Thursday, December 5, 2013

"THANK YOU" Prayer Warriors!

The time in China is nearing an end.
I will have a few posts close together to share all that is happening!
You may want to check the post after this one- you may have missed it!

What a wild ride it has been!
After losing Jim's sister in July our world felt...
We still struggle with that loss.
I actually look forward to the time when we can think about her and talk about her without crying.

She would have followed us every step of the way.
If I had missed a day blogging- I would have gotten a text!
She would have sent us cookies.
How blessed we have been to have had her in our lives!

So much has happened this year.
More than we could humanly do...
We gave it all to HIM and just kept moving forward.

HE did it ALL and blessed us along the way!

The blessings have been jaw dropping amazing!
yes you, 
were there with us,
 every step of the way!

For your prayers, for your kind and encouraging words!
You have made a difference to us and to our two new little boys!

Excuse me!
Joey... over here!

Good boy!!
You are both under arrest for being "too cute"!
Your sentence will be life in MN with your forever family!

Getting these two precious children home is a milestone for us.
It's a time for us to exhale, regroup and enjoy the many blessing from God!

We are so thankful for your prayers sustaining us while Hubby was in China
and while I have been at home.
We believe it was the right decision for our family.
The children at home are doing very well and life has continued on with Mommy right there for them!
They are all at a good place!
(Today is Emma's last day of school- so that may be hard on her but she seems to be handling everything just fine right now.)
 They are excited to meet their two new brothers "in person"!

 There is still more to do than we can possibly do... so once again we will give it to God!

Thankfully he wants all our stress, anxiety, to do lists, busy schedules and variety of feelings!

Ben's trying to wink! 
So cute!
Why do they do the peace sign?
No reason that I know of!
 It's kind of a coming to the USA thing to do and I am guessing the nannies told them too!
Maybe to make them more appealing or to somehow communicate PEACE!

The guys in China are having their last sleep right now!

Tonight Hubby will call be from Beijing- 
before they board the long flight to


mewohlwend said...

I'm so thrilled for you- I even had a dream last night that I met your 2 new little ones!!
Sweet boys- I can't wait to see them home with you. I hope the trip back to the USA is uneventful for Jim, Mark, and the boys. I can't imagine all of the excitement (and some anxiety!) they must feel at all of the new things that lie ahead. I'll be thinking of you- thanks for keeping us posted!! It's so wonderful to see your family growing, once again :)
PS- I think you bought my friend's's looking very familiar in pictures! Such a small world!

~Megan (Lucius)

altman5 said...

It's almost finished! And almost to begin!! :) Praying the flights go well for all your guys, big and little.

Unknown said...

Jean, my daughter, adopted at almost 14, now 16, told me when she came home that the sign we consider "Peace" means "Happy" in China. I was always curious as to why you see all these Chinese children making "peace" signs and wondered if they thought that was the American thing to do...a carry over from the 60's & 70's. But, according to Olivia, it means HAPPY!

Shelia :-)

Unknown said...

Such handsome boys!!! They will be wonderful additions to your gorgeous family.

I hope that the flight back is uneventful.


Meg said...

I have loved reading your frequent updates. Thank-you for taking time to share these precious pictures with us!

Jo's Corner said...

Oh, I hope this will post!! I am having trouble with getting any comments I write. They just disappear. Ugh!

Jean, first off, I'm sorry for the pain that comes with the absence of a Loved one. It is so hard! I will specifically pray for your hearts to have some peace. The Holidays are especially difficult without that person.

Now, those New Sons, I LOVE calling them "Son's"!! YaY! No more an orphan! Praise You, my Lord, for bringing Ben and Joey to their Family.

I must say, they are beautiful! Ben is darling. There's something about him that touches me deeply. Ben and Miss Emma Joy! Those 2 just have a special place in my heart. But, I LOVE ALL of them!! Every.Single.One!!

