Monday, April 7, 2014

Our April Birthdays!

Anna has counted down the days to her birthday!
She has been very excited to turn 8 yrs old!
She has been home for almost 7 years (in August)- the time has flown by…
Oh my goodness, what a treasure she is… what a treasure they all are!

And it was so nice to see our older boys- they have been very busy so we have not had much time with them lately.
The little boys are all over the big boys- as if they were jungle gyms!

Mark and Anna are our April Birthdays!

Anns was so excited to get her very first American girl doll!
She chose Isabelle!
Now all the girls have an American Girl doll!
Anna was the last one to get hers!

Mark got lots of special drawings!
Some were stapled, some were taped and others were glued securely shut!
It makes it challenging to open!

Good job Sammy!
And as an added bonus Mark got a shoulder rub!

The children had to run outside to see Anna's last present!
It was a very exciting moment!

Plus it was 60 degrees out a little earlier so they ran outside without their shoes on!
We are so ready for SPRING!

She is thrilled with her new bike!

Happy Birthday Anna and Mark (and Isabelle)!

What a crew this is!
We are BIG, we are loud and we are energetic!
Well, at least they are ;-)

Happy Birthday to YOU! 

No, YOU!
Thankfully there is no audio on these posts!
We will never be a singing group!

And she blew out all but one!
I guess she has a boyfriend that we don't know about!

Our birthday parties are very busy- when we are done the hubby and I are exhausted!
BUT, we always have a ton of fun!

Goodnight Anna and Isabelle!
Sweet dreams!


Katie Lee said...

Looks like so much fun! Can't wait to see you soon!

Jo's Corner said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Beautiful Princess Anna!!
You are a true Gift from our God. Hugs from Albert Lea

Jboo said...

So sweet! What a wonderful birthday celebration!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday To You Anna And Mark. Love-love-Love all of the pictures. So fun! I love how all of the children get so close watching the birthday people, so darn cute. Also so adorable to look at all of their mouths when the candles are being blown out. Adorable! :)))

Sue said...

Happy birthday Mark and Anna.....

Everything Beautiful Shay said...

Happy birthday to your loves!!! Xoxo

Tesseraemum said...

Love! My Audrey turned 8 in Feb and we visited the Am.Girl store! She chose Isabelle too! After much agonizing decision making!