Friday, February 28, 2014

Tigertail Beach and Snook Inn

There are three beaches on the island that are available to people that are not residents or are not staying directly on the beach.

We decided to check out beach #2 Tiger Tail.

We all had our bags for shelling!

this beach doesn't have shells!
Go figure,
a beach in Florida without shells!

Well, it's because it is a lagoon.
You need to walk over the sand bar and get to the other side of the lagoon in order to find the new shells.

Ben is often about 10-20  feet behind the group.

He is really doing well and we think he is physically getting stronger.

He is very peaceful and so good natured!
He doesn't seem to be bothered by being a few steps behind.

We have thought about a wheelchair for him for long walks but we are not sure that is what is best for him? Continuing to pray about it and evaluating.

On the way back he was in the middle of the pack so we know sometimes he can do it!

We just want to do what is best for him and what is the safest scenario for him.
Any thoughts?

Treasured and loved!

More exploring!

Once again, lovely flowers in the hair!

Ava and Melissa love doing this!
(Except I am not so sure we are supposed to pic the wild flowers?)

Attempting to get a group pic of the children...

And thank you Joey for joining us!
Yes Madeline, you did get the best spot,
we CAN see you!


Nothing like putting your feet in the oceans!
It's so refreshing!

Oh no!
What happened to their feet?
They're gone!



and more shells!
They are so beautiful on the beach BUT quite stinky sitting in plastic bags outside our home.

Does anyone know what is the best way to clean them?

This little boy really needed a family.
So thankful he is home!
I need to write a post on him sometime soon.

There are so many more treasure out there waiting for their families to find them.

of the fiddler crab.
I loved that some of my kiddos knew that and shared it with me!

They learned this on Disney Jr (Octonauts)!

Quite the fancy hot dog!

This is one of our favorite restaurants on the island!
And this sign is so funny!

I am sure it is hanging up just for our family!
But once again, we surprised them!

The children did so well!

Believe me- there will come a time that we don't do so well...
and what does one do when things are not going so well?

Leave quickly!

We don't hang around long once the children are done eating!
Pay, smile and go- while everyone still like us!

Island time!

Patiently waiting for our table!
another hint- we take whatever table is available- one big one or a few close together.
Anything will works- outside, inside, anything and anywhere!

I love the evenings when the children are in their PJ's, tummies are full, and we all wind down!

Thank you Mike and Carol Brady for providing the entertainment!
The children love the Brady Bunch!
(Hubby and I get a kick out of them too!)

Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Beach

This was a FIRST for 9 of the 13!
Only Anna, Sarah, Emma and Ellie have been to the Florida beach!

Oh my, how they LOVED it!

Hubby was on business calls so I was in charge of 13 children... in their swimsuits...on the beach...

And I told them no one could go in the water...
They could get wet only up to their knees...

What on earth was I thinking!
I know, CRAZY!

Of course they were going to go into the water...
What was I thinking!

They did try to listen- everyone only was wet up to the waist!

(Dad will swim in the ocean with those that want to on another day!
Me? No thank you- I just LOVE to look at it and praise GOD!)

Ben was amazed at how the waves carried the shovel away!
He chased it all over!

Simple pleasures!

Everyone was into shelling!

Especially Luke!

Our sweet guy collected every broken shell on the beach!

He won!
He had the most!

I tried to explain to the children that it would be best to collect unbroken shells but many of the children just didn't quite "get"the difference between an unbroken shell verses a broken shell...
Oh well!

Once again it was lunch at poolside and then swimming!

Why mess with perfection!

Anna was giving Madeline swimming lessons!
That works for me!

It is just such a wonderful sight!
Playing together and...

learning to swim together!

We can already see improvement in their swimming skills!

Joey- home only 2.5 months and doing well!

Lot's to work on BUT still doing well!

Daddy and Mommy with 13 treasures!
Joey definitely has a mind of his own and often a different agenda!
Who could resist kicking around a bit of sand!
Family picture?
What family picture?

Another pic by Ellie!
Thanks Honey!

They love decorating their hair with flowers!

We made a stop at the local Island Library for some books!
35 books and one ocean learning bag later and we are good to go!

We are not doing formal school but we did bring journals and our school reading books.

However, we are having a bit too much fun to do a lot of school work!
The extra library books are great for our non fluent readers and for everyone- they are out on our coffee table and available to the children.
We have such a variety- some just gobble up books while others would chose to do anything else before reading.

Luke is actually doing such a great job at phonics and beginning reading- we are happily surprised!
while at the library he and Joey chose the kitchenette instead!

Another GREAT day!