Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Can I have Your Attention Please!

We have a very important announcement to make!

Look closely at the pictures!
Especially the one above!

I have known for awhile but was sworn to secrecy 
by the Mommy and Daddy to be...

I been dying to share this with you!
It was so hard to keep the secret... But it wasn't mine to share,
 so I had to wait for the okay!

Andrew and Katie are "expecting"!
We are so so so excited for the new addition of "Baby Burgess"! 

Katie is about 17 weeks along now!
The due date is April 8th!!

Okay... sorry this is sideways!

But the we all had fun naming the baby while in Orlando!
Andrew and Katie are leaning towards Snow White if it's a girl and Shrek for a boy!

Isn't he or she adorable!
The other children looked at it and said...
"it" looks like a peanut!

A cute peanut that is... a very, very cute peanut!

What's a good Grandma name?
I love Mimi but that is Jim's sister and our dog since we had to change her name from Mia to Mimi ;-)
Crazy... I know!!
May just wait and see what baby calls us? 
But I would love some ideas!!

There is more good news - no it's not twins!

 They will be moving back to the good ole' USA next summer!
In fact they will be in Colorado!
Not too far from Matt and Caitlin(1 hour)!!


Praising HIM! 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pre Halloween Fun @ Boo Blast!

Whew! Last minute we were able to dig out the costumes and then run to the store for a few more!

Halloween is such an exciting time, the children all love it!
It's the first Halloween for our three newbies- Mia, Melissa and Madeline!

The wanted to be everything and changed their minds on costumes many times - until I said "no, we are sticking with this"!

Our community has a celebration on the Saturday before Halloween!
Every year we meet a couple families there who have also adopted from China and we enjoy the fun together!

How can it get any better than candy and costumes!
Sarah is scooby do, Ava is a witch, Ellie is a bumble bee, Mia is a cat, Emma is tweety bird, Anna is a beautiful purple fairy princess, Madeline is a beautiful yellow butterfly, Sam is the blue power ranger, Abby is a beautiful lady bug (and she was a cat), Luke is a dragon, and Melissa is a beautiful swan princess!

It was a nice cool sunny day! Perfect for running around in costumes (okay, and jackets)!
This is the whole crew we were with! 
When they all walked into a store they kind of invaded the place!

Madeline's eye is healing up nicely and she is so excited to be able to see better!
Praying that is will help her to improve her learning!

The cow in the middle is from our local Ben and Jerry's ice cream shoppe!

 It was just so much fun!
(Kinda takes the pressure off of Halloween! We will be having school and evening trick or treating!))

And then after that, we went home and ate some of the candy!!

Bring 'em on!

just kidding!
Just Kidding!!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Madeline- Happy Birthday and Eye Surgery

We seem to have quite a few birthdays in the fall ;-)
Madeline turned 7 today! 
(Or maybe 6 ;-)
After seeing Mia's bike she wanted one of her very own, too!
Melissa's Birthday is next and guess what she will be getting ;-)
Now, don't go telling her!

We went to the Children's Theatre and saw
"Charlotte's Web"!
It was a wonderful play!
The children enjoyed it but I am not sure if the newbies could really follow along.
Usually I read the book and we watch the dvd but with moving that wasn't possible.
 Sorry I did not get any pics!

In the evening we went out for a "Make Your Own" Pasta Night!
It was a good day but because I am her Mom - I was preoccupied with what was going to happen the following day.

The next morning Madeline had eye surgery.
Hubby took her to the Phillips Eye Institute while I stayed with the other children.

She had a very large dense cataract removed. 
The surgery went very well and they were home by 3:30.

She had a tough time in the early evening but calmed down when Daddy carried her and rocked her.

Chicken noodle soup and some pain meds helped too!
She slept with us and didn't even stir!
She really needed the love and reassurance of her parents-
my heart breaks for the children that do not have parents...
that have no one to comfort them and reassure them that everything will be okay.

The next morning we returned to the Dr- her eye looks great and they are very hopeful she will have some sight in that eye!
This is amazing news because we were told that there was a good chance she would be blind in her left eye due to the size, the density and the length of time the cataract had been growing- they estimated since she was 6 months old.
We have been diligently patching that eye (along with praying for her vision) and we are so thankful it is working!!

We are having a joint family birthday party soon for our October and November birthday children!
Just trying our hardest to get the celebration in before the China trip!

Madeline is letting me do all the eye drops 6 times a day! 
She is handling it like a champ!

