Saturday, March 29, 2014

Missing Teeth and Ice Packs...

This is what happens when you have many 7-8 yr olds!

What an exciting day!
Both Abby and Sam lost their front teeth! 

I love their precious smiles just the way they were and would love to have time
But they keep growing and they keep losing teeth…
much to my dismay.

Abby has already lost the other front tooth and is working hard on two others. Sam's other front tooth should be coming out soon, too. AND
as for everyone, else they are wiggling their teeth, too!

Ben lost his two front teeth in China.
However, he had an extra small front tooth so we needed to get it pulled (along with the one next to it).
The other big tooth is on it's way now!

Ben is finally done with his dental work! So thankful!
It took 4 visits to the dentist to get it all done.

Sarah is excited to learn all about babysitting!
I haven't seen this DVD yet but I'm hoping it's a good one!
She is 14 yrs old and getting ready to help out when Mom has a short errand!

Our Lukey is not happy in this pic…

So here is the story-

Madeline accidentally scratched Joey.
She apologized and Joey got an ice pack to put in his scratch.

5 minutes later Luke comes to me and says-
Joey scratched me.
Me- I'm so sorry honey. Where did he scratch you?


longer pause

Luke- "I don't know…"

Me - "Well honey, if Joey scratched you, you should know where he scratched you."


uncomfortable pause

Luke thinking "how am I going to get myself outta this one"…

Me - Luke, did Joey really scratch you?

Luke- timidly shakes his head no… crocodiles tears appear…

at first I didn't get it…

but once I saw Joey with his ice pack and Luke looking longingly at it, I realized…

"Luke, did you want an ice pack too?"

Don't worry-
 he got an ice pack but I didn't get a pic!

I will be posting soon on how all 4 boys are doing as brothers.

FYI- we do not have high speed internet here in the country…
posting takes so much longer.
Good news is- it will be coming soon(sometime this summer)!
Praise GOD!


Kirstin said...

How fun- love your sensitivity to what your little guy really wanted.
That's so important!

anyabar1987 said... there is this class through the red cross. you can either take it online or go to a class/ get basic first aid training

Anonymous said...

Priceless pictures of your beautiful toothless wonders. So cute!! The Tooth Fairy is going to be working overtime. Poor little Luke, he looks sp pitiful, but what a sweet picture. All of of Mommies and Grammies know that look very well 😊. How great for Sarah to be leaning to babysit. I cannot imagine how excited she is, and Mommie as well. She is such a beautiful young lady. So hard to believe she is 14 already. 😍

likeschocolate said...

Sarah will do a great job!

Unknown said...

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K said...

Please let us know how that babysitting DVD is. My 15 yr. old is ready to learn more about babysitting.

Unknown said...

This is really awesome! Seeing them all toothless together in a photo is definitely a treasure. But aside from that, it would be best if they do take care of their teeth as well. That way, you can expect their permanent teeth to be beautiful as they grow. And they'll look back to that photo someday with fond memories and see how they looked like while grinning toothless together. Cheers!

Calandra Novak

Unknown said...

It’s good to know that they weren't freaked out about losing a tooth or two. Well, that’s a good mindset, because they won’t get scared when it's time to visit the dentist. Anyway, I hope they also brush their teeth regularly, so that they won't have to worry about cavities and bad teeth in the first place. Cheers!

Shannon Barrett @ Best Care Dental Center