Thursday, April 24, 2014

Finding Peace

Why am I continuously amazed by GOD?

Shouldn't I know by now?

That HE is in control and that HIS blessings flow so freely!

All we need to do, 
is to

And He will navigate for us!

We were so very thankful for our last home. 
We stumbled upon it and had no idea we would be filling it to the gills. 
The first time I saw it I thought "nope, I don't like it…"
Then three months later I woke up in the middle of the night and knew that was our house!

Hubby and I had no plans to move in 2013. 
Life is short and we didn't want to spend it house hunting and house planning.
We were happy with what HE gave us…

In some of our private conversations we talked about
IF we ever moved what would we want or need in a house.
But, I always went back to praying-
Lord if you want us to move you will provide the home.
My peace was in that prayer…

God did want us to move and HE provided in an amazing way!

It gave us circumstances where HIS desire was PERFECTLY clear!

He allowed us to live with persecution, discrimination, discomfort and anxiety to further clarify 
HIS plan.

HE gave me visions of his desires for us and that cemented our decision.

And once the decision was made...
it was so right
so clear
so easy
(you know what I mean, as easy as it could possibly be when moving 11 children…)

On top of that he provided a home for us! 
A home that we could move into in a moments notice!
A home that fit our family!
A home that had everything on our little list of desires!

We didn't even discover that it had the things from our list until after we were moved in!

Yes, there were some things that we had to give up with our move but they were minor extravagances that we can live without…

And then, while in process of this move - every single tiny detail fell into place… perfectly!
How amazing is that!

We were in awe throughout this process!

We were concerned that it may be upsetting to our new children but that wasn't the case at all.
They NEVER looked back!
In fact it brought our family closer together!

Our Lord led us to a peaceful existence!

To a place where we can just be us-
with a fair share of burnt out lightbulbs that need to be changed,
a few extra cars parked in the driveway,
roaming doggies,
exploring children,
where something is always being discovered!

with so much potential -
 with the house,
with the yard, 
 with the children!

For now… it is exactly where HE wants us and we are celebrating and enjoying this moment in time!

There are more details to work out…

Hubby's job is and has been for the last 10 years 
in a different state(main office) - Colorado...

BUT Minnesota has always been home for us and we are a close knit family.

This summer we will have two of our big children and their families (Matt & Caitlin, Katie, Andrew and Emily) living in Colorado.
Two of our children live here (Billy and Johnny).
And Mark will be in Iowa in grad school.

We don't have plans to move  

if you want to hear God laugh-
 tell HIM your plans!

Recently, we learned a lesson in 

So that's where I'm putting my money!

Prayers for God's guidance are always appreciated!


From the Erben Gang..... said...

We are still in Colorado......
there is lots of space out here.
I'm praying He thinks its the right move.

altman5 said...

We are in Colorado, too, and would love to see you here! :)

Anonymous said...

Within the next year I am moving from Missouri to Colorado Springs, to be near my son and his family. Soooo, I love the possibility of you guys being in Colorado. However, should that happen, it makes my heart very sad for Johnny, Mark, and Billy. San Diego is my home, I have family in Missouri and Colorado as well. It is so difficult when families are not together. Always tearing at the heart strings. I know God will work all of this our for your beautiful His perfect way, and in His perfect time. My love to each one of you :)))

Debbie said...

Please please move to Colorado. We are also in our fifties with adult bio children and little adopted kids. We would love to know you. And we are Catholic too!

P.S. Move to Parker. There are lots of house on acreage here.

Debbie said...

P.P.S. We homeschool too! And I am very very close to getting my husband to agree to adopt more!

Sarah said...

ummmm....I would be very sad if you moved to CO. We just left CO. I know it's selfish, but I'm just sayin'. How about MO?!!! :)

Karen said...

NO, Don't GO!!! I keep thinking that one of these days I'm going to pack up the kids and head to MN to meet you and your family. But CO is just too far away from MI for sister lives in Colorado Springs and I don't even go visit her. :(

Sarah said...

Thank Jesus that you are still being amazed by him. We should be always in wonder of our great God and his infinite love and care of us his children. May your heart and lips be full of his praise!.

Janet said...

Please pray for us! A year ago I said we would never move. Now we want to move to the country, and had made offers on several houses..offers were rejected, countered, and 1 guy changed his mind (after tying us up for 3 months). But none of that matters unless our house sells. We're in a desirable area, and getting very frustrated, and wondering if we are missing GOd's will. Please pray for us--thanks.