Monday, September 30, 2013

The Magic Kingdom!

Our children had a hard time understanding what exactly
"Disney World" was?

So the Magic Kingdom was top on our list of things to do!

It was overcast to day which made it a little dull for pics but comfortable weather wise!

The children were part of the Beauty and the Beast show!
They did a lovely job acting!

Sam was a huge hit as the beast!
and of course I video taped it...
But I forgot to push record...

He couldn't have been cuter!
He was thrilled to dance with Belle!

Hubby and this other gentleman were also part of the production!
They were the knights in shining armor!

After Belle was Ariel!
She was delightful!

The children chatted away with her!

And our make a wish girl got a solo pic with her!

It has been a long time since we have been here so part of our first day was spent trying to figure things out!

WE tried to do as much as possible!
A blend of older rides and younger shows and rides!

This clown was doing a show on the sidewalk and we all stopped to watch!

The next thing we knew... Sarah was part of the show!

He was very good and it was very funny!

She went along with it and did what he told her to do- even though balancing spinning plates is not one of her talents!

Minutes later... Hubby was part of the show!

He is such a good sport and was quite funny up there!

Although he had a bit of trouble understanding what exactly he was supposed to do!

Which made it even funnier!

Balancing spinning plates is not his thing either!

BUT... somehow he did it!

Many of the children rode on space mountain.
We told them it was dark, fast and scary.
They insisted on going, they were tall enough and they were old enough.
Some came out laughing and
some came out crying.
(Luke, Emma, Mommy and Daddy did not ride on it)

Our shirts were a hit!
Many people commented on them!
If you are interested in a shirt like this click on the link!

Since we are doing a fruit of the day theme- 
today we were watermelons!
Hubby, Sam and Luke were the seeds!
(Yesterday we were grapes!)

Day one at the Magic Kingdom was wonderful!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Give The Kids The World!

I hardly know where to begin!
It has already been the most amazing time we have ever had as a family of "13"!
(Not including the big kids because they were unable to join us due to busy schedules, etc. and not including our sweet boys that still wait for us.)

They probably could have sent us home after the plane ride because that alone was such a thrill for the children!

They picked us up bright and early in this beautiful 16 passenger mercedes bus!
The children right away thought that this would be the perfect vehicle for our family!
(okay I admit it, it entered my mind too but... that is not part of our plan)

Everything at the airport went like clockwork and in no time we were heading to Detroit-
and then off to Orlando!
The children did fabulous on the plane.
Every take off and landing was met with squeals of joy and laughter!
Which then made those around us smile and laugh!

Purple was the color of the day!
Today we called ourselves the grape family!
It just so happens that it is one of the colors for "Give The Kids The World" so we fit right in!

The children rode the golf carts to "our new home"!

A low and behold it was blue with a purple roof!
The children are thinking we should paint our home in MN just like this!
It certainly would give the neighbors something else to talk about!

Each unit is a 7 person duplex and we have both sides that connect!
Ava and Melissa are happily enjoying the other master bedroom!
They are thinking that a king size bed is a pretty good deal!

When we walked in we were greeted with gifts for everyone!

We are just a short walk from all the amenities!
Food, pool, carousel, ice cream parlor, horseback riding, game room and so much more!

There are so many of these little guys running around outside!
Our children love bugs and animals of all kinds so they are a huge hit!
I like them too... as long as the stay outside!

Everything is so cool here- this tree snores!


And there are horse drawn wagon rides!

Anna said, "Mom, why did you take a picture of the horses butt?"
Okay, I am not a good photographer but I am trying to focus on the fun we are having not the best moments for photos...

The best part is how kind, caring, happy and helpful everyone is!

At times it has brought tears to my eyes.
It is such a positive environment for families that have already been through so much.
It feels like they just want to lift the burden and bring everyone some JOY!

This night they had a Santa celebration!

We had pictures with him! 

And he talked with each child!

after that everyone got to pick out their own present!

It was like going to the store and grabbing whatever you wanted off the shelf!

At first I was uncomfortable and thought no no we can't do that but then I realized I just needed to relax and go with the program.

Their job is to create joy and they know exactly what they are doing!

So I decided to join in on the fun!

And dance with our children in the street!

And then to top the evening off...
 they made it snow!

It was delightful!

Tomorrow we head to the Magic Kingdom!

(I don't have my mouse can someone tell me how to highlight the words so I can enlarge them!?)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Why I Blog. . .

Before I begin the next series of posts I want to let everyone know why I blog.

Just in case you are a new reader and your are wondering


My blog is a way to share the joys and challenges of adoption.

It is meant to encourage others that are considering adoption
and help  
those that may be struggling in their adoption journey.

It is a means to celebrate family, God and adoption.

The focus is on GOD as we share our victories and defeats. To us, our children are miracles and we marvel over them everyday. Sometimes in life we stumble and sometimes we soar!
All glory and honor we give to GOD!

We praise HIM everyday for the the road he has lead us down.
The road has many twists and turns.. We hold fast to HIM during those times.
It is quite an adventure once you give your life to HIM!

Dear Readers and Followers-
I love how you pray with us, and for us and I consider it an honor to pray for you.

I like sharing our life with you and I love to hear your stories too.

We feel an immediate connection with others who are Jesus loving, family loving and adoption loving!

This is also a scrapbook/ photo album for our family.

I am sad to say that
recently our blog has been used for other purposes.

It has been used to obtain information about us in an attempt to hurt us.

I will be sharing our story with you in the near future.

This is an effort to educate others and to help protect other adoptive families.

we will focus on the JOY!!

(Later I will share the "not so nice" story with you.)


Praising God for this joy filled adventure and deeply thanking the

for making Abby's wish come true!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Your Wish Has Been Granted! **UPDATED with answers!**

Our Sweet Abby has been granted A Make * Wish Trip!

And she has decided that Disney World is the place she would like to go!

The Ladies from the Make * Wish Foundation came to our house and announced that her wish had been granted!

We all celebrated the announcement and had an ice cream sundae party!

They brought all the "fixins" with them!

I think the children had more sauce and toppings than ice cream!

They filled us in on all the details of our trip!

Abby will have a private meeting with Snow White!
How FUN!

 It is coming up soon and we are so so very excited!
All our big boys will be taking care of the house and dogs!
Thanks Guys!

We started off with 4 balloons.
By the time they left we were down to one!

Thank you for granting Abby's wish!
She is so excited AND we are so excited to go with her!

After the State fair mishap... I am planning ahead a little better!
We all have matching shirts for the trip!
I got an amazing deal on!
** They were $4.24 each and arrived in 48 hours!**

AND we ordered our "got love" tees, too!

I will NOT be losing any children this time!
I'm just hoping others won't be wearing our color of the day OR I could come home with more than I brought! 
(kids that is! ; - )
(Emma was at school when we took the pics)
(Ellie developed hives for unknown reasons. Her eye swelled up and the next day she had large welts and a swollen lip but her eye was fine? She seems better today.)

We also have ID bracelets with Mom and Dad's cell info!

** We ordered them from Road ID online. They were 17.99 each.**

We just need to start packing the suitcases and we're good to go!

Look Out Disney World!
Here we come!