Praising GOD!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Last Update!

We just got word that we our travel approval is on it's way!
Yippee Jesus! 
We have requested our travel times and dates for our CA!
We seem to get Thursday CA appts
every time...
Hopefully this time we will get a
Tuesday or a Wednesday!

We have also received our last pics and updates on the boys!
Joseph is 3ft 4in and 31lbs at 5 yrs 3 months old!

He is almost 4 months older than Luke and a half inch shorter and 4 pounds lighter.
I think Joseph will have lots energy!
We are so excited to get to know him and love him!

And here is Benjamin!
His orphanage offered us to Skype with him!
Since we are now in the country our internet is extremely
No high speed stuff here ;-(

Has anyone else ever skyped with their child before gotcha day?
How did you communicate?
How did it go?
Are you glad you did it?
Are their questions we should ask him/ them?

We may be able to go to hubby's office and try it from there!

Ben is 7 yrs 5 months old. He is 4ft 1in and weighs 50.5 lbs!
Ben is 3 months older than Sam and 2 inches taller!

We are so excited to bring these two treasures home!
I will post travel dates and information once we have it!
Jim and Mark will travel and I will stay home with the children.
Our older son Billy and friend Karen will help us out at home!

Soon they will be with their forever family and soon we will have more sons!

Praising GOD!!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Mia!

This is Mia's first Birthday at home!
(She chose a gumball machine).

We were unable to celebrate it in our traditional way sooooo...
 we got creative!

And visited a local pottery painting store!

This is one of the many perks of homeschooling!

All of the children picked out a bank to paint!
Melissa has a tiara!

Ava has a donut!

And Sam has a monster truck!

Abby has a crown!

And Sarah has an ice cream sundae!

Ellie chose a hamburger!

Luke has a motorcycle!

And Anna has a traditional piggy bank... that happened to play in the mud!

When they were all done we placed them on a center table...
it was my job to make sure no one broke any of them!

They were all intact when we left!
They will be glazed and ready for pick up in 2 weeks!

We ate lunch out and hung around home...
until Daddy got home 

Mia's Birthday gift!

She was so thrilled!
 I am thankful to have gotten these pics!

She was truly surprised and very happy to have her first(very own) bicycle!

Our dear children have no idea how to accept a gift and then how to treat it once they have received it.

Sadly, they feel undeserving...

I remember everything we gave Sarah she gave to someone else.
They have no idea how to appropriately thank someone for a gift. 
And they do not know how to use it or take care of it once they have received it.

We actually role played how to say "thank you".
She did a good job throughout the day saying thank you but after her birthday forgot that she even had a bike.

In the evening we went to our very favorite restaurant!

Once we adopted more than 4 kiddos we stopped going here- so for most of them, this was a new experience! 

It was Japanese food cooked on the habachi grill!

It was quite the show and very funny!
Happy Birthday Mia!
We are so very happy to be your parents!

So sorry, big kids... we forgot to tell you we were going to your favorite restaurant!

We'll do it another time ;-) !

Monday, October 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Johnny!

This was the last family gathering at the "old place"!

It was such a joy to have so many family members there!

Our family has been amazingly supportive and helpful!

We are feeling so very blessed!
Johnny turned 20 yrs old!

I really can't believe that my baby from the first bunch is that old!
He was only 12 when we began this journey of adoption!

Thankful for the energy of the older sibs!

And the joy the older and the younger bring to our family!

Blessed by a wonderful girlfriend that we adore!

Obviously this was taken before the packing began!
It was the next day that God impressed upon our hearts that NOW is the time!

These two sweeties where a huge help in the kitchen!
Thank you Ellie and Mia!

Due to all that is going on the birthday boy -

received many homemade cards and a shopping outing with MOM!
(Plus books from his big brother Billy, who thinks he needs to read more!)

Hey, a Mom's gotta do what a Mom's gotta do!
And anyway I can spend more time with my boys is a good thing!

Awwww, they are so cute together!

We couldn't have asked for a better celebration!

Happy Birthday Johnny!

You were never meant to be the youngest!
You are a wonderful big brother!

Good job Sarah, lighting the candles!

Hoping your wish comes true!

Mark has a special bond with Mia, Melissa and Madeline since he was in China with us.
I am sure he will have that too with Ben and Joey!

Thank you God for all the great celebrations and for the wonderful memories!

We look forward to moving on and to many new memories and joyful family times!

All praise and Glory go to HIM!