Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Soggy Spring and A Slip and Fall!

All the children were playing outside on a beautiful spring day!

They had a couple frogs they were playing with named 
"Mr. Jumps a Lot and Dash (because he was so quick)!

Mia brought Luke inside to tell me something.
I could see he was a bit dirty and sad but
it wasn't until he turned around that I completely understood.

My first reaction was of complete surprise and then I had to step back and remember what another bloggy, adoptive, Jesus loving, homeschooling Momma(Adeye) said,

"When things like this happen, always go for the camera first!

I am still learning…
even at my age!

After the pics he went straight into the shower and the mud just poured off of him!
He was so happy to be clean and I got a ton of
"I love you Mom"!

Such a sweet boy!

Monday, May 26, 2014

A Wonderful Birthday!

First things first-
 Today is memorial day, a day to remember and honor our fallen soldiers.
A day to pray for their family left behind.
A day to honor and pray for those that are serving our country.
My father served in World War II and hubby's father served in the Korean war. Both were blessed to come home to their families. I can't imagine the pain of losing a loved one and yet I can't think of a more honorable way to pass onto our Heavenly Father, serving their country and protecting their loved ones.
May God Bless our soldiers and their families.

Yesterday was my birthday and I had a delightful day!

It started out sunny and beautiful!
The clouds rolled in later in the afternoon but that was just fine with us- our A/C is not working so we were fine with taking a break from the hot sun!
We had brunch at home (went to church on Saturday eve) and then went to our club pool!
The children loved swimming!
So glad the season has begun!

In the evening we had the big kids over for dinner!

Everyone worked together and I didn't have to do anything- 
what a treat it was for me!

So relaxing and joyful!

The children made lots of cards and pictures for me!
It was truly heart warming!

They are just so excited to show us what they have made!
What more do I need?
So blessed!

 Sweet Mia- 12 yrs old but still such a child!
She is experiencing so many new things and loving every minute of it!
Older child adoptions are/can be more challenging and Mia is making wonderful progress each day!

Ben and Sam have such sweet hearts for their Momma!
So thankful!

I got poems, drawings, cards and more!

And a nice coffee mug from my big boy Billy!
He is so thoughtful!

The girls cut up all the fruit for the fruit fruit salad as we call it at our house!

And Melissa cut the bananas!
Emma and Ellie were also huge helpers!

The big boys and their Momma!

We g-chatted with Katie, Andrew and Emily in the morning!
Emily can hold her head up now and is smiling sometimes!
He eyes are wide open and she is alert and noticing her surroundings!
She weighs over 10 lbs now!
Best of all, they are heading back to the states on June 3rd- praising GOD!!

Matt and Caitlin called and texted too!
Plus many other kind friends wished me a Happy Birthday- so thoughtful and it made my day!

These two played a game!
New rules = their rules!

Cake time!
We waited for Billy but he was "busy doing his business"!

So we proceeded without him!
Yes, we waited awhile and it was the kids bedtime so they went ahead and sang "Happy Birthday" without him.

Then he appeared!
Blushing a little!
Obviously, there is no privacy in this family!

Final photo!
Thanks Honey, for being the photographer!

Enjoying their cake and ice cream!

Feeling very blessed!
Thanks everyone for the great birthday!

Friday, May 23, 2014

These Two...

Can be trouble!
Big trouble!

Luke was so excited to have a brother his age…
And then Joey came home 
and well...
 Luke wasn't so excited after all!

It's taken a bit of time for our two original boys
Sam and Luke
to like,
play with,
even acknowledge,
their two new brothers.

Ben and Joey didn't even seem to notice.
They just went on their merry way getting to know the family and figuring stuff out.
With Joey there have been more twists and turns- nothing bad, just that he had further to go.
(that's another post ;-)

(they giggled as they made funny faces together)

Joey and Ben have been home for 6 months now!
The change came around the 4 month marker.
All the boys seemed to have bonded.

Their room is loud at night just like the big girls room and the little girls room!
They chat away until their Momma tells them no more talking, it's time to sleep.

I'm sure you won't find this hard to believe BUT
they both learned to ride a two wheel bike on the 

There may be a little competition going on here, huh?

We are surprised and happy that they are supportive and loving toward each other now.

But they keep a close eye on each other and never let the other out do them!

Such as 
if Luke says "I love you Mommy" 
Joey will be saying it within 30 seconds ;-)

If Joey comes in for a hug
Luke will be seconds behind him, also asking for a hug.

So far the competition has remained fairly healthy.
Plus they seem to be getting closer and playing better together.

Don't tell Joey he has a girl bike helmet on- we'll get him a boy helmet as soon as we can ;-)

Ben is so excited to have his own bike!
He has a goal now of getting his training wheels off and riding like the other three boys!!

I really think he will be able to do it!

Lately, these two(Luke and Joey) have been quite sneaky…

One will say
"He hit me."
The look on his face will be of pure innocence.
It seems to be completely believable.
And just as I am about to scold the aggressor
the other children say
"No he didn't." 
he wasn't even near him, he was with me…
and they both do it to the other one without an ounce of guilt.


 I never know which one to believe.

We are trying creative ways to stop this but they are sneaky and they are very smart.
Sometimes we ignore it as long as no one is visibly hurt.
One time hubby answered with a "good".
The tattler was completely bummed.
Evidently he was mad about something and thought this was a good way to get back at his brother.

Hoping this stage is short lived for "these two"!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Finally… Spring has Sprung!

Our first beautiful day on a weekend!

So we went to the zoo!
and headed straight to the farm area!
Why, you ask?
Well, we kinda want a farm!?

we(I) want to figure out if we love the farm idea more than we love the farm reality!

Decided not to try to pet this big boy!
I think it was a good choice ;-)

Next up was the goats!
Our Auntie Kathy told us- you do not want goats…
she passed away before we could ask her, "why"?
Can someone tell me why do people have goats on their farm?
Goat milk?

They seemed friendly enough but they were eager to eat anything in their site!
Including nibbling on the children's shirts!

The kids, I mean my kids got a kick outta this guy!
He was smiling the whole time and showing his teeth!

Luke loved the floppy ears on this little goat!

And Joey is experiencing so many "first" in his life!
He is amazed by everything!

This is Rosie- such a beautiful calf!
Love those eyes!
We met her Momma Mary in the barn!

Then we met the pigs- very cute!
And a little stinky ;-)

The hen house!
ours would be a little smaller… okay, a lot smaller ;-)

We love our Sunday morning eggs!
Maybe we could get them from our own chicken coop?

Most likely I am dreaming and this won't actually happen!

But, it's still fun!

Figuring in the end… God will save me from myself ;-)

 The children were soooo cute and all wanted their pics taken- oh my, they are such blessings!

there was a baby chick cracking through her shell!
So, of course, everyone wanted to see!

Except Joey and Luke!
Because they have better things to do!

I know, not my best effort at photography!
But still amazing!

Everyone had a partner and it worked out great!

They all go with the flow!
They all love it when we do field trips as a family! 

Just a bonus as we were leaving the zoo!

The tigers came out of hiding and were roaming around!

They are beyond beautiful!
God definitely out did himself once again!

I guess he was thirsty!

We love how they help each other out!
Thank you Ava!

Such amazing blessings on such a beautiful day!