Wednesday, April 9, 2014

We Have Been Busy...

Looking for dresses for our June wedding!

Matt and Caitlin are busy planning it!

Lace and eyelet are "in" this year!

Aren't they "in" every year!
Seriously, who ever tires of lace and eyelet!
It's always beautiful!
(God Bless our sweet Emma's legs… they are always scarred and tattered… it hurts my heart but their is nothing I can do about it...)

And here is Mia's dress!
I ordered them online and was thrilled that they all fit!!

The boys will be in khaki pants and yellow checked shirts!
The wedding is nice but comfortable, it will be held outside in the mountains of Colorado!!

These two have lost another tooth!
(the tooth fairy is getting tired!)
Abby's are already growing in and they each have two more loose teeth!

And our sweet Emily Kathleen continues to grow and change!
Here she is leaving the hospital and below…

She is one week old and resting on her daddy's military clothes!

So precious and so perfect!

And the newest pic has her going outside in the fresh air for a short walk with Mom and Dad!

Very soon this Grandma will be holding her- so thankful!


Unknown said...

The pictures are wonderful and I love all the wedding clothes. I also anxiously check Katie's blog each day to see if she has posted new picks of sweet Emily. What a blessing!

Lori at JOY Unspeakable said...

I love this! The wedding outfits are just darling!

And that baby, my goodness, she is one perfect little bundle of beautiful JOY!

Unknown said...

Love the clothes selected and that baby emily is beyond yummy!!! Can't wait to see her in your arms!!

Anonymous said...

The children's clothing for the wedding are so sweet and adorable. Little Emily is so very precious. Cannot wait until you get to be with her. That tooth fairy is going to lose ten pounds the way she has been flying around your house :))). I am in Colorado Springs visiting my son Billy and family. Have been thinking about your family and how wonderful it will be for you to have two of your families here. So beautiful. :)))

Jboo said...

Love the wedding outfits! Your kiddos are going to be even cuter than usual! :) And the baby -- little miss adorable! Am sure you are counting down til she is in your arms!

Kirstin said...

The wedding outfits are perfect.... so cute! I think nice and comfortable sounds just right for the mountains... what a special time to look forward to! I am sure you will make many wonderful memories.

Everything Beautiful Shay said...

Preciousness to ALL of it. Especially that little baby!!! Oh so sweet!!!!!

Sue said...

Beautiful outfits and I can't wait to see you holding your beautiful grand daughter.