Monday, December 2, 2013

Meeting Friends in GZ!

Hubby and Mark have been hermits. 
They have not been out and about meeting people. 
Instead they have focused on the boys and survival.
For me, being social is part of my survival!
I love talking to the other adoptive families!
 I am just happy
 that "they are happy" and doing well!

Joey is very creative!
He built this machine gun out of the connecting blocks we sent him.
Andrew(Katie's hubby) would be proud of him!
Maybe he will be a future GI Joe!
I am surprised the orphanage didn't keep the blocks.

He is all boy!

I love this picture of our two little guys!

Only 4 more days and they will be home!

The children at home have done very well but they miss their Daddy and big brother!

I miss all of them!

I'm trying to stay focused and trying to get things done here at home!
Thank you for your prayers!

Ben's new shoes did not fit him - at all. 
I bought him a size 2 thinking they would be big and trying to leave room for his braces.
But he will need at least a size 3!
All of our other children have such tiny feet!

BTW- Honey, he is supposed to wear those pants with a different shirt!

Our 2 new boys seem to really like each other and they chatter away!

Hubby was so blessed to be able to meet up with our dear friends the Healds!

We met in July 2007 in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province!
Our 2 girls were only 2 weeks apart age wise, they had their cleft surgery together in China and their foster Mom's were friends and lived close to each other!

They are in China on their third adoption!

The children played together while the adults visited!
Peek a boo!

It was a short visit because the next thing you know they were chasing each other!

Bella is their new daughter!
She clearly loves her Daddy!

This is LeeLee! Our Anna's friend six years later!
She is such a lovely girl!

They are the nicest family!
I am trying not to have any feelings of jealousy...
But I sure wish I was there...

The good news is- we are going to see them in February!
ALL 15 of us!

That is IF we ever get Sylvia (the silver sprinter)...
She is in the USA but she hasn't arrived at the dealership yet.
We are really, really, really going to need her as of this Saturday!
Praying she arrives SOON!


Denise said...
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Denise said...

I love reading your blog! Your friends live in the city where I was born, even though my family lived across the state line, in Fort Oglethorpe, GA. We moved to Woodstock, GA in 1988. If your family comes to visit them, I would LOVE to see you! Hugs, Denise

likeschocolate said...

Hang in thre ! They are almost home!

kimjax said...

Such a cute "flashback" pic, Jean. :) Love watching your family grow.

altman5 said...

Love the pictures. And I'm so sorry you can't be there. I'm sure that is hard. LOL about the wrong shirt with the pants. If I sent hubby alone, I can just imagine the outfits, hee hee.

Sherri said...

I haven't been able to comment but I've been following your every post. Praying for you as you bring two precious boys into your sweet family. Hold them close. In this difficult time, following the loss of our son, we rejoice all the more as we see children come home to arms of love. Blessings to you,

Rebecca said...

It's so crazy to see all of your pictures... Especially the ones in front of the big tree. We were there exactly one year ago:) brings back good memories. Ya know, we never knew that beautiful park was out there in the back of the hotel! I'm so bummed!