Monday, August 5, 2013

7 Habits of Happy Kids!

We read this book as a family this summer!

This is not an official book review but just a personal recommendation from me!

It is recommended for children ages 4-8 yrs old.
It worked out great for our 7-13 year old children (all adoptees)! Some of our English langage learners struggled with understanding the story and did not actively participate in the discussion but at least they saw the other children listening intently and raising their hands to answer questions!

It is not from a Christian perspective however you wouldn't know that by reading it. It could easily be connected to scripture. All the principles taught are so very important to all children!

The 7 Habits they talk about are-
1. Being bored and making wise use of their time.
Encourages doing useful activities during down time, being thoughtful of others, making good choices, being responsible for yourself, not blaming others/ being accountable, manners and positive thinking.

2. Have a plan, think ahead, be wise with your money, make good choices, be helpful, be thoughtful of others, reach out to a friend.

3. Work First, Play Second! Don't procrastinate, doing chores, having a good attitude, delay gratification.

4.Win/ Win situations. Being thoughtful of others, having a good attitude, bringing joy to others.

5. Listen before you talk. Really listening to what others are saying, Listening with your eyes as well as your ears, being considerate of others feelings.

6. Together is better! Many hands make light work! Different people have different strengths. We are all unique. Together we can accomplish more than we can individually.

7.  Be balanced, be healthy in what you eat, and what you spend your time doing! Take care of your body and your soul. How to be a good friend. Having a positive attitude.

The children loved the stories and they could easily relate to them! At the end of each chapter it gave thoughts and questions for discussion. The children loved the discussion part and almost everyone contributed!

We recommend this book!


Karin said...

Thank you so much for the recommendation! I'm going to check it out!

Sally-Girl! said...

Thanks for the tip!! I hear the five love languages for children is very good as well!!!

likeschocolate said...

The book is actually written by a Christian. His father Stephan was also Christian and wrote all the other 7 habit books. While him and his father don't quote scripture (wish they did), they take Christian principles and put it into terms that even those who are not can understand. Will look for this book for my children.

Angie said...

Sounds great...looking for it at our library!

Sarah said...

Thanks for the suggestion...sounds great!

Delaine said...

Jean, I emailed you at the end of last week. I was just wondering if it made it through or was it lost some how. I am not rushing you and I realize you have been out of town. Thanks for your help.
Delaine Spruill