Thursday, December 11, 2014

And Last But Not Least!

 We had two more birthdays in November that I have not posted about!
Our oldest son Matt turned 31- oh my goodness!

He was in town for only a day, so we had a quick celebration!
Caitlin was not able to come with him ;-(

 Matt is getting his masters in Bio Statistics in Colorado. 
So he is busy studying most, well actually, all of the time.
It was such a treat for us to have him here!

Three of our four boys! 
Matt and Mark missed each other by only a couple days.

My first baby boy with his little brother!
Only 23 years difference between the two!
I love that!
I have no desire to have an empty nest!

And it just so happens that Matt- our first child was born on hubby's birthday!

Enjoy every minute of it friends- it goes by much too quickly!

 After  a busy fall of birthdays-
Katie, Johnny, Mia, Madeline, Melissa, Luke, Matt and Hubby's we were just a bit exhausted and filled with cake, cake, cake!

So hubby asked for 
NO CAKE please!

He also asked for no gifts but the children made him cards and colored beautiful pictures for him!

The lucky guy got an air compressor for his birthday!
I told you he was low maintenance!
When it came time to use it, he was a little stumped ;-)
Love my guy!
He is the smartest person I know
but also the least handy!
He did eventually figure it out and was happy with his gift!

Matt, Mark, Sam and Ben 
 are our handy guys!

Happy Birthday Matt and Dad!
We love you you both soooooo much!

And now our "busy birthday season" slows down a bit!
Next is Jesus in December and Abby in January!


likeschocolate said...

Always a celebration at your house! I don't know how you stay so skinny!

Karen said...

Jean-We have something in common! (Besides adopting in our "older" years ;) ) My son (also the 1st born) and my hubby share the same birthday too! Birthday wishes to your guys!