Friday, February 28, 2014

Tigertail Beach and Snook Inn

There are three beaches on the island that are available to people that are not residents or are not staying directly on the beach.

We decided to check out beach #2 Tiger Tail.

We all had our bags for shelling!

this beach doesn't have shells!
Go figure,
a beach in Florida without shells!

Well, it's because it is a lagoon.
You need to walk over the sand bar and get to the other side of the lagoon in order to find the new shells.

Ben is often about 10-20  feet behind the group.

He is really doing well and we think he is physically getting stronger.

He is very peaceful and so good natured!
He doesn't seem to be bothered by being a few steps behind.

We have thought about a wheelchair for him for long walks but we are not sure that is what is best for him? Continuing to pray about it and evaluating.

On the way back he was in the middle of the pack so we know sometimes he can do it!

We just want to do what is best for him and what is the safest scenario for him.
Any thoughts?

Treasured and loved!

More exploring!

Once again, lovely flowers in the hair!

Ava and Melissa love doing this!
(Except I am not so sure we are supposed to pic the wild flowers?)

Attempting to get a group pic of the children...

And thank you Joey for joining us!
Yes Madeline, you did get the best spot,
we CAN see you!


Nothing like putting your feet in the oceans!
It's so refreshing!

Oh no!
What happened to their feet?
They're gone!



and more shells!
They are so beautiful on the beach BUT quite stinky sitting in plastic bags outside our home.

Does anyone know what is the best way to clean them?

This little boy really needed a family.
So thankful he is home!
I need to write a post on him sometime soon.

There are so many more treasure out there waiting for their families to find them.

of the fiddler crab.
I loved that some of my kiddos knew that and shared it with me!

They learned this on Disney Jr (Octonauts)!

Quite the fancy hot dog!

This is one of our favorite restaurants on the island!
And this sign is so funny!

I am sure it is hanging up just for our family!
But once again, we surprised them!

The children did so well!

Believe me- there will come a time that we don't do so well...
and what does one do when things are not going so well?

Leave quickly!

We don't hang around long once the children are done eating!
Pay, smile and go- while everyone still like us!

Island time!

Patiently waiting for our table!
another hint- we take whatever table is available- one big one or a few close together.
Anything will works- outside, inside, anything and anywhere!

I love the evenings when the children are in their PJ's, tummies are full, and we all wind down!

Thank you Mike and Carol Brady for providing the entertainment!
The children love the Brady Bunch!
(Hubby and I get a kick out of them too!)


Amy said...

Looks like so much fun! Interested in hearing your wheel chair comments. We are up against the same with our new girl.

Symasek Family Circus said...

Ben looks like he is doing great!! Our Landon has an AFO for the same foot, but if we took a photo of him walking like the one you posted, you would see his foot turned way in (and this is after surgery). Landon is often way behind us, but he loves walking and doing things "on his own". I think it has made him much stronger. I don't think we will go to a wheel chair unless he really, really needs it. Of course, if we take long walks in the neighborhood, he eventually needs to go in the stroller. I guess we can't do strollers forever. So, I realize I was no help at all ;-). Hope y'all continue to have a great vacation!! Beautiful photos!

Angie said...

I knew it! We love going to the Snook Inn, too, though we haven't been there in a few years. I think it may be time to go back. We used to stay in the 4 tall tours at the far end of the beach. Sigh...

Sammy said...

Who knows about Ben. Cokie started limping really bad a while back (burn legs). I thought one was not growing as fast as the other. I bought a lift to put in the shoe. Turned out that was totally the wrong thing to do. The doc told me the burns on that leg were just stiff/tight and needed stretched. She is now walking better again. So, my advice is talk to a "trusted" doc.

Wendy said...

Ben looks awesome! Let him take his time. No hurries. A w/c would get him there quicker but may not be the best for his self esteem. He is a beautiful child. Also, walking will only make him stronger. As far as the shells, we have lots of them at our house from beach trips. Purchase some dish soap and wash them real well and then let them sit in the sun. No stinkys. Have tons of fun!

Mishelle said...

Can Ben ride a bike or use a scooter? I used both with my daughter her first two years home when she was in AFOs and not too strong. We clocked miles on a trike with a push handle for me, then a two wheeler with training wheels and a push handle, then a scooter.

Anonymous said...

Another wonderful day captured in awesome pictures. Just love it. So much fun to get to follow along. Love watching the children explore, learn, and enjoy the great outdoors. I have at least a zillion seashells, inside and outside. I soak them in hot soapy Dawn water for 24 hours. Let sit in hot rinse water long enough to be sure all soap is gone. Lay in the sun, in a single layer, until they are completely dry. If you find any large seashells, remember to listen for the ocean :))

Unknown said...

Put the shells in the kitchen sink with a sink full of water. Add a generous capful of bleach and let them soak for a short time.

Kills smell and bacteria!

likeschocolate said...

So glad you are having a fantastic time!

Jolene said...

We have two children with Spina Bifida and one is affected to the point it affects both her ability to walk long distances and keep up with the group and her stamina. A sweet friend of mine made it clear to us our children need to accommodate her needs and slow down. It creates empathy in them. We walk at her slower pace and as frustrated as they get they are learning valuable skills. For long distances we do plan to order a wheelchair.

dannette said...

We have a child who has to use a wheelchair as she is totally nonmobile, so we have learned the ropes. I would not attempt a beach with a wheelchair as we often get somewhat stuck just at the farm in softer dirt. I often joke that we need to put a tow rope on the front of her wheelchair. We are an active, outdoorsy family like your family seems to be and wherever we go our Meya is right in the mix. If I were in your position I would strive for increased strength and stamina over using a wheelchair just because of the logistics we run into on a daily basis with having a wheelchair. I am forever grateful that we have found ways to get Meya and her chair to wherever we are going, but many times have sweated out the figuring out how to get her back up from whatever adventure we got into. I think you will find that he will gain so much strength over time. I also agree with teaching the other kids to slow their pace to better meet his current pace. We have all learned to slow down as propelling a kiddo in a wheelchair just makes things go at a different pace.

Sarah said...

What a sweet family time. Love the photos!

Janet and Kevin said...

I'm reading these comments with interest because our new daughter walks with a limp. Her left side (leg and arm/hand) is weak probably due to her birthmark)and her left foot turns in. We are an active family who hikes and walks a great deal, too. :)

Janet said...

What a cool place! We've never been that far south, other than DIsney. We usually just cross the Alabama state line, since out son was in college in Pensacola the past 4 years. Maybe we'll try somewhere new next time.
Get a good tan for me=) Praying you have a safe rest of the trip!