Tuesday, April 29, 2014

How Old Are You TODAY?

can you tell us how many weeks old you are today?

You're right!

You are 4 weeks old today!

Oh My Goodness!


Emily had her 4 week check up and is 8.5 lbs(up from her birth weight of 7.2 lbs!
She is sporting a nice tummy and a pair of full cheeks now!

Check out Katie's blog for a cute little video!


Unknown said...

She is just adorable. Of course, it makes you wish yours were little again. That "itty bitty" time is so fleeting. The pictures are wonderful.

Pam said...

Perfect and precious! And gifted, of course!

Anonymous said...

Happy four week birthday to Baby Emily. Already!?!? She is such a precious baby doll. Now....if you will please excuse me, I have to hop on over to Katie's page and watch the video ;)))

Sarah said...

Oh my gracious! She is so cute!

Laura L. said...

What a smart girl! I love it. :)