Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Girls of Grace!

We love KTIS- our local christian rock radio station!

Year after year I would hear about the 
"Girls of Grace" event.
And I wondered what exactly was this event all about?

This year we decided to go to it!

Sarah, Mia and I got up early on a Saturday morning, got a coffee treat and stood in line for this event!
We already had our tickets but the seating within the different areas is first come first serve.

We had no idea what to expect but we were looking forward to it!
We only knew it was for Mom's and their daughters!

They had some great performers and speakers we were excited to see and hear!

We purchased good seats and got there nice and early so we were all set!
We watched everyone else file in!

These two were as happy as can be to be here! 

Both of their favorite artists were preforming so they were beyond excited!
I videoed some of this on my phone and they are still watching it and loving it!

Jamie Grace was awesome- that's Mia's favorite!
We had good seats and could see the stage well but the girls still crowded up toward the front of the stage.

Once they figured it all out... the wiggled their way right up to the front row!

 It was delightful to see how excited Mia and Sarah were about the whole event!

There was sponsoring opportunities at the event and Sarah picked an 11 yr old girl from Brazil!
 She is very excited to write to her and share her faith with her and help support her!
We may have more of the children do this next time we go to this event IF they are ready!

This is an event to empower our daughters.
To encourage them to make good choices as they mature.
And to let them know God's unconditional and infinite love for them no matter what!

Amanda Noelle was one of the many singers!
Along with "Point of Grace".
They were the group that initially got this going!

We purchased some wonderful faith filled tees for the girls to wear!
In case you don't know we love wearing our faith!

But the highlight of the show was seeing ...

Brit Nicole perform!
(here she is, about 20 weeks pregnant!)
Love it- you go girl!

The girls LOVE her!

And teens from all over the auditorium flocked to the front!

Including my two gals!

And I may have even seen a slightly impulsive daughter begin to hop up on the stage but then decide not to and get right back down again... whew!
(Thank you Jesus!)
That would not have been good since they had just told us that was an absolute NO and anyone doing that would be escorted out...
I could have been wrong... it may have been someone else's slightly impulsive daughter
; - )

It was a fabulous time together!
Praising God, watching some awesome performers, listening to good speakers!
And spending time with my two "early teen" treasures!

Next year we will evaluate who else is ready to go!

As we were walking out we met a bloggy friend!
Hi Kari!
Not sure if I am spelling your name right?
She has a handful of adopted kiddos too!
I love the instant connection us adopting Momma's have!

If this is coming to your city
check it out!
I think MPLS may have been the last stop for the 2014 tour.
But their's always 2015!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Last Day of Our North Shore Adventure!

The second day was different!
The kids that had struggled a bit with the new environment where now acclimated.
We had more smiles, less crabbiness and less trying to create issues.

It was a day that our prayers were filled with thankfulness!

There was so much joy on our children's faces!
They were relaxed and taking it all in.

Crazy kids!

Split Rock Lighthouse was beautiful!

The view was breath taking!

We were part of a guided group.
It is so interesting hearing the history!
Our Anna is very active ; - )
But somehow she still takes it all in and learns!
I don't know how she does it but she does!

Going up the stairs in the lighthouse!

The view from way up top!

The view from over the ledge- yikes!

It's over a 100 ft drop...

Sometimes we have to take pics like this sooo-
 5 or so years later when someone says-
 you never took me there-

Our Johnny has no recollection of going to Mount Rushmore...
But we have a pic of him being there!
Case closed!

There were 3 homes exactly alike for the three families that ran the lighthouse.

No matter where we are, 
they find cool bugs!

This is one of the pics that went to school with Em and El!
You can see hubby and some of the kids on the rocks below!

We had MANY wet shoes!

And we spent a portion of the time counting to 13!
To be sure everyone was here!

It was a gorgeous day!
Crisp, cool and SUNNY!

LOVE our boys!
(missing Ben)

It was a GREAT place to explore!

The girls gymnastics club encourages them to take handstand pics when ever on trips!
They have pics like these from all over the world!

Our girls wanted to add to the collection!

The children love science, love outdoors and love exploring!

We took a hike and everyone partnered up!

Photo op!

It was a mile and a half hike!

Admiring the falls!

And here is a pic of me and my sweet little boy!
Yes, I did get to go on the weekend getaway, too!
And this is proof!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Broken Arm... Updated and updated again!

Our sweet little Joey broke his arm today ;-(
We aren't sure exactly how it happened but we think he fell off the top of the slide and was probably trying to catch himself with his hand/ arm.

The break went through both bones and his little arm was dangling.
Our little guy does not like pain and he was screaming at the top of his lungs.

It happened while I was away at a hair appt. 
Thank goodness we have a wonderful experienced sitter who knew just what to do!

Hubby met her at the urgent care/ ER and I arrived as soon as they got the foils out of my hair!

They sedated him and took him back to reset his arm.
Then put him in a soft cast
the reset didn't work so now hubby and our sweet little Joey are off to Children's Hospital for a second try.
The other Doctor was great but
this time the orthopedic surgeon will be doing it.

He is in a lot of pain but he mustered up a smile for the pic.

Please say prayers that the reset of his arm will work this time and they can come home and get some sleep.

I will update this post when I know more.

Our poor little guy is being reset now.
At Children Hospital they can see it as the reset it- thank you for modern technology!

He will be in a full arm cast for 4 weeks, 
then a half arm cast for 3 weeks,
then a splint for 2 weeks.
It's a 9 week recovery with Dr appts every week.
Oh my...
(stop thinking of yourself, Jean)
We can do this!
Because GOD can do this!

Will update more when I know more!
Please keep the prayers coming!

Latest update:
This time, they were successful with setting the bones.
So thankful it worked the second time around!
I think that is why he has the high cast on now- when he would rotate his arm the bones would come apart.

Their time at the hospital took longer than hoped.
Hubby and Joey arrived home at 2:30am.

He went straight to bed (he is on the lower bunk now and Luke is up top) and slept well!

His fingers are swollen and sore.
We have elevated his arm all day and put ice packs on his hand.

We don't usually play anything we want on the ipad but today and this weekend are an exception!

This too shall pass and life will once again fall into a normal routine!
So thankful he is doing pretty good!
Praise God!!
Thank you for your prayers!
(Keep 'em coming if you can!)