Sunday, January 20, 2013

Meeting Bloggy Friends!!

 It was so wonderful to meet Vickie!! 
We have been internet friends for awhile! I think it started with Journey to Me! and now it is our yahoo support group for older child adoptions!

The big girls really hit it off! Chloe(16 yrs) is Vickie's daughter, then two of Susan's daughters- Claire(12) and Camile(10) plus our our Sarah(12). Their table was super loud and fun! And it was an all English speaking crowd!!

Mia and Phoebe(Vickie's new daughter) enjoyed each other!

Claire and Sarah really hit it off!

The families!
Suzanne with her Grace and new son Anthony!
Susan with her Claire, Camile and then her new daughter Caitlin!
Me with Sarah, Mia and Melissa!
Vickie with Phoebe (Chloe was taking pics)!

It has been nice to have the support of other families!
Especially those that have been there done that kinda families!
Thank you Jesus for providing other families to process adoption issues with!


Janet and Kevin said...

So fun that you met up with bloggy friends half way around the world doing what we all love to do! Love those smiles going on, too!

janet and gang

thesleepyknitter said...

Now that was a fun post! Love all the great pictures of your crews getting together. :-) So glad that all is going well.


Sue said...

Great to see you and Vickie together. Vickie was so helpful when I adopted Erin. Bloggy friends have helped a lot

altman5 said...

Hi there! Hope you don't mind me following along. I'm Joy in Denver, waiting to bring our daughter home from Jiangxi. Also friends with Suzanne in your pics! Have a great day!

Sarah said...

How fun!!!

Jen said...

I love BOTH of your blogs! (Yours and Vickie's). I noticed that you mentioned a yahoo support group for older child adoption? We are in the process of adopting our 13 year old daughter from China, and I would LOVE to be a part of the group! This is our 3rd adoption. We have 5 children between the ages of 7 and 13:)

Donna S said...
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Cheryl said...

Blessed to be following along! So encouraging! We were in Hefei last April

Shonni said...

That is so neat that you have met up with other families! I miss being there.

Elizabeth Olmstead McBride said...

I have friends in St. Paul who just adopted their Chinese daughter. She has albinism as do their 2 Korean sons. I wonder if they know Vickie. Good luck tomorrow meeting Madeline.

Suzanne and Adam said...

It was so great to meet bloggy friends and support each other!!