love, love, love your rooms! So cheery!! I love that you have kept the color scheme the same in both girls' rooms - gives you the leeway to switch people around throughout the years. The boys' room is precious and yes, I see you adding more beds to that one! I really appreciate what you did with the shared clothes for your girls. We have a little one coming (hoping we will travel in March) who will probably be the same size as her sister who is one year older. I have been thinking they will share clothes (we have been given soooo many handmedowns - plus have a sis a couple of years older). I am thinking of one dresser for the two of them. Great idea! Blessings -

Emily said...

All the rooms look great, Jean! But now I am REALLY wanting to read the "boy" post. :)


Liz said...

I think your family could EASILY have a boy with dwarfism in it and I see one available on the LPA adoption site!!! he's adorable and boys with dwarfism are usually cheary and so easy!!!

let me know! LOL

Sally-Girl! said...

Jean dear friend, if you tell me the rooms were staged for the photos I will tell you how much I love them otherwise I will hack into blogger and post our kids rooms on your blog as the real deal!

Honestly, we have two in each 10x10 and they have to make their beds and clean up BUT it never resembles that!!

I am trying to figure out how to get three in a 10x10. Any ideas?

Julie said...

I am posting again - I would love to know where you got your dressers - any chance you could share?

Shonni said...

The rooms look wonderful! And yes,
I believe that you do have more room, don’t you, LOL.

Updated by Lila Huggins (grandmother) said...

Beautiful rooms! How on earth do you keep them so neat? LOL I have 2 granddaughters that share a room and it ALWAYS looks like a tornado hit it! Love reading about your awesome family. I've been reading since you only had 15 regulars and I became #16! Can't wait till to hear all about your travels to China again!
Miss Lila in Atlanta

Angie said...

NO!!! You can not end a post like that!!! Not even funny!! Spill, girlfriend! And while you're at it, how do you keep the rooms so tidy with so many children???

Sammy said...

The rooms look so nice!

kristin said...

Love the rooms! Yes, you sure could fit some more beds in the boys' room. :0

Vicky said...

I just love the rooms! They are perfect! Praying for your TA to come today!

Serving the King said...

Indeed I know exactly who would fit ever so nicely into that room and into your beautiful family!!!!!!

Sandra said...

Hi Jean, I know a little boy who is downright adorable. His file is still on the shared list from what I understand and I don't know why. Cute, cute, cute! :).

Faye Verquer said...

I have a feeling....we are gonna need to hear more about this other boy post SOON!!! Spill it!

Love the rooms...I need to get moe creative with my kids who share rooms. The boys have mid-loft beds and thats working now but when they are older/taller it wont work as nicely. Not sure what we will lean towards!

We have a Hayneedle Outlet 10 minutes from our home and I have gotten SEVERAL things there lately! LOVE IT!

OK so anyway love the rooms. Love your family!!!


Our Family said...

Yeah - I'm waiting for TA with you and I hear what you're saying.... I was peaceful too until after Christmas. Now I'm just dying to get on that plane....and also praying to make it there before CNY!!
The rooms all look beautiful!!!!

Karin said...

Love, love, love the rooms! You have the same taste as me. :) My kids don't keep their rooms clean either...urgh. Then I wonder why I spend all the time decorating. hahaha Love your rooms, though...they are adorable!