Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer Fun- Lotsa Critters!

(I'm posting at warp speed- gotta get caught up!)

The children love playing outside and finding all sorts of critters and bugs!

A few of them are plentiful around our home!
 Mosquitos being one of them!
So we welcome ANYTHING that wants to EAT THEM!

Sam is one of our #1 critter catchers!

So when I was out running errands I bought lots of this!
No bathroom or sink shall be without this!

Dragonflies galore!
Even though I am not a bug person, I love that they are outside exploring our corner of this amazing world God has blessed us with!
Sometimes they want to bring their treasures inside the house to show me-
 excuse me,
um, no thank you!
Get back outside with that thing and if you want to know more about it,
 I'm happy to g**gle it!

Disclaimer: all critters and bugs are quickly returned to their natural habitat!
Nothing is kept in captivity for a prolonged period of time!

And Ben caught the mother of all dragonflies!
It was huge!

And as a special gift they brought me these little friends!
I actually do like toads and frogs!
But, my goodness, I have never seen sooooo many of them at one time!

There has been plenty of rain and we have wetlands near us.
The children could actually scoop up a handful of them at one time just in our yard!

I told them to put them over by the wetlands because the lawn guy had arrived with his very large lawn mower (ouch if you're a toad!)…

Anyways, I hope they helped themselves to lots of mosquitoes!

And the wasps have been plentiful too! We killed about 15 nests and when pest control came they found 27 more live nests…
There's even one in our mailbox!
So far one of our doggies, Mia, Ava and Hubby have been stung.

Please tell me if these guys are good for anything- I do not see a purpose for wasps in this world?
It's not like they're producing honey or doing anything useful...

Ava loves the outside and catching whatever she can find!

Since this is our first spring and summer here in this house we are always finding something new that's blooming!
It is really quite delightful!

And- do you have any clue what these are?

We are completely enjoying our summer and so thankful for this blessed spot that we are currently residing in!
Praising GOD!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Fun - Horse camp!!

(Obviously, I am doing a little catching up with posts- 
usually I am  not able to get so many done so quickly.
But, I want to share and document our summer fun!)

Mia and Melissa went to horse camp!
(It was right after the 4th of July)
They were so so so excited!

Sarah and Ava take lessons at the same stable!
As it turned out Mia had Sarah's horse- Whiz!

And Melissa had Ava's horse- Gilbert!

This fall Mia and Melissa will be joining Sarah and Ava in horseback riding lessons!

I have always loved horses…
Sooooo, I am pursuing a childhood dream and I will be riding this fall, too!
Yikes, I can already feel it in my thighs…
I am hoping it will be away for me to relax and just enjoy these beautiful animals
along with some special time with 4 of our more capable children.
But I am concerned that
I will be sitting on top of one of these beauties making our latest grocery list and thinking of all the other things I should be getting done
; - )
Praying to relax and enjoy!

The stable is only 2 miles from our home!
And the teacher says she'll go easy on me!
I'm hoping my 56 yr old knees can handle it!

Whiz is such a gentle horse BUT he has very large teeth!

Next year there will be a few new campers at horse camp!
Sam, Anna, Ben and Ellie would like to do it too!
We will see who is ready (mature and confident enough plus we need to see how the can accommodate some of our special needs)!

My dream would be for us to have a couple horses
we will see…
Not sure if the reality of having horse is as good as the dream!

We will see what God has planned for us!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Bonfire and Picnic!

Such simple pleasures!

It has rained a lot in MN so the wood is a bit damp, which made it hard to start the fire.

But we were patient and tried twigs, cardboard moving boxes (I hope that means we will be staying here for a long time) and what ever else we could find!

We had a determined crowd!
Nothing was going to get in the way of our fun!

Everyone got to roast their own hot dog!

And put on their own catsup!
As you can see by the looks of Madeline's top and plate!

We had a few casualties but we had extra of everything!

Watermelon, baked beans, chips and all sorts of other healthy food were served ;-)

And gatorade for everyone!
Thank you C*stc* for selling bulk!

We all had so much fun!

It was a perfect evening in the front yard!

Ava is styling- she matches!

Potato chips count as a veggie right?

And last but not least-

Pre req is to be sure to get it -
all over your face!

Luke wanted to enjoy every morsel!

Mia loves them!
Even hubby and I couldn't resist smores!

Good job Luke, you are following directions!

And Ben loved them, too!
Here he is, studying his smore!
He is planning his next bite!

So much fun right in our front yard!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Late… again

I knew I was a bit behind for my appt. but once I got into the office and saw I was 10 minutes late, 
I was bummed.

She didn't even look up.
She just said,
"what time was your appt at?"

Right away I said,
"I know I'm late. I'm so sorry."

And then she looked up and her eyes right away saw my t-shirt.

She smiled
and said,
"I love your shirt. What verse is that?"

Isaiah 1:17
learn to do good; seek justice, rescue the oppressed, defend the orphan, plead for the widow,

And I knew instantly who had intervened and that all was well!

Thank you 
Wild Olive Tee's
I miss you!

(Wild Olive tees closed shop about 6 months ago. When I wear my Wild Olive tees I feel clothed in God's word!
Wishing they would start making tee's again.)

Praising HIM!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Longing For A Family!

This sweet boy is here in the USA for only 3 weeks…

The family that hosted him is unable to adopt him.

Everyday he looks at the calendar and begs not to go back to China…

Sadly, he only has 2 more days left here in the USA.
His new family would need to go through the traditional adoption process.
But, that also means he could be home within 8-9 months!

He longs for his very own forever family…
(Above, he is in the green shirt and light shorts.)

He is 7 years old (IMO a perfect age to be adopted)!
He is engaged and interested in everything.
He loves all types of American food!
His only special need is a slight ear deformity.

If you are interested in adopting this dear child - the contact information is below!

He is the cute little guy in the green shirt with the grin from ear to ear!
Praying his family will find him!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

For 36 hours!

I snuck away and visited our kids in Colorado!

It's hard not living near our grand baby, Emily.  
So I am going to need to take some quick trips to see them... as often as possible!

She has changed since our last time with her- just 4 weeks ago.
She is smiling and smiling now!
Her sweet face lights up with joy and her whole body wiggles with delight!
She loves to study faces- especially her Nana's face!
She likes bling!
Earings, bracelets, watches and Nana's glasses!

Mr and Mrs Mulvahill-
more commonly known as Matt and Caitlin came over for the evening!
They are as happy as can be!

It was so wonderful being with my 2 bigs, my son and daughter in love and baby Emily!

I could listen to them chat and laugh all night long!
It brings me such joy and peace when I see my bigs get together!

The view form their deck!!

It was Caitlin birthday just a couple days ago so we had a mini celebration!!

I am enjoying every minute of our sweet baby girl!
Praising God for His many blessings and for this moment in Colorado!

Katie, Andrew and Emily are in their home now!
It's not easy being in limbo due to an international move but they have handled it very well!
Their furniture should arrive this weekend!
I brought a blow up mattress to sleep on and slept like a baby 
(this is my idea of camping)!

So thankful for this treasured time with our grand baby Emily!
(Katie, Andrew, Matt and Caitlin, too ;-)

Soon it will be time to head to the airport...

I am always excited to return to our children at home but also so thankful for a moment away-
it's a bit refreshing!