I am excited to see how the family unit comes together when you are all together. I'm particularly interested in watching you "tame the munster" in sweet Joey! ; )

I just want you to know how much I care for You and your Precious Family. I feel connected to all of you. I Believe that's because WE Believe! Believe in Him! Which means that we will get to spend Eternity together as One Big Family!

Praying for you to have the strength to do all of the things that must be done for your special Home-Coming!

Much Love ~ Jo

anyabar1987 said...

Here is a bit of what I know about the "peace sign"

Palm out like they do it in China and many countries around the world is a good sign
Palm in like we do here in the US trying to look all cool is actually a very strong curse word the equivalent of sticking our middle finger up

The Peace sign is actually a V for victory to symbolize that Peace exists.

In China the Peace sign has become an expression of happiness and is as much a part of a picture as a beautiful smile is here in the US.

Hanna said...

Praying the trip back home to USA will go smooth for Jim, Mark, Ben and Joel. It would be so excited for you and all children to meet them very soon! Thank you for sharing lovely photos.

likeschocolate said...

Yeah! I can't wait to see that reunion.

Lori at JOY Unspeakable said...

Oh, friend. I am so very sorry for the sadness that still lingers deep after the death of your sister-in-law. It's so terribly sad to try to move on after such a great loss. She surely is looking down and beaming with pride because of the GREAT work you and Jim are doing.

Those two new boys are just the cutest ever! And I know you are itching to get your arms around them.

What a great Christmas you will have!!

Can't wait!

Joy Unspeakable!

Adrian Roberta said...

I have so loved 'following' along with your family to Ben and Joey, thankyou for sharing your family with us. Well now you are certainly 'stuck' with us Crazy 'Z'families for many yrs to come :)

We rejoice with you ~

God bless you!

Jolene said...

So very very excited for you all! God is good and while its been a crazy ride for you this last year God's blessings outweigh any burdens!

lizzielou said...

So very sorry for your loss Jean. Thank you for sharing along on your journey to your boys, it has been so wonderful to follow! So many blessings lie ahead for all of you! Cant wait to see full family pics with your new cutie-pies!

Wendy said...

Oh Jean, thank you so much for opening your home to us. It has been a pleasure getting to know you and hear about your treasures. The loss of a loved one is so hard to handle. One thing that has helped me in the loss of my sister is that I look up at the sky on a bright sunny day. Sometimes you can see the clouds opening up to let us peek at Heaven. The sun shines through these clouds and you can see the rays. I know it is during these times that my sister is watching out for me. It has been almost 14 years since her passing and while I will never forget her and I will always grieve for her, I do think that I am able to laugh and remember the wonderful times we shared.
Your boys are simply beautiful. So happy to see Ben despite his diagnosis doing so well. Working in the NICU for many years I have seen a lot of babies born with spinal bifid a. It is amazing to see that all of these babies have the nicest parents. I often tell these parents that God had a plan. God's plan was for your little one to have you. He is so lucky.

Janet and Kevin said...

Good to know about the peace sign. I have always wondered, too! So sad for you about the grief over your sister-in-law. As you know, we lost my mom this past summer as well, and it is still a pervasive sadness. We just miss her so terribly. I know you miss your sister-in-law and would love to be sharing these precious times with her. Sending you a hug from across the miles!

janet and gang

Sarah said...

Such precious boys! Can't wait until they are home with you!

Anonymous said...

Oh Jean,
I love you. I've been praying for you each morning. You can do it! They are almost home, and then...You can do it!! :) I hated that little V that our girls did...all the children did. Our guide said it stood for Victory.
"Victory in Jesus! Our savior forever. He sought me and bought me with His redeeming blood."
You are amazing and I'm in awe of how God is using you. Press on!
xoxox Laura

Alison @ said...

So glad your husband and all the boys are almost home!! So happy for you that this time of separation is coming to a close and you will all be together as a family so soon :)

Steph M said...

So excited for you all to be together again, so thankful for your example as you wait for your boys, so privileged to pray for your family! Can't wait to see the reunion!!
Blessings to you Jean!

Jen said...

Our Chinese exchange student says the peace sign represents that they are happy