Saturday, October 11, 2014

Off to Fiji! Updated!

Mark left last week to fulfill his Fulbright Scholarship in Fiji.

So we had a little family gathering to send him off.

I'm a baby when my children leave- the tears flow...
We have loved having him nearby for the last 2 years!

He has been so much help to us,
 by bringing Abby to her transfusions 
and staying at our home at night so we could get away now and then.

 We have loved spending time with him as he figures out what direction he would like to go in!

Our Johnny really lucked our with shoulder rubs and TLC from the little kids!

Whoa, careful honey!
This is Mia being Mia!

Photo bomb by Luke!

We love you Mark and we miss you!
We are very proud of you and what you are doing-
enjoy Fiji!

And once again Johnny is getting lots of TLC from the younger sibs with a shoulder rub and scalp massage!

Now Mark, 
be sure to email and call your Mom 

I know you may want to call, email and skype with others, too (wink wink)!

But don't forget you Momma!

Love you!

Just had to update it with pics from the day her left!

Mark met hubby(Dad) at home so he could take him to the airport.
He visited us while we were doing school.

This is so blurry- should have taken another one...

Last minute computer things to straighten out.

We all love you sooooooo much!

Wait- one more pic with Mom and Dad!

Now with the doggies- that love you sooooo much!

And one more while you are walking to the car...

And putting your luggage into the car...

Mom... Mom... Mom
you can stop taking pictures now...

Okay, okay, okay...

And I cried like a baby...
(or like a Momma whose son is going to Fiji)

Thanks for putting up with me bloggy friends- just had to add these pics!

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Anonymous said...

I know how very proud you are of Mark, and all of your children. Godspeed to Mark as he begins this new and exciting venture in his life. Write your Momma, Mark!! :))). My prayers continue xo