Saturday, November 30, 2013

Feeding The Fish!

One of the children's favorite things to do at the Garden Hotel in Guangzhou is to feed the fish!

We have picture of Mia, Melissa and Madeline feeding the fish, too.
It's just fun, simple and relaxing!
And... kind of biblical!

For some reason I have thought,
 they would come home and we would...
be back to normal.
Maybe because I/we am home and everything is pretty much 
"the same" here except we're missing Hubby.
I am beginning to realize that 
Hubby and sons are not going to hit the ground running but instead they will be exhausted with jet lag.

So my thoughts of -
Great, they will be home on the 6th.
We can get the tree on the 7th
We can decorate the house on the 8th.
Have a party on the 9th.

It just isn't gonna happen!

Reality check!
We will have the same adjustment period that all families have and that's okay because it's necessary!
I am saying this to prepare myself for the adjustment period.

The first month, two months, three months and four months are challenging as they learn how 
a family works and the family rules.
It is all, so new to them and with 11 siblings ready to run and hug them it will be a bit overwhelming for our two new boys.

Since Sarah was not in China this time, 
it will be interesting to see if anyone's Chinese returns and if they are able to speak to the new boys?
Sadly, they are "speechless" on Skype when it comes to Chinese.
It shocked our new boys - the children looked Chinese but didn't return conversation in Chinese.

This little guy(above) is very sweet,  athletic and smart

He needs to clean up his language!
And I am NOT talking about speech therapy!
Hubby and Mark had no idea until some men were laughing at what he was saying...

Looks like Ben got splashed in the face!

This little boy(above) is a rule follower!
Whereas Joey is an outta the box thinker.

 I love challenges!
And integrating these two dears into our large family will definitely provide a challenge!
It is so awesome to see GOD prevail and redemption happen right in front of my own very eyes!

The little guy below we be an incredible son - 
just you wait and see!

And this will be the last picture 
with his tongue like that!

I think he is adorable but I'm not a fan of the tongue sticking out...!
I think this dear boy desperately needed a family.
I think he has a lot to learn and he will, 
in time, 
learn it!
Hubby has tighten up on some of the behaviors and he is already responding well!

Luke just said
Hey, I have that shirt too!
Ummm, yes you did ;-)
(while he put the pieces of the puzzle together...)
Hey, I liked that shirt...
Don't worry honey, they will bring it home!

Our two little fish, 
"get fed" with the love of Jesus!


Sarah said...

Yes they will!!! Love your beautiful family!!!

LaRita said...

Both my sweet little girls came to me with potty mouths and behaved like lumberjacks! My first little one, at a tiny 25 pounds and 7/8 years old, on our first lunch outing in Nanning loudly orders a beer, stands on the chair to dance while letting loose a few local expletives! Thankfully, I had enough of the local language to know what she was doing and saying to initiate a few changes! I will say it took about 3 months to remove some of the spicier words from her vocabulary! I'm praying for your next transition to your new normal! :-)

Sheri George said...

Found your blog and am inspired yet have so many questions! We have tried for years to adopt from China, and thousands of dollars later, still have not been able to. We finished all we needed to do, only to learn that the combination of our ages (46/50) and the fact that I had some melanoma cancer removed 6 years ago, will keep us from bringing home a child. I'm wondering - from all your experience - is there hope for us to adopt from China? Even though my doctor had written letters stating I will live as long as any other woman (perhaps longer because of overall good health) China does not like the word "cancer" and will only approve us for children who are so sick that we are concerned about them coming home on an airplane without oxygen and other medical care. I wondering how you've been able to do it so many times! Any advice is so appreciated! Lv, Sheri
Blessings on your beautiful family!