Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Weekend on Colorado!

Working on wedding plans with Matt and Caitlin!

 Denver was in the 70's but it was in the 40's at Winter Park. 
Thank goodness we brought layers!

We drove to the wedding site and finalized a few things!

The kids have done a lot already and it was so nice to hear what they have decided on
and we needed to...

get going on the grooms dinner, which is our responsibility!
We were able to meet with a few restaurants and check out some other possibilities!
The rest will be done over the phone!

It was beautiful in the mountains!

Hubby and I are excited for our littles to see this place and to spend some time here!
We are thinking cowboy boots are in order!

Thankful to have had this time here with Matt and Caitlin!


Katie Lee said...

Yay! It's coming up soon! Can't wait :)

Unknown said...

Jean, you all are on the go all the time. What a beautiful and perfect venue.

likeschocolate said...

So excited for them!

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for Matt and Caitlin, and your entire family. What a joyous occasion their wedding will be in beautiful Colorado :)))

Sherri said...

Colorado sure is a beautiful state, was there back in the early 90's. Can't wait to see pics...I bet you might even change your header? :-)

Hanna said...

Beautiful scenes! So excited for you all!