Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sightseeing in Stuttgart!

Emily is very portable right now!
Easy to carry around and very little fussing!
However, she had a tough night so we tried to do less on Day 2...
It didn't work as planned but it was a good effort!

Remember all the gear you need for a baby!
how much longer everything takes ;-)

Katie and Andrew handle it so well and we try to help out as much as possible!

 We visited one of the local castles!

Schloss Solitude was the name of the castle and it was beautiful!
In Germany everything is closed on Sundays so family's spend the day together
(no shopping, no errands) and the day will often include a hike!
I love this about Germany!

They had horses on the grounds surrounding the castle, they are so beautiful!

I am thinking about taking horseback riding lessons with some of our children!
Sarah and Ava are doing it now. Mia, Melissa and Mom are thinking about joining them!
In our family, whoever gets to ride horses, "gets" to do the doggy poop pick up at home!
It's the price you have to pay for the privilege of riding horses!

I did a little riding when I was younger... a lot lot younger!
Wonder if I get even get up on the horse now???

On the way home we stopped at Rubble Hill.

After WWII they dumped all the rubble from the buildings that were bombed on top of this hill.

It has now grown over and has become a place to rest and reflect on all that happened during the war.

65% of Stuttgart was destroyed during WWII

We ended up stopping here because Katie needed to feed the baby- I am so glad we did.

There is so much history in Germany...
All over the city are small plaques on the sidewalk where people were "last seen"...
 How awful it must have been for the families of the missing people... 
It is in memory of all that happened and a reminder that it can never happen again...

It overlooks the city of Stuttgart.

Praise God that beauty can come from such evil...

This cross is at the top of the hill...

And then it was time to make our way back down.
Hubby and I enjoyed the time with Andrew.

I promise...
there will be way more pics of Emily in the next post!


Sarah said...

It looks like you are having a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

Oh what fun going sightseeing with beautiful baby Emily. Thank you for the wonderful pictures of all of you, and the great tour. I love Germany so much. When my son was in the Army, Germany three years, I was so fortunate to go there for the birth of their second child. It was a dream. I have to say I feel like I am reliving those precious moments through these happy times you are experiencing. I love it! And - my son and his family returned to Fort Carson as well. I am so happy for each one of you as you share this fun days. Enjoy :)))

likeschocolate said...

Crazy, I have been to Stuttgart multiple times and never been to either location.